2023-11-11 AVSL Round 4

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Round 4 – 11/11/2023

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AVSL Round 4 – Round-Up  

Vic Milers Club

Vic 5000m Championships

Throws Coaching

      DAC Mile – November 21 

Victorian Relay Championships – 25 November  

AVSL Round 4 – Round-Up  

With venues being a long way from our home track, Doncaster was down to ninth this round, and points were down. Diamond Valley was back on top with Essendon and Western Athletics well down on the previous round. Perhaps some athletes were recovering from the All Schools Championships, and the Milers meet on Thursday.

However, some age groups performed well, with Men’s under 16 finishing second in the state, men’s under 14 and women under 20 fifth and men’s over 40 sixth.

Some individuals performed well with Gerald Brown and Christian Zapris being top in the state in the 100 and 400 metres in their age groups, and Zander Botha being top in the 400 metres and long jump.


Diamond Valley48,07177624
Western Athletics29,30545651
Box Hill25,81440645

Athletes to finish top in the state in the different age groups were:

MOpen: 5000m David Mitchell (2nd)

M40+: 100m Gerald Brown (1st) Sean Peters (8th) Justin Botha (9th), 400m Gerald Brown (1st) Campbell McLennan (3rd), 1500m Campbell McLennan (4th), 4×200 relay (1st), Javelin Throw Campbell McLennan (6th)

M20: Triple Jump Hayden Lloyd (2nd)

M18: 100m Kaedin Levy (3rd), 800m Kamil Hegazi (3rd), 4×200 relay (2nd)

M16: 100m Christian Zapris (1st) Zachary Wong (6th), 400m Christian Zapris (1st), 2000m walk Hamish McLennan (2nd)

M14: 100m Zander Botha (2nd), 400m Zander Botha (1st), 2000m walk Lewis McLennan (2nd), Long Jump Zander Botha (1st), Javelin Throw Lewis McLennan (1st), Hammer Throw Lewis McLennan (2nd)

W40+ 100m Wendy Smith (7th), 800m Deb Garden (8th), 1500m Sue Kilmartin (8th), 2000m walk Laura McLennan (5th) Kim Peak (6th), Long Jump Melinda Davey-Uecker (5th), Javelin Throw Sue Kilmartin (5th) Laura McLennan (7th)

W20: 400m Alessandra Flynn (1st), Long Jump Emma Peak (5th)

W18: 4×200 relay (1st), High Jump Eliza Chivers (eq 5th)

W16: 100m Giselle Uecker (8th), 400m hurdles Shakira Harding (1st)

W14: 100m Allegria Basile (1st), 200m Zoe Garden (4th), Long Jump Talise Botha (7th)

Christian Zapris was the outstanding athlete of the day, scoring 487 and 474 for his 400 and 100 metres. Zoe Garden, Kaedin Levy, Kamil Hegazi and Zander Botha weren’t far behind.

Zander Botha was our most successful athlete with 1,176 points, with Campbell McLennan on 1,172, Hayden Lloyd on 1,096, Lewis McLennan on 1,036, Laura McLennan on 964 and Christian Zapris on 961 from two events.

Premier Division

DIVDiamond Valley48,07110
WESWestern Athletics29,3056
BOHBox Hill26,8144

Open Men (38 out of 39)

Men’s 40+ (6 out of 44)

Men’s Under 20 (16 out of 29)

Men’s Under 18 (22 out of 31)

Men’s Under 16 (2 out of 36)

Men’s Under 14 (5 out of 28)

Open Women (32 out of 36)

Women’s 40+ (9 out of 31)

Women’s Under 20 (5 out of 22)

Women’s Under 18 (21 out of 34)

Women’s Under 16 (26 out of 32)

Women’s Under 14 (7 out of 32)


