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            Victorian Track Relay Championships – roundup

            AVSL – Round 6 this Friday night

            Zatopek Meet – Saturday 2nd December

            Pole Vault coaching

            AVSL Round 4&5 – Masters’ Results and records

            DAC Mile – results and records.

            DAC Christmas party – Save the date! 

Victorian Track Relay Championships – Saturday 25th November 

Held on home soil, Doncaster shone at Saturday’s relay Championships.  Across the Masters age groups, there were a total of 9 complete teams.  From just the one win last year, we managed two this year.  Masters teams definitely punched above their weight! There were also several placings; 1 Silver, 2 Bronze, and two fourths just missing the podium, to make for a very successful day despite tough competition.    

It was a great effort from all who participated; Club spirit on show!  The day had a great vibe!  There were also a number of volunteers making the day a success; Darryl & Sue Kilmartin, Andrew Parrott, Allan Watson, David Vaughan, Laura & Campbell McLennan, Kim Peak, Nathan Down, and our Team Managers; Matt Christie and Campbell McLennan. The BBQ was sizzling away to serve a larger, enthusiastic, and sometimes vocal crowd.  We thank these volunteers sincerely.  Masters athletes again punching above their weight!   

To highlight individual athletes or teams is a difficult job!  There were some very busy athletes competing in 3 events over the course of the day.  The morning was hot and humid for the 4 x 1500m athletes, but eased over the afternoon, and storms held off until late in the afternoon when the last event had been run and won.   

Our M40 4x100m and W40 4x400m teams reigned supreme – Gold and Gold!   There were also a couple of new Club Records among the Masters ranks.  Again among the Masters crew; Silver to our W40 4 x 100m, and a welcome to newcomer Melinda Davey-Uecker who added strength to the team.  Bronze medals went to the W50+ 4 x 100m combination of Wendy Smith, Kim Peak, Allison Parrott, and Sue Kilmartin, and the M50+ 4 x 1500m combination of Mark Purser, John Curry, Jason Merrett, and Campbell Mclennan.  As the commentator put it; “a combination of youth and maturity”.   Hopefully, he meant ‘Maturity” in the nicest possible way?  We welcomed Emily Jackson to her first summer season with DAC.  Emily had a busy day in 2 events, collecting a silver medal and a Club Record!  Great to have you part of the team Emily!   

Club Records to tumble were as follows: 

M50 4x100m: 54.71 
(Gerald Brown, Jason Merrett, Darryl Kilmartin, Campbell Mclennan) 
 (Previous – Will McCombie, Mark Purser, Jim Finch, Darryl Kilmartin, 2019, 57.75)   
M50 4x400m: 04:13.95 
(Mark Purser, Gerald Brown, Campbell Mclennan, Jason Merrett) 
 (Previous – Will McCombie, Mark Purser, Stuart McLay, Darryl Kilmartin, 2022, 4.20.10)   
F40 4x1500m: 24:18.57 
(Lydia Rinaudo, Emily Jackson, Deb Garden, Kathryn Gawthorn) 
 (Previous – Lydia Rinaudo, Deb Garden, Laura McLennan, Sue Kilmartin, 2022, 24.39.64)   

Also of note:  the 40+ men’s 4x100m time was only 0.08 seconds off the club record. Not bad with Paul Mierisch at 80%!   Injury-wise, athletes came away from the day mostly unscathed, ready for a quick turnaround at Round 6 on Friday night.  Mark Purser re-injured his calf and hammy in the 4×400 and had to withdraw from the 4×100. Jason Merrett filled his spot – thanks Jason!  Hope you recover soon Mark!   


Age Event Time Place 
F40 4x100m: 73.87 (2nd) 
(Melinda Davey-Uecker, Vanessa Drew, Laura Mclennan, Emily Jackson) 
F40 4x400m: 04:59.32 (1st) 
(Deb Garden, Vanessa Drew, Laura Mclennan, Lydia Rinaudo) 
F40 4x1500m: 24:18.57 (5th) 
(Lydia Rinaudo, Emily Jackson, Deb Garden, Kathryn Gawthorn) 
F50 4x100m: 72.30 (3rd) 
(Wendy Smith, Kim Peak, Allison Parrott, Sue Kilmartin) 
F50 4x400m: 06:06.99 (4th) 
(Wendy Smith, Kim Peak, Allison Parrott, Sue Kilmartin) 
M40 4x100m: 48.69 (1st) 
(David Firth, Sean Peters, Justin Botha, Paul Mierisch) 
M50 4x100m: 54.71 (5th) 
(Gerald Brown, Jason Merrett, Darryl Kilmartin, Campbell Mclennan) 
M50 4x400m: 04:13.95 (4th) 
(Mark Purser, Gerald Brown, Campbell Mclennan, Jason Merrett) 
M50 4x1500m: 21:20.28 (3rd) 
(Mark Purser, John Curry, Jason Merrett, Campbell Mclennan) 

Friday 1st December – AVSL Round 6 

Round 6 is being held on Friday night, and again on home soil at Doncaster.  There’s some non-standard events on offer, including a 600m, mile, and 2 x 100m relay!  Why not gather with your Donnie mates for a great Friday night out!  

