2023-12-01 AVSL

Doncaster Newsletter 
Round 6 – 1/12/2023

In this edition: 

  • AVSL – Round 6 Roundup 
  • Duty Roster
  • AVSL Round 7 – Saturday 16th December 
  • Christmas Party & Handicap Night – Dec 12 (6pm start) 
  • Zatopek – Saturday December 2nd 
  • Erick Niyiragira wins “Run for the Young Marathon”
  • Pole Vault coaching
  • Throws Coaching

AVSL – Round 6 Roundup 


With AVSL returning to our Tom Kelly track, DAC climbed up the ladder to finish fifth in Premier Division on Friday night. The big improvers were the M14 team; Zander Botha topped the state in all three of his events,  however, newcomer Ashok Sinnadurai and Lewis McLennan also stepped up to the mark. It was an exciting Friday evening, with a lot of irregular distance running events, so opportunities for new PBs!  The Open men’s relay teams were boosted by Paul Mierisch (40+) joining Brodie, for a Donnie Father and Son combination!  Hayden Lloyd (U20) stepped up to join Declan Brown-Porteous, and Zoe Garden (U14) ran in the open women’s relay!  Campbell McLennan (50+) stepped down to Open competition, and was joined by Tom Steinman (U18) to make one of the 12 DAC 2 x 100m relay teams.  Campbell also competed in the High Jump for the first time in about 6 years.  Hamish McLennan (U16) established a new High Jump PB, trying the Fosby Flop for the first time!  The Women’s 40+ team finished 4th in the state, this resulting from efforts by all the ladies who participated where they could; the W40+ team a strong and supportive group, and big asset to DAC!   

With a number of our top athletes resting prior to the Zatopek the following night, the top athlete was young April Kosta with 493 for her 60 metres, just ahead of Zachary Wong with 492 for his. The top four scores were for the 60 metres, with Alessia Wynne scoring 475 and Kaedin Levy scoring 465.  

Our most successful athlete was Zander Botha with 1,445 points. He was top M14 athlete in the state in the 60 metres, long jump and shot put, and third in the 600 metres, for which he didn’t score points (event limit). An amazing effort!   Not far behind was Campbell McLennan on 1,373 with Hayden Lloyd on 1,177, Sean Peters and Kim Peak on 1,082, Darryl Kilmartin on 1,057 and Lewis McLennan on 1,043.  

Conditions weren’t too bad for a night of athletics, and our fantastic competition standard lighting was appreciated!    Some of the 600m runners were saying “We ran into a head wind twice along the front straight!”  Hard yakka, but great job All!  A big shout, and thanks to those who volunteered on Friday night; the Lloyd family (Hayden, Christian and Karen) along with Oscar O’Connor were super helpful with the BBQ.  Deb Garden and Eamon Wright assisted with the shot, and Lydia Rinaudo, Kim & Emma Peak were invaluable in the clean-up.  Thanks to Christian Zapris who operated the wind gauge.  Congratulations to all who participated!   


Club Points Athletes Points/Athlete 
Eaglehawk 47,017 50 940 
Diamond Valley 45,087 65 694 
Glenhuntly 30,724 51 602 
Wendouree 28,494 35 814 
Doncaster 26,695 40 667 
Essendon 23,030 34 677 
Collingwood 22,855 29 788 
Mentone 22,799 35 651 
Box Hill 19,671 28 702 
Western Athletics 19,270 27 713 

Athletes to finish top in the state in the different age groups were: 

MOpen: 600m Eamonn White (4th) Oscar O’Connor (7th), 2×100 relay Doncaster A (Paul & Brodie Mierisch) (6th) Doncaster B (Declan Brown-Porteous; Hayden Lloyd) (9th

M40+: 60m Paul Mierisch (11th), 600m Campbell McLennan (5th), 2×100 relay Doncaster F (Justin Botha; Sean Peters) (2nd), Long Jump Darryl Kilmartin (11th), High Jump Campbell McLennan (3rd

M20: Long Jump Hayden Lloyd (7th

M16: 100m Zachary Wong (5th), 600m Joel Denny (7th), 2000 walk Hamish McLennan (1st

M14: 60m Zander Botha (1st), Mile Ashok Sinnadurai (9th), 2×100 relay Doncaster E  (Lewis McLennan; Zander Botha) (4th), 2000m walk Lewis McLennan (2nd), Long Jump Zander Botha (1st), Shot Put Zander Botha (1st),  

