2023-04 Australian Championships

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Australian Track and Field Championships

It was an incredible two weekends at the QSAC in Brisbane this past month with 20 DAC athletes competing at the Australian Track and Field Championships.

The competition commenced with our Open and U20 athletes.  The first event was the 400m run by both Alessandra Flynn and Thomas Reynolds, with Tom taking home the silver in the Men’s U20 400m final. Matthew Parrott competed in the most events within our Open and U20 category, topping his national’s competition with the gold in the U20 Men’s 4x100m. Peter Holland was next to run in the Men’s U20 800m followed by Nicole Reynolds 400m hurdles run which placed her 12th in Australia.

Abbey Caldwell stormed home in a thrilling 1500m race to achieve a silver in the open event and Anthony Jordan flew on the track to achieve 6th place in the Open PA Ambulant 100m as well as a bronze medal in the Open PA Ambulant 200m. Alistair Christy was our final competitor for the weekend, finishing his race in an impressive time of 14:22:29 placing himself 12th in the country.


W20 400m: Alessandra Flynn 58.68 [17th]

W20 4x400m: Alessandra Flynn 3.53.97 [5th]

M20 400m: Tom Reynolds 47.14 [2nd]

M20 800m: Peter Holland 1.55.09 [21st]

M20 100m: Matthew Parrott 11.23 [25th]

M20 200m: Matthew Parrott 22.73 [17th]

M20 4x100m: Matthew Parrott 41.06 [1st]

WOPEN 1500m: Abbey Caldwell 4:04.68 [2nd]

WOPEN 400m Hurdles: Nicole Reynolds 62.02 [12th]

MOPEN PA 100m: Anthony Jordan 11.70 [6th]

MOPEN PA 200m: Anthony Jordan 23.78 [3rd]

MOPEN 5000m: Alistair Christy 14:22.29 [12th]

Our most recent event, U14-18 Track and Field championships saw some amazing results by our junior DAC athletes.

The juniors opened with Aiden Marasco’s 800m run, placing him 21st overall, shortly followed by Felix Hattwich’s U16 Pole Vault competition which he placed 4th in the country.

Jamison Harding competed in a number of events, achieving silver in the 90m hurdles and placing 8th in the 200m hurdles, following up with a gold in the U17 Pole Vault competing two age groups above her current with an impressive jump of 3.55m.

Allegria Basile jumped an incredible pb in the U14 Pole Vault, finishing in second place with a jump of 3.00m whilst Will Katic and Lachlan Marasco competed in the 800m, both running fast times in the 1.57s. Emily McKinley showed her power in the Shot-put, Javelin and Discus, not to mention all three events in one day! Emily achieved a bronze in the Discus with a throw of 33.37m followed by 4th in the Javelin and 7th in the Shot Put. Rachel White finished off the day with another thrilling final sprint to the line in her 3000m to take home gold with the final dip by just 0.02 seconds in the women’s U17 final and followed up with 5th place in the women’s U17 1500m final.

Eliza Chivers took on the 400m Hurdles along with Shakira Harding who went on to achieve a staggering win in the final with a time of 61.96, the fastest time in the women’s 400m hurdles of the weekend. Jessica Nolan showed her strength in the U17 Javelin, coming home with the bronze and a throw of 42.08m. Josh Ascar finished the weekend with 10th place in the Men’s U18 2000m Steeplechase, achieving a time of 6:25.15.


W15 200m Hurdles: Jamison Harding 29.88 [8th]

W15 Pole Vault: Jamison Harding – [NF]

W15 90m Hurdles: Jamison Harding 12.97 [2nd]

W17 Pole Vault: Jamison Harding 3.55m [1st]

M16 800M: Aiden Marasco 2.08.28 [21st]

M16 Pole Vault: Felix Hattwich 2.90 [4th]

M18 800m: Lachlan Marasco 1.57.43 [18th]

W14 Discus: Emily Mckinley 33.37m [3rd]

W14 Javelin: Emily Mckinley 33.93m [4th]

W14 Shot Put: Emily Mckinley 10.30m [7th]

M18 2000m Steeplechase: Josh Ascar 6:25.15 [10th]

W17 Javelin: Jessica Nolan 42.08m [3rd]

W14 Pole vault: Allegria Basile 3.00m [2nd]

W17 400m Hurdles: Eliza Chivers 76.23 [19th]

W17 400m Hurdles: Shakira Harding 61.96 [1st]

W17 3000m: Rachel White 9:51.31 [1st]

W17 1500m: Rachel White 4:35.24 [5th]

M17 800M: Will Katic 1.57.28 [6th]

As a result of the DAC athlete performances, we achieved an overall of:

4 Golds

4 Silvers

3 Bronze

Congratulations to all DAC athletes who competed at the 2023 Australian Track and Field Championships!