The volunteer app is in action and a helping hand is needed for Duty at Round 6.  Please download the Stack Team App, Find your Team/Club (Doncaster Athletic Club), wait for approval, select “Events” (Round 6), select “Duty Roster”, then choose a time slot.  Spread the word about this app!  Alternatively, contact summer.corodinator@doncasterac.org.au (Matt Christie) if you can help.    

Zatopek Challenge!!  Saturday December 2 

It will be a very busy weekend of athletics!  Following AVSL on Friday night, Zatopek is back at Lakeside on Saturday!   Zatopek is a significant athletics event in the season calendar!  Be inspired as Australia’s best 10,000m athletes battle through 25 laps, and possible Olympic qualification!  DAC Open Men and Open Women have qualified for the final of the 4x400m, and Commonwealth Games Bronze medallist, Abbey Caldwell, will contest the Open 3000m.  Young Jamison Harding will be competing in the pole vault! 

The 4 x 400m relay teams are as follows:  

Alessia Wynne 
Allesandra Flynn 
Connor Gist 
Shakira Harding 

Matthew Friar 
Lachlan Reynolds 
Kevin Rasool 
Tom Reynolds 

Best of luck to these athletes; come along to cheer them on!  For more information please see the following link:  Zatopek;    https://athsvic.org.au/events/zatopek_10/ 

Pole Vault Coaching 

Come and try out with our new Pole Vault Coach, David Thomson, most Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM, with upcoming dates on Dec 10th, and 17th in 2023. Free tryouts are available for DAC and DLAC members over 11 years old, whether you’re experienced or new to pole vaulting. Simply reply to this email to express your interest. Non-members aged 11 to 99 are also welcome at a negotiable price for ongoing coaching after the first free session. Members won’t need to pay until 2024. Don’t miss this chance to improve your skills with David’s guidance. Feel free to reach out with any questions.   

AVSL Round 4&5 – Results and records  

Round 4 – 11/11/2023 

With venues being a long way from our home track, Doncaster was down to ninth this round, and points were down. Diamond Valley was back on top with Essendon and Western Athletics well down on the previous round.  

It was a big welcome to Melinda Davey-Uecker, who managed to break the long jump record in her first competition! Gerald Brown also starred, being the top scorer in the state in both 100 and 400 metres. 


Date Event Name Perf Previous 
11/11/2023 AVSL W40 800 metres Deb Garden 02:39.9 Deb Garden 02:40.1 
11/11/2023 AVSL W45 Long Jump Melinda Davey-Uecker 3.67 Kate Downward 3.66 

Athletes to finish top 10 in the state were: 

M40+: 100m Gerald Brown (1st) Sean Peters (8th) Justin Botha (9th), 400m Gerald Brown (1st) Campbell McLennan (3rd), 1500m Campbell McLennan (4th), 4×200 relay (1st), Javelin Throw Campbell McLennan (6th

W40+ 100m Wendy Smith (7th), 800m Deb Garden (8th), 1500m Sue Kilmartin (8th), 2000m walk Laura McLennan (5th) Kim Peak (6th), Long Jump Melinda Davey-Uecker (5th), Javelin Throw Sue Kilmartin (5th) Laura McLennan (7th

Campbell McLennan was the most valuable athlete, scoring 1,172 with Laura McLennan on 964, Kim Peak on 879, Darryl Kilmartin on 870 and Sean Peters on 869.  

Men’s 40+ (6 out of 44) 

COL Collingwood 13,488 
DIV Diamond Valley 12,282 
ESS Essendon 8,417 
WES Western Athletics 7,065 
DAC Doncaster 5,884 
KSB Keilor St Bernards 3,264 
PTN Preston 2,786 
WTN Williamstown 2,516 
IVA Ivanhoe 2,105 
BWK Brunswick 1,715 
COB Coburg 1,618 
WCA Whittlesea 782 
OLM Old Melburnians 669 
OSC Old Scotch 631 
RIC Richmond 466 
SME South Melbourne 408 
MUU Melbourne Uni 331 

Women’s 40+ (9 out of 31) 

