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XCR Rounds 4 & 5

St Anne’s Ekiden Relays – 25/6/2022

Eighteen of our athletes made their way to St Anne’s Winery (Bacchus Marsh) for Round 4, Eikiden Relays (5 teams).  Each age group and each member of teams had a different distance to cover, both individually and in total.  Quite interesting!  This enabled a bit of tactic, for example, some athletes are suited to longer or shorter distances.  Furthermore, there were a few late withdrawals from the event, thanks to COVID and other factors.  A number of athletes needed to run in higher age groups, and a number of women filled our men’s teams!   A juggling act for our Winter Co-ordinator; many thanks to Matt Christy and Darryl Kilmartin!

The course included a number slippery sections, and thankfully, no injuries resulted.  The Men’s U18 team achieved a podium placing (3rd), and the Men’s 50+ team narrowly missed the podium (4th). The Men’s 50+ included both Darryl and Sue Kilmartin – the happy couple enjoying a Saturday out together and who are ‘A Team’ both on and off the running circuit!  Our other teams competed admirably.  Congratulations!   The Men’s U18 team continue their strong performances, and are placed 3rd on the season ladder after 4 rounds.  


Men Open Premier Division – 38.8km (11th) 2:25:40

Nick Finch: 31:16 (8.8km)



Matthew Christy: 28:26 (8km)



Brendan Cullen: 28:20 (7km)



Lydia Rinaudo: 23:50 (6.1km)



Liam McLennan: 17:21 (4.7km)



Brock Goodings: 16:27 (3.6km)






Men’s U18  – 18.8km (3rd)  1:01:55



Remy Williams: 24:22 (7km)



Lachlan Marasco: 23:32 (6.1km)



Aiden Marasco: 14:01 (3.6km)






Men’s U16 –  16.7km (8th), 1:06:43



Rachel White: 24:28 (6.1km)



Joshua Kilmartin: 27:39 (4.7km)



Joel Denny: 14:36 (3.6km)






Men’s 40+ –  21.9km 6th (INV) 1:43:27



Richard Mattison: 41:47 (8.8km)



Jason Merrett: 35:08 (7km)



James Finch: 26:32 (4.7km)






Men’s 50+ –  18.8km  (5th), 1:31:36



David Vaughan: 32:12 (8.8km)



Sue Kilmartin: 35:00 (7km)



Darryl Kilmartin: 24:24 (4.7km)













Sandown Road Relays – 9/7/2022


35 athletes competed in the Sandown Road Relays; a fantastic turn-out by the club!  The road relays have been an important part of the XCR season for decades, and we were sad to hear that ‘progress’ has prevailed – the Sandown race track has been sold off for housing development!   It’s still unclear whether we’ll still be racing there in XCR 2023? 

As we arrived the drizzle persisted, and there was hurried activity to swap around a few team members.  Colds, flu and COVID had their impacts; a tricky juggle for Team Managers!  The weather then lifted; relatively still and sunny made for exceptional running conditions by the standards of the often-notorious Sandown course .  Our athletes said “Thank-you very much”!  Open and Masters teams ran 2 laps of the 3.1km circuit, and our quickest athletes were Lydia Rinaudo (22.38), and Matt Christy (20.27).  We took our hats off to Matt for his effort – the Men’s Premier division ran 6×6.2km, and Matt, along with the other anchors from other clubs, cast a lonely figures out on the course.   The rest of us were relaxing in the stands, perhaps unaware that the quickest time of the day was being achieved by Matt!   Juniors ran 1 lap (3.1km); their youthful energy quite apparent as they took to a sprint start!  Just about maintaining that pace were our quickest Juniors, both U18; Remy Williams (9.20), and Chloe Baldock (11.45).   We welcomed Emma Schuette as an invitation runner, and she was the quickest of the club’s 40+ Women! 

The Sandown course commands a bit of “respect”; it may have seemed innocent and flat, but the slow and steady hill climb on the far side was a test!  If you felt like it; you could even log in to “Strava” on your watch, accelerate, and try for record!  AV have introduced this extra challenge in season 2022!  However, many of us were content just to reach the top in one piece. 

2 of our teams achieved top 3 placings – congratulations to the Women’s Open Div 3 team (1st), and Men’s U18 Team A (3rd)!    A couple of other teams were just outside the top 3, and earned valuable season points.

A big thank you to Heather Marasco and Laurie Scholes-Robertson who assisted as club helpers at Sandown.  This was much appreciated and we hope to share around the load throughout the season. 


Women’s Open Div 3 – 1st









4×6.2km: (Lydia Rinaudo: 22:38, Leah Finch: 30:34, Anita Finch: 24:32, Georgia Chalmers: 27:02) 1:44:46;

Women’s U18 – 4th



3×3.1km: (Chloe Baldock: 11:45, Grace Wilson: 13:07, Sanne Bakker: 12:05) 36:57;



Women’s 40+ – 6th and 7th



3×6.2km: (Natalie Harvey: 26:20, Sue Kilmartin: 29:46, Laura McLennan: 34:30) 1:30:36;



Team 2 (Emma Schuette INV: 26:16, Colleen Kelly: 31:09, Kath Gawthorn INV: 33:49) 1:31:14;


Men’s Open Div 1 – 11th



6×6.2km: (Erick Niyiragira: 20:52, Nick Finch: 21:18, Brock Goodings: 27:49, Nathan Down: 25:51, Brendan Cullen: 23:34, Matthew Christy: 20:27) 2:19:51;




Men’s U18 – 3rd and 6th



3×3.1km: (Remy Williams: 09:20, Josh Ascar: 09:54, Luca Scholes-Robertson: 09:54) 29:08;


Team 2 (Lachlan Marasco: 10:25, Liam McLennan: 10:37, Aiden Marasco: 10:48) 31:50;



Men’s U14 – 5th



3×3.1km: (Hamish McLennan: 13:30, Joshua Kilmartin: 17:25, Lewis McLennan: 13:51) 44:46;


Men’s 40+ – 5th



3×6.2km: (Jason Merrett: 27:51, Warren Hattwich: 26:37, Campbell McLennan: 25:30) 1:19:58;


Men’s 50+ – 10th



3×6.2km:  (David Vaughan: 23:31, John Curry: 27:07, Darryl Kilmartin: 30:21) 1:20:59;



Team 2 (James Finch:33:53)















Track Now Open!!

In case you missed it, the newly resurfaced track is back in business!  During club training times (Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 – 7:30pm) you can dial the turnstile number on your phone, and it will click open.  At other times the track will be open to the public.  (Turnstile: 0493 384 224 save to your contacts). Send your number to to ensure the turnstile recognises your number.
The lights are amazing and to be enjoyed during these winter months!  Thanks to club Committee members for their hard work in working with Council to bring us such exceptional training facilities!  

XCR Round 6 – Saturday 23rd July

XCR Round 6 has us back on the cross country trail at Bundoora Park.  Open and Masters athletes are challenged over 10km, whilst Juniors compete for their schools in the All Schools Cross Country Championships (distances 3-6km). Entries must be completed by midday on Wednesday 20th July via the AV portal.

Stay Fit, Stay safe

Doncaster Athletic Club