2023-11-25 Vic Relays

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Victorian Relay Championships 25/11/2023

In this edition: 

  • Victorian Track Relay Championships – Roundup! 
  • AVSL – Round 6 this Friday night!  Entries closing 29th November! 
  • ZATOPEK 10 Meet – Saturday 2nd December! 
  • Pole Vault coaching
  • DAC Christmas party – Save the date! 

Victorian Track Relay Championships – Saturday 25th November 

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Held on home soil, Doncaster shone at Saturday’s relay Championships. Across all age groups, there were a total of 26 complete teams.  From just the one win last year, we managed two this year.  There were also numerous placings; 1 Silver and 5 Bronze, with the Masters teams shining.  It was a very successful day despite tough competition.    

It was a great effort from all who participated; Club spirit on show!  The day had a great vibe!  There were also a number of volunteers making the day a success; Darryl & Sue Kilmartin, Andrew Parrott, Allan Watson, David Vaughan, Laura & Campbell McLennan, Kim Peak, Nathan Down, and our Team Managers;  Matt Christie and Campbell McLennan. The BBQ was sizzling away to serve a larger, enthusiastic, and sometimes vocal crowd.  We thank these volunteers sincerely.    

To highlight individual athletes or teams is a difficult job!  There were some very busy athletes competing in 3 events (including preliminaries) over the course of the day.  The morning was hot and humid for the 4 x 1500m athletes, but eased over the afternoon, and storms held off until late in the afternoon when the last event had been run and won.   

Our M40 4x100m and W40 4x400m teams reigned supreme – Gold and Gold!   There were also a couple of new Club Records among the Masters ranks.  Again among the Masters crew; Silver to our W40 4 x 100m, and a welcome to newcomer Melinda Davey-Uecker who added strength to the team.  The U14 Women’s 4 x 100m team achieved Bronze – April Kosta, Zoe Garden and Talise Botha very welcome newcomers to boost DAC!  The Men’s Open 4 x 1500m team were awarded a Bronze within a very competitive quality field of Victoria’s best middle-distance athletes!  Another classy combination was that of our U18 Men’s 4 x 400m team – Brodie Mierisch, Christian Zapris, Yishan Feng, and Lachlan Reynolds.  Yishan Feng is a very talented newcomer to DAC!  Other Bronze medals went to the W50+ 4 x 100m combination of Wendy Smith, Kim Peak, Allison Parrott, and Sue Kilmartin, and the M50+ 4 x 1500m combination of Mark Purser, John Curry, Jason Merrett, and Campbell Mclennan.  As the commentator nicely put it, “a combination of youth and maturity”.    

Many of our Junior athletes, fresh from their All Schools successes, made up fantastic relay combinations.  Shakira Harding (U17) joined the Open 4 x100m team, whilst sister, Jameson, played a big part in the U16 4 x 100m team.  Jameson was joined by Giselle Uecker and Teiva Levy in the ranks of U16 women, both enjoying early success during their first season at DAC.   The Kearney sisters, Madeleine and Lucy, were back in action over 4 x 800m, and the medley relay, with Eliza Chivers and newcomers; Olivia Collett, Mia Fernandez and Katrina Cheung.   Great to have you along Ladies!  Among the Men, Josh Ascar (U18) stepped up to Open Men’s competition, and Eamon Wright (a talented newcomer), both featured in the Open 4 x 1500m, and medley relays.  Newcomers, Maki Loukeris, Aiden Green, Matthew Friar and Hayden Lloyd took the other clubs to task in the Open sprint relays.  In the U18 and U16 Men’s relays, Jordan Swansborough, Kaedin Levy, Ashok Sinnadurai, Zachary Wong, Alfie Onley, Kamil Hegazi, and Thomas Steinman are all in their first season with DAC and displayed excellent running!  Fantastic performances from our newest members see the future of DAC in great hands!  (and feet!)  