DIV Diamond Valley 6,052 
ESS Essendon 4,352 
KSB Keilor St Bernards 4,163 
WES Western Athletics 4,034 
DAC Doncaster 3,680 
PTN Preston 2,791 
BWK Brunswick 1,584 
COL Collingwood 817 
WTN Williamstown 723 
OSC Old Scotch 196 


Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Points Notes 
F50 Run 100 Wendy Smith 16.03 (233) 
F50 Run 100 Allison Parrott 19.56 (159) 
F55 Run 400 Kim Peak 01:39.6 (0) Score Limit 
F40 Run 800 Deb Garden 02:39.9 (342) (Record) 
F50 Run 1500 Sue Kilmartin 06:40.1 (209) 
F45 Run 1500 Laura McLennan 07:29.7 (0) Score Limit 
F50 Run 1500 Allison Parrott 07:51.9 (164) 
F45 Walk 2000 Laura McLennan 12:25.5 (374) YLS.  
F55 Walk 2000 Kim Peak 14:35.4 (293) YLS.  
F45 Hammer Laura McLennan 19.36m (304) 4kg 
F55 Hammer Kim Peak 22.06m (364) 3kg 
F45 Javelin Laura McLennan 16.70m (286) 600g 
F55 Javelin Kim Peak 11.72m (222) 500g 
F50 Javelin Sue Kilmartin 15.87m (296) 500g 
F45 Long Jump Melinda Davey-Uecker 3.67m (259) (Record) 
M40 Run 100 Sean Peters 13.28 (239) 
M40 Run 100 Justin Botha 13.40 (227) 
M60 Run 100 Gerald Brown 13.63 (418) 
M55 Run 100 Darryl Kilmartin 15.72 (0) Score Limit 
M60 Run 100 Andrew Parrott 17.52 (172) 
M40 Run 400 Andrew Parrott 01:40.0 (0) Score Limit 
M50 Run 400 Campbell McLennan 62.59 (339) 
M60 Run 400 Gerald Brown 65.09 (380) 
M40 Run 400 Justin Botha 66.62 (196) 
M50 Run 800 Christian Lloyd 02:56.8 (189) 
M50 Run 1500 Campbell McLennan 04:59.6 (356) 
M50 Run 3000 Christian Lloyd 14:29.3h (153) 
M40 Relay 800  (Gerald Brown; Darryl Kilmartin; Campbell McLennan; Sean Peters)  01:56.6 (265) 
M50 Discus Christian Lloyd 13.33m (155) 1.5kg 
M60 Hammer Andrew Parrott 19.56m (279) 5kg 
M55 High Jump Darryl Kilmartin 1.15m (192) 
M40 High Jump Sean Peters 1.45m (253) 
M50 Javelin Campbell McLennan 30.93m (411) 700g 
M60 Javelin Andrew Parrott 15.22m (199) 600g 
M55 Javelin Darryl Kilmartin 21.88m (306) 700g 
M40 Javelin Justin Botha 24.04m (258) 800g 
M55 Long Jump Darryl Kilmartin 3.97m (306) 
M40 Long Jump Sean Peters 4.80m (311) 

Round 5 – 18/11/2023 

Again venues were a long way from our home track, but Doncaster climbed back up to eighth this round. There were only a couple of records for Lydia Rinaudo in the 2000 metres steeplechase and Sean Peters in the triple jump. 


Date Event Name Perf Previous 
18/11/2023 AVSL W40 2000 Steeple Lydia Rinaudo 08:06.0 Laura McLennan 10:27.2 
18/11/2023 AVSL M40 Triple Jump Sean Peters 11.09 Sean Peters 10.85 

Athletes to finish top 10 in the state were: 

M40+: 100m Gerald Brown (8th), 400m Campbell McLennan (5th) Gerald Brown (6th), 3000m steeple John Curry (2nd), Long Jump Darryl Kilmartin (4th), Triple Jump Sean Peters (5th), Discus Throw Campbell McLennan (3rd) Leighton Kearney (6th

W40+ 200m Wendy Smith (6th), 2000m steeple Lydia Rinaudo (1st), Discus Throw Laura McLennan (6th

Campbell McLennan was the most valuable athlete, scoring 1,177 with Laura McLennan on 982 and Kim Peak on 883.  

