Doncaster 40+ Newsletter

(edition 57)

XCR Round 1:  Jells Park Relays – 7/5/2022

After 2 seasons being interrupted by COVID, XCR was back in business at Jells Park!   A total of fourteen 40+ DAC athletes made up 5 Masters Teams (3 Women’s, 2 Men’s), whilst 1 was a welcome addition to an Open team. Jim Finch (50+) brought along son Nick and daughter Leah, and Nick’s new wife Anita (all Open).  Darryl Kilmartin brought along new wife Sue, who had a fantastic hit out over 6km.  Laura and Campbell McLennan brought along sons Liam and Lewis (both juniors).  It was certainly a family affair!   Olympian Natalie Harvey (now 40+) also returned to the club; DAC her spiritual home where she developed through junior ranks, to then compete at elite level.  After being very handy during the 2020 track season, Warren Hattwich got his first taste of cross country, and was among the quickest of the men.  Brendan Cullen (almost 40) was another newcomer who smashed the 6km course in 23.55 – welcome to him and we look forward to seeing him throughout the season, and joining the 40+ team in track season.  DAC Masters definitely stands in good stead for the XCR season! 

Many of us never feel quite “ready” for XCR round 1; however, there were some great runs from DAC Masters athletes.  Lydia Rinaudo (almost 40) was fastest DAC female overall on the 6km course, and David Vaughan the quickest DAC Masters male.  New DAC club records were set by, Natalie Harvey (W45 – 26.19), and Sue Kilmartin (W50 -29.25). Congratulations Ladies!!  David Vaughan also set a new M55 club record on this course – 25.56, and a great start for the new season! 

The Women’s 40+ team of Lydia Rinaudo, Natalie Harvey and Kate Downward combined to finish 3rd, very close behind winners South Melbourne and 2nd placed Ballarat.  The teams contest saw DAC face tough opposition, but performing admirably.  The start of the season also produced some confusion about eligibility for age groups, depending on timing of athlete birthdays.  For juniors it’s age as December 31, but for AV Masters, it’s age as at April 1 (season start)!!!!  Unfortunately, Lydia, Jason, and Warren were entered in incorrect age groups!!!  This makes the teams ineligible for medals or season points!  Apologies for this blunder and it will be corrected with official results at AV.

The Jells Park course is quite infamous for plenty of undulations and twists and turns – and being sent uphill again, just when the finish seemed near!  Right on cue, the wind gusted and tested the club tents, whilst the rain set in for the 3rd and 4th runners to add extra challenge!   In true cross country style, it was cold, wet and windy – congratulations to all Masters Athletes who fronted up for the Jells Park challenge! 

 A huge thank-you to our club helpers, parents and volunteers who came early to set up our tent (which was very much in demand). They also ensured that all athletes started with correct uniform/bibs, received a few pointers and, most importantly, a big welcome back!  

All Masters results

Women 40+


3x6km: (Lydia Rinaudo: 22:52 age 39, Natalie Harvey: 26:19, Kate Downward: 27:45) 1:16:56


3x6km: (Emma Schuette: 28:16 INV, Selma Roth: 24:21 INV, Allison Parrott: 35:03 INV) 1:27:40


3x6km: (Sue Kilmartin: 29:25, Colleen Kelly: 31:49, Laura McLennan: 33:47) 1:35:01


Men Open DIV 5


4x6km: (Anita Finch: 26:04, Joel Tobin-White: 19:00, Brendan Cullen: 23:55, Kath Gawthorn (40+ INV): 34:53) 1:43:52;


Men 50+


3x6km: (David Vaughan: 25:56, John Curry: 27:42, Jason Merrett: 28:24 age 49) 1:22:02


3x6km: (Warren Hattwich: 27:15 age 49, James Finch: 33:40, Darryl Kilmartin: 31:13) 1:32:08


XCR Round 2 – May 28

Round 2 is an individual cross country at St Anne’s Winery near Bendigo.  Masters athletes compete over 8km (short course option of 4km for W50+ and M60+, and invitees), and entries close on Wednesday 25th May at 11.59am (midday), via the AV portal.  Please contact club officials if you require assistance with transport, or may be able to offer someone else a ride. 

DAC 50th Anniversary Gala 

On April 30, DAC were finally able to get together and celebrate 50 years for the club!  2021 officially marked 50 years, but we all know that COVID stopped us coming together.   Approximately 100 athletes (past and present), officials, families and dignitaries enjoyed an evening which highlighted why DAC has been as successful as a community sporting group.  Graham Ford collated a slideshow featuring our pictorial history, and many of the defining moments over those 50 years.  See

Doncaster Masters Athletics – Inter-venue Track Challenge – June 19

VMA Doncaster Venue is hosting a track challenge for all VMA and AV Masters athletes on June 19.  Track events include 60m, 150m, 300m, 600m, 1600m, 3000m and 800m walk 1600m walk), starting from midday.  Entry is low cost – $5 for 1 event, or $10 for up to maximum 3 events.  Invitees welcome!  If the track resurfacing is not complete, the event will be held at Box Hill.  Entry via the following link, (closes on June 12).  For further details, please contact Graham Ford (