Georgie Buckley – 2015 800m National Finalist~

-Your coach and why you’ve picked them:
Peter Fortune. He encourages what makes his athletes happy above anything else. Not to mention being tolerant of many times when athletics doesn’t necessarily take the top priority! He is constantly learning and trying to improve himself as a coach through athlete feedback and all other available resources.

-Idol athlete:
Madeline Heiner. She works as a pharmacist, is completing full time study and has an amazing work life balance whilst juggling athletics. A multi-dimensional athlete many could learn a lot from.

-Biggest achievement to date:
In terms of athletics it would have to be coming back after having nearly 4 and half years off. Having patience even when my body had changed from that classic ‘athlete body’ and learning to balance athletics with many other new and exciting things becoming a focus in my life.

-Scrunch or Fold:
Scrunch. Folding is a waste of time haha

-Pre-race superstitions:
I always have to wear a ribbon in my hair when competing and thus have developed the ribbon committee at DAC. Mostly prominent on relay day.

-Next holiday:
Bronte Gange and I are playing a pre-season holiday to somewhere exotic. Somewhere with lots of interesting food!

-Currently studying:
I have just completed my Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne and am completing my Master of Human Nutrition at Deakin University. I love studying so I’m looking to complete my Master of Dietetics next year or go on to further study focusing on nutrition and female distance runners.

-Favourite runner and spikes:
I don’t think too much about my shoes. Anything with fun colours will generally have a placebo effect on me and make me think they’re impressive.

-Bloomers or briefs:
Briefs. I like to wear my DAC ‘special occasion briefs’ for major events.

-2015/16 season goal:
I would love to have a consistent season and peak at the right time of the year (late March/early April). I have the best, most supportive training squad so the most important thing for me is to continue enjoying it and having as much fun as I have in the past season. I’m a strong believer in that if you’re enjoying what you’re doing and you’re putting together consistent training the results will come naturally.

Thanks Georgie, all the best for next season!