Men’s 40+ (10 out of 40) 

DIV Diamond Valley 13,498 
COL Collingwood 9,497 
WES Western Athletics 6,116 
ESS Essendon 5,870 
DAC Doncaster 5,055 
WTN Williamstown 3,209 
PTN Preston 2,486 
IVA Ivanhoe 1,987 
KSB Keilor St Bernards 1,806 
BWK Brunswick 1,788 
OSC Old Scotch 1,531 
COB Coburg 1,378 
MUU Melbourne Uni 816 
OLM Old Melburnians 703 
WCA Whittlesea 505 
RIC Richmond 204 

Women’s 40+ (8 out of 33) 

DIV Diamond Valley 7,623 
WES Western Athletics 4,420 
ESS Essendon 4,006 
DAC Doncaster 3,741 
PTN Preston 2,966 
KSB Keilor St Bernards 2,588 
BWK Brunswick 1,509 
COL Collingwood 774 
OSC Old Scotch 393 
COB Coburg 299 
MUU Melbourne Uni 183 


Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind Points Notes 
F50 Run 200 Wendy Smith 33.01 (252) 
F55 Run 200 Kim Peak 41.71 1.8 (0) Score Limit 
F50 Run 1500 Sue Kilmartin 06:29.6 (238) 
F45 Run 1500 Laura McLennan 07:35.6 (0) Score Limit 
F40 Steeple 2000 Lydia Rinaudo 8:06.0h (376) (Record) 
F55 Walk 1500 Kim Peak 10:50.5h (286) 
F45 Walk 1500 Laura McLennan 9:04.0h (383) 
F45 Discus Laura McLennan 21.34m (364) 1kg 
F50 Discus Sue Kilmartin 10.21m (154) 1kg 
F55 Hammer Kim Peak 14.81m (0) 3kg; Score Limit 
F40 Hammer Lydia Rinaudo 13.04m (164) 4kg 
F45 Javelin Laura McLennan 14.47m (235) 600g 
F55 Javelin Kim Peak 12.86m (254) 500g 
F50 Javelin Sue Kilmartin 17.00m (318) 500g 
F55 Shot Put Kim Peak 5.73m (343) 3kg 
F40 Shot Put Lydia Rinaudo 5.68m (196) 4kg 
M45 Run 100 David Firth 13.58 -2.4 (255) 
M60 Run 100 Gerald Brown 14.27 -2.4 (329) 
M55 Run 100 Darryl Kilmartin 15.47 -0.3 (0) Score Limit 
M50 Run 400 Campbell McLennan 59.86 (406) 
M60 Run 400 Gerald Brown 64.18 (402) 
M50 Run 1500 Campbell McLennan 04:55.8 (0) Score Limit 
M55 Steeple 3000 John Curry 15:30.4h (184) LS. ; 0.838m 
M50 Discus Campbell McLennan 28.13m (386) 1.5kg 
M55 Discus Darryl Kilmartin 18.93m (247) 1.5kg 
M45 Discus Leighton Kearney 25.10m (365) 2kg 
M50 Javelin Campbell McLennan 28.58m (385) 700g 
M55 Javelin Darryl Kilmartin 19.97m (270) 700g 
M45 Javelin Leighton Kearney 20.13m (227) 800g 
M45 Javelin David Firth 30.40m (396) 800g 
M55 Long Jump Darryl Kilmartin 3.93m (299) 
M80 Pole Vault Jim Poulter 1.60m (181) 
M40 Triple Jump Sean Peters 11.09m (337) (Record) 

DAC Mile – Tuesday 21st November 

It was a great night and DAC athletes distinguished themselves in the DAC Mile, and the 100 yards which was the Victorian Championships for the open athletes. 

There were events for Juniors and Masters. Various age groups were accommodated by using the age-grading system to determine the place getters. This made it interesting for the Masters milers, as they were in various heats, depending on their seed time, and had to wait until a few races were complete. 

Congratulations to winners, new recruit Matthew Friar, a clear winner in the open 100 yards with a blistering time of 9.79, Sue Kilmartin in the masters mile and Katrina Cheung in the junior 100 yards. 

Thanks to all those who helped on the day, particularly the camera operators, allowing the livestream to happen for a fraction of the usual cost. Special mention to Darryl Kilmartin, hurtling down the back straight on the back of the golf cart with a camera on his shoulder. 

This event was livestreamed and videos of races are available to watch at the bottom of the results of each event in the Results Hub: https://athsvic.resultshub.com.au/# 

Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind Notes 
FO40 Run Mile Sue Kilmartin 07:01.8 70.34% – 1st F Gold 
MO40 Run Mile Jason Merrett 05:56.4 70.52% 
MO40 Run Mile John Curry 06:14.2 69.27% 
FO40 Run 100 Melinda Davey-Uecker 14.18 1.2 73.02% Bronze 
FO40 Run 100 Wendy Smith 14.43 1.2 73.47% Silver 
MO40 Run 100 Gerald Brown 12.58 82.05% Silver 
MO40 Run 100 Darryl Kilmartin 14.26 70.47% 

Christmas Party & Handicap Night; Tuesday December  12 

Save the date for the Annual Christmas Party, which will include a BBQ, various handicap races and fun events.  More info will be advertised closer to the day. 

Stay fit & stay safe.

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