Age Event Time Place 
FOP 4x100m: 48.69 (P) 
(Alessia Wynne, Shakira Harding, Liv Ryan, Alessandra Flynn) 
FOP 4x400m: 04:01.40 (P) 
(Alessandra Flynn, Alessia Wynne, Sanne Bakker, Liv Ryan) 4:01.40 (P); 
F18 4x800m: 10:18.30 (6th) 
(Olivia Collett, Madeleine Kearney, Lucy Kearney, Eliza Chivers) 
F16 Medley Relay: 04:32.43 (5th) 
(Katrina Cheung, Lucy Kearney, Mia Fernandez, Madeleine Kearney) 
F16 4x100m: 52.61 (P) 
(Katrina Cheung, Teiva Levy, Giselle Uecker, Jamison Harding) 
F16 4x100m: 54.46 (6th) 
(Katrina Cheung, Teiva Levy, Giselle Uecker, Jamison Harding) 
F14 4x100m: 54.80 (3rd) 
(Zoe Garden, April Kosta, Madeleine Kearney, Talise Botha) 
F40 4x100m: 73.87 (2nd) 
(Melinda Davey-Uecker, Vanessa Drew, Laura Mclennan, Emily Jackson) 
F40 4x400m: 04:59.32 (1st) 
(Deb Garden, Vanessa Drew, Laura Mclennan, Lydia Rinaudo) 
F40 4x1500m: 24:18.57 (5th) 
(Lydia Rinaudo, Emily Jackson, Deb Garden, Kathryn Gawthorn) 
F50 4x100m: 72.30 (3rd) 
(Wendy Smith, Kim Peak, Allison Parrott, Sue Kilmartin) 
F50 4x400m: 06:06.99 (4th) 
(Wendy Smith, Kim Peak, Allison Parrott, Sue Kilmartin) 
MOP Medley Relay: 03:42.4 (6th) 
(Maki Loukeris, Hayden Lloyd, Josh Ascar, Eamon Wright) 
MOP 4x100m: 43.05 (P) 
(Maki Loukeris, Aidan Green, Declan Brown-Porteous, Thomas Reynolds) 
MOP 4x100m: 43.18 (6th) 
(Maki Loukeris, Aidan Green, Declan Brown-Porteous, Thomas Reynolds) 
MOP 4x400m: 03:20.97 (P) 
(Matthew Friar, Hayden Lloyd, Luca Scholes-Robertson, Thomas Reynolds) 
MOP 4x1500m: 16:55.14 (3rd) 
(Oscar Oconnor, Josh Ascar, Nick Finch, Luca Scholes-Robertson) 
M18 4x100m: 44.50 (P) 
(Jordan Swansborough, Lachlan Reynolds, Kaedin Levy, Brodie Mierisch) 
M18 4x100m: 44.68 (4th) 
(Jordan Swansborough, Lachlan Reynolds, Kaedin Levy, Brodie Mierisch) 
M18 4x400m: 03:38.08 (3rd) 
(Brodie Mierisch, Christian Zapris, Yishan Feng, Lachlan Reynolds) 
M18 4x800m: 08:48.81 (9th) 
(Kamil Hegazi, Joel Denny, Harry Maddocks, Thomas Steinman) 
M16 Medley Relay: 04:13.96 (11th) 
(Zachary Wong, Zander Botha, Hamish Mclennan, Alfie Onley) 
M16 4x100m: 53.30 (P) 
(Zachary Wong, Zander Botha, Lewis Mclennan, Ashok Sinnadurai) 
M16 4x400m: 03:56.62 (P); 
(Zander Botha, Joel Denny, Hamish Mclennan, Harry Maddocks) 
M16 4x400m: 04:01.51 (8th) 
(Zander Botha, Joel Denny, Hamish Mclennan, Harry Maddocks) 
M40 4x100m: 48.69 (1st) 
(David Firth, Sean Peters, Justin Botha, Paul Mierisch) 
M50 4x100m: 54.71 (5th) 
(Gerald Brown, Jason Merrett, Darryl Kilmartin, Campbell Mclennan) 
M50 4x400m: 04:13.95 (4th) 
(Mark Purser, Gerald Brown, Campbell Mclennan, Jason Merrett) 
M50 4x1500m: 21:20.28 (3rd) 
(Mark Purser, John Curry, Jason Merrett, Campbell Mclennan) 

P – Preliminaries 

Friday 1st December – AVSL Round 6 

Round 6 is being held on Friday night, and again on home soil at Doncaster.  Entries close at midday on Wednesday 29th November, so get in quickly!  There’s some non-standard events on offer, including a 600m, mile, and 2 x 100m relay!  Why not gather with your Donnie mates for a great Friday night out! 

ZATOPEK 10 Challenge!!  Saturday December 2 

It will be a very busy weekend of athletics!  Following AVSL on Friday night, Zatopek is back at Lakeside on Saturday!   Zatopek is a significant athletics event in the season calendar!  Be inspired as Australia’s best 10,000m athletes battle through 25 laps, and possible Olympic qualification!  DAC Open Men and Open Women have qualified for the final of the 4x400m, and Commonwealth Games Bronze medallist, Abbey Caldwell, will contest the Open 3000m (7:32pm).  Young Jamison Harding will be competing in the pole vault! (5:32pm)

The 4 x 400m relay teams are as follows:  

Open men – 5:35pm

Matthew Friar 
Lachlan Reynolds 
Kevin Rasool 
Tom Reynolds 
(emergency: Christian Zapris)

Open Women – 5:45pm

Alessia Wynne 
Allesandra Flynn 
Connor Gist 
Shakira Harding 
(emergency: Liv Ryan & Sanne Bakker)

Best of luck to these athletes; come along to cheer them on!  For more information please see the following link:  Zatopek;    https://athsvic.org.au/events/zatopek_10/ 
There will be a livestream on the day. Look on the Athletics Australia YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@AthsAust

Pole Vault Coaching

Come and try out with our new Pole Vault Coach, David Thomson, most Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM, with upcoming dates on Dec 3rd, 10th, and 17th in 2023. Free tryouts are available for DAC and DLAC members over 11 years old, whether you’re experienced or new to pole vaulting. Simply reply to this email to express your interest. Non-members aged 11 to 99 are also welcome at a negotiable price for ongoing coaching after the first free session. Members won’t need to pay until 2024. Don’t miss this chance to improve your skills with David’s guidance. Feel free to reach out with any questions.  

Holiday tree with solid fillChristmas Party & Handicap Night; Tuesday December  12th

Save the date for the Annual Christmas Party, which will include a BBQ, various handicap races and fun events.  More info will be advertised closer to the day.