FOPRun100Christal Xie18.54(142)
FOPWalk2000Christal Xie14:22.7(193)
F20Run400Alessandra Flynn60.01(424)
F20Run400Emma Peak73.63(193)
F20JavelinEmma Peak15.59m(212)600g
F20Long JumpEmma Peak3.99m(234)
F18Run100Samaya Uecker14.8(219)
F18Run200Eliza Chivers29.621.2(276)
F18Hurdles400Eliza Chivers75.4(227)0.762m
F18Relay800(Samaya Uecker; Teiva Levy; Giselle Uecker; Talise Botha)01:58.1(395)
F18HammerJasmine Smith29.36m(332)3kg
F18High JumpEliza Chivers1.45m(341)
F16Run100Giselle Uecker14.3(287)
F16Run100Teiva Levy14.96(229)
F16Long JumpGiselle Uecker3.27m(192)
F14Run100Allegria Basile14.25(353)
F14Run200Zoe Garden27.961.4(453)
F14HammerAllegria Basile20.11m(271)3kg
F14JavelinAllegria Basile18.43m(318)400g
F14JavelinTalise Botha8.87m(145)400g
F14Long JumpTalise Botha4.15m(385)
F40Run100Wendy Smith16.03(233)
F40Run100Allison Parrott19.56(159)
F40Run400Kim Peak01:39.6(0)Score Limit
F40Run800Deb Garden02:39.9(342)
F40Run1500Sue Kilmartin06:40.1(209)
F40Run1500Laura McLennan07:29.7(0)Score Limit
F40Run1500Allison Parrott07:51.9(164)
F40Walk2000Laura McLennan12:25.5(374)
F40Walk2000Kim Peak14:35.4(293)
F40HammerLaura McLennan19.36m(304)4kg
F40HammerKim Peak22.06m(364)3kg
F40JavelinLaura McLennan16.70m(286)600g
F40JavelinKim Peak11.72m(222)500g
F40JavelinSue Kilmartin15.87m(296)500g
F40Long JumpMelinda Davey-Uecker3.67m(259)
MOPRun5000David Mitchell19:10.8h(190)
M20Run200Hayden Lloyd23.920.1(382)
M20DiscusHayden Lloyd22.04m(296)1.75kg
M20Triple JumpHayden Lloyd12.53m0(418)
M18Run100Kaedin Levy11.63(442)
M18Run800Kamil Hegazi02:04.2(441)
M18Relay800(Kaedin Levy; Hamish McLennan; Lewis McLennan; Joshua Kilmartin)02:00.2(183)
M16Run100Christian Zapris11.66(474)
M16Run100Zachary Wong12.33(393)
M16Run100Joshua Kilmartin15.26(178)
M16Run400Christian Zapris51.96(487)
M16Run400Joshua Kilmartin87.78(0)Score Limit
M16Run800Joel Denny02:11.7(410)
M16Run1500Hamish McLennan05:05.2(250)
M16Walk2000Hamish McLennan12:06.6(297)
M16DiscusAlex Lloyd24.09m(304)1kg
M16HammerHamish McLennan23.62m(306)4kg
M16High JumpJoshua Kilmartin1.25m(169)
M16High JumpAlex Lloyd1.55m(331)
M16JavelinHamish McLennan19.23m(0)700g; Score Limit
M16JavelinJoshua Kilmartin17.39m(190)700g
M16Long JumpJoshua Kilmartin3.55m(0)Score Limit
M14Run100Zander Botha13.12(331)
M14Run400Zander Botha58.4(406)
M14Run400Lewis McLennan77.11(0)Score Limit
M14Walk2000Lewis McLennan11:02.3(408)
M14HammerLewis McLennan21.56m(298)3kg
M14JavelinLewis McLennan22.80m(285)600g
M14Long JumpZander Botha5.15m(439)
M40Run100Sean Peters13.28(239)
M40Run100Justin Botha13.4(227)
M40Run100Gerald Brown13.63(418)
M40Run100Darryl Kilmartin15.72(0)Score Limit
M40Run100Andrew Parrott17.52(172)
M40Run400Andrew Parrott01:40.0(0)Score Limit
M40Run400Campbell McLennan62.59(339)
M40Run400Gerald Brown65.09(380)
M40Run400Justin Botha66.62(196)
M40Run800Christian Lloyd02:56.8(189)
M40Run1500Campbell McLennan04:59.6(356)
M40Run3000Christian Lloyd14:29.3h(153)
M40Relay800(Gerald Brown; Darryl Kilmartin; Campbell McLennan; Sean Peters)01:56.6(265)
M40DiscusChristian Lloyd13.33m(155)1.5kg
M40HammerAndrew Parrott19.56m(279)5kg
M40High JumpDarryl Kilmartin1.15m(192)
M40High JumpSean Peters1.45m(253)
M40JavelinCampbell McLennan30.93m(411)700g
M40JavelinAndrew Parrott15.22m(199)600g
M40JavelinDarryl Kilmartin21.88m(306)700g
M40JavelinJustin Botha24.04m(258)800g
M40Long JumpDarryl Kilmartin3.97m(306)
M40Long JumpSean Peters4.80m(311)

Vic Milers Club Meet at Lakeside

On Thursday 9/11 there was a Milers Meet at Lakeside, athletes competing over 3000 metres. Well done to all:

Sanne Bakker10:52.2
FOPMadeleine Kearney11:03.0
FOPLucy Kearney11:19.9
MOPJohn Portwood08:39.6
MOPLuca Scholes-Robertson08:49.3
MOPJosh Ascar08:53.9
MOPOscar Oconnor08:57.4
MOPMatthew Christy09:19.7
MOPJohn Curry12:28.1

Vic 5000m Championships at Lakeside

Some great performances from a few of our distance runners last night! See results below:

MOP   John Portwood            14:59.53
MOP   Josh Ascar                  15:44.84
MOP   Anthony Paige            16:29.45
MOP   John Curry                  21:10.04

Throws Coaching  

We are pleases to announce Allan Watson is back coaching. If you are interested, please contact Allan via the coaching page on our new website.

Peter Coumaros will continue to make himself available on Monday evenings from 5:30. As a general rule, he will be starting with hammer throw and at 6:30 move onto a different discipline each week. Text him on 0401 993 218 if you are interested.

DAC Mile – Tuesday 21st November   

DAC is proud to host the DAC Mile, and the Victorian 100-yard Championships this coming Tuesday night.
Please come down on the night to support our club, sponsors and many athletes competing.
Here is a link to the event page: https://athsvic.org.au/events/doncaster-athletic-club-mile/

Victorian Relay Championships – Doncaster – November 25  

The Victorian Relay Championships will be held at Doncaster on November 25 (only 8 days to go!).
Teams are looking good. We are looking like entering about 24 teams across all age groups!
Stay tuned for draft teams coming early next week.