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XCR Round 1:  Jells Park Relays – 7/5/2022


After 2 seasons being interrupted by COVID, XCR was back in business at Jells Park!   A total of 44 DAC athletes made up 13 teams; the juniors each ran one 3km loop, while seniors and Masters competed over 6km.  Among those 44 athletes were the Finch family (Jim, Nick, Anita and Leah); ever consistent 50+ athlete Jim, brought along daughter Leah, and son Nick, with new wife Anita (nee Strauks) (all Open); all returning to DAC after several years absence.  Congratulations to Nick and Anita on their recent marriage!   Georgia Chalmers returned to DAC after a few years break, and Alissa Ramsdale made her return from injury.  Great to see you again Ladies!  Other newcomers were: Sue Kilmartin (recently married to club secretary, Darryl Kilmartin), Brendan Cullen, Emma Schuette, Faith Goh and Emma Ng. Olympian Natalie Harvey has also returned to the club; DAC her spiritual home where she developed through junior ranks, to then compete at elite level.  For Joel Denny and Chloe Baldock, it was their first hit out for DAC after trying out as invitational runners last year, and after taking a break from being a very handy track athlete, Warren Hattwich got his first taste of cross country. Nathan Down hasn’t dabbled in cross country for a number of years and was a fantastic addition to the Men’s Premier Division team.   It was great to welcome these newcomers, and to have old faces return once again.   Keep on coming – DAC definitely stands in good stead for the 2022 XCR season! 

Many of us never feel quite “ready” for XCR round 1, however, there were plenty of athletes ‘in form’ and showing us the way.  Some of the best performing DAC athletes were Lydia Rinaudo and Alistair Christy (fastest over the 6km course), and Rachel White and Remy Williams (fastest over the 3km course).  The Jells Park course is quite infamous for plenty of undulations and twists and turns – and being sent uphill again, just when the finish seemed near!  Right on cue, the wind gusted and tested the club tents, whilst the rain set in for the 3rd and 4th runners to add extra challenge!   A sun visor, essential just a few weeks ago, could be repurposed as a rain and hail shield!  Coldest day of the year so far – and quite fittingly the start of cross country!  

In the teams contest, DAC faced tough opposition.  However, Women’s Open DIV 3, Women’s 40+ (Team A) and Men’s Under 18 (Team A) all placed in the top 3.  Very pleasing was the strength of DAC Masters –three Women’s 40+ teams and two Men’s 50+ teams featured at Jells Park.  Congratulations to all athletes who fronted up for the Jells Park challenge! 

A huge thank-you to our club helpers, parents and volunteers who came early to set up our tent (which was very much in demand). They also ensured that all athletes started with correct uniform/bibs, received a few pointers and, most importantly, a big welcome back!  

All results

Women Open DIV 3


4x6km: (Alissa Ramsdale: 27:12, Melissa Niewoudt: 26:29, Georgia Chalmers: 28:43, Leah Finch: 31:15) 1:53:39;


Women U18


3x3km: (Sanne Bakker: 12:38, Jemma Young: 12:14, Grace Wilson: 12:40) 37:32;


Women U16


3x3km: (Rachel White: 11:16, Ella Goh: 14:18, Faith Ng: 13:36) 39:10;


Women 40+


3x6km: (Lydia Rinaudo: 22:52; Natalie Harvey: 26:19, Kate Downward: 27:45) 1:16:56


3x6km: (Emma Schuette: 28:16, Selma Roth: 24:21, Allison Parrott: 35:03) 1:27:40


3x6km: (Sue Kilmartin: 29:25, Colleen Kelly: 31:49, Laura McLennan: 33:47) 1:35:01


Men Open DIV 1


6x6km: (Alastair Christy: 18:30, Matthew Christy: 21:04, Brock Goodings: 28:12, Nathan Down: 26:07, Nick Finch: 20:45, John Portwood: 19:21) 2:13:59;


Men Open DIV 5


4x6km: (Anita Finch: 26:04, Joel Tobin-White: 19:00, Brendan Cullen: 23:55, Kath Gawthorn: 34:53) 1:43:52;


Men Under 18


3x3km: (Remy Williams: 09:09, Benjamin Purser: 10:11, Luca Scholes-Robertson: 09:48) 29:08


3x3km: (Lachlan Marasco: 10:21, Matthew Parrott: 11:09, Liam McLennan: 10:34) 32:04


Men Under 14


3x3km: (Joel Denny: 10:58, Lewis McLennan: 14:17, Chloe Baldock: 11:59) 37:14;


Men 50+


3x6km: (David Vaughan: 25:56, John Curry: 27:42, Jason Merrett: 28:24) 1:22:02


3x6km: (Warren Hattwich: 27:15, James Finch: 33:40, Darryl Kilmartin: 31:13) 1:32:08


XCR Round 2 – May 28

Round 2 is an individual cross country at St Anne’s Winery near Bendigo.  Distances range from 3km -8km, and entries close on Wednesday 25th May at 11.59am (midday), via the AV portal.  Please contact club officials if you require assistance with transport. 

DAC 50th Anniversary Gala 

On April 30, DAC were finally able to get together and celebrate 50 years for the club!  2021 officially marked 50 years, but we all know that COVID stopped us coming together.   Approximately 100 athletes (past and present), officials, families and dignitaries enjoyed an evening which highlighted why DAC has been as successful as a community sporting group.  Graham Ford collated a slideshow featuring our pictorial history, and many of the defining moments over those 50 years.  See

All Schools Cross Country Relays and Road Relays

May 14 and May 21 (next 2 weekends) will see many of our junior athletes compete for their school in the All Schools Relay Championships.  Good luck to all competing!

Stay Fit, Stay safe

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