FOP: 60m Alessia Wynne (4th) Alana Mierisch (10th

W40+ 60m Wendy Smith (8th), 600m Deb Garden (9th), Mile Lydia Rinaudo (5th ), 2×100 relay Doncaster E  (Deb Garden; Kim Peak) (5th), 2000m walk Laura McLennan (9th), Hammer Throw Kim Peak (5th

W18: 600m Elisa Chivers (6th

W16: 600m Lucy Kearney (5th

W14: 60m April Kosta (2nd), 600m Madeleine Kearney (9th

[Full results listed below] 

Duty Roster 

All athletes should now have received an email explaining our new club duty rostering system, utilising the DAC app (Stack Team App). 

It is important that you make the time to download and install the app so you can plan ahead and select duties that are at a convenient time for you can plan your events around.  

All duties for AVSL rounds have been loaded into the events tab in the app to allow flexibility for athletes to choose what works best for them.  

Obviously, the sooner you choose, the more options will still be available.  

If you are having problems downloading the app or selecting duties, please speak with Matt, Campbell or Darryl.  

Thanks to those who have already selected duties in upcoming rounds.  

AVSL Round 7 – Saturday 16th December 

Summer athletics continues in full swing!   Next round is scheduled for Meadowglen and Frankston venues, and DAC are required to supply volunteers at Meadowglen.  Please be sure to download the Volunteer App, and help where you can!  [See Details above] 

Entries open online from Wednesday 6th at 5pm.  On the track, there’s some irregular distances and so more opportunities for PBs!  Why not have a crack!   

AVSL will take a 3-week break for Christmas/New Year.  Saturday January 13 is the date for round 8.   The Victorian Multi Event Championships will be held the weekend prior.  Go easy on the Christmas pud!   

Christmas Party & Handicap Night Dec 12 (Arrive 5.45pm, for 6pm start) 

Remember to save the date for the Annual Christmas Party, which will include a BBQ, various handicaps and fun events.  Celebrate the ‘silly season’ with your DAC mates!  Could men please bring along a salad, and the ladies (sweet as they are) please bring dessert!  Check your inbox for further details sent by email.   

Zatopek – Saturday December 2nd 

The Zatopek is a very big event on the track and field calendar, and several of our DAC elite did us proud.  Our Open Men and Women both contested the 4 x 400m relay.  Wow! – Our Men’s team achieved Silver, edged out by Old Melburnians by just 6 one-hundredths of a second!  Can racing get any more exciting?!!  Well done to the Lads!  Kevin Rassool joined the double act of Lachlan and Thomas Reynolds, and newcomer Matthew Friar, who gave the team a lightening start!   The Women were also classy out there – young Shakira Harding (U17) taking on the ‘big guns’ of Victorian Open sprinting, Connor Gist showing excellent form back with DAC after 2 years’ absence, and Alessia Wynne & Alessandra Flynn were strong and dependable, as always! Connor ran the last 60m with a mild hamstring issue. Jamieson Harding (U15) competed in Pole Vault in the Steve Hooker teams challenge for her first time. A big crowd was behind her and a wonderful experience for the young athlete!    

There was a good crowd of about 5000 (compared to 800 last year) and freebies were given away which kept kids (old and young) busy!  Drinks were available from the trackside bar!   The racing was great quality!   If you weren’t able to attend in person; videos are available in resultshub :

The relay efforts of our DAC athletes are definitely worth a look!   

Female OP – 4th
4x400m: (Alessia Wynne, Alessandra Flynn, Connor Gist, Shakira Harding) 3:51.34;
Male OP – Silver
4x400m: (Matthew Friar, Lachlan Reynolds, Kevin Rassool, Thomas Reynolds) 3:12.37; 

Female OP Steve Hooker PV Challenge 

Jamieson Harding 4th – 3.41m 

Erick Niyiragira wins “Run for the Young Marathon” on Sunday 26th November 

Erick continues to be an inspiration around DAC!  This time he has won the Run for the Young Marathon, an event that also raises valuable funds for youth mental health.  The event is an annual one held in Lilydale.  Erick’s success follows that in the Melbourne Marathon on October 15, when he was placed 4th overall among a class field (in a fantastic time of 2.21.15!)  Erick was able to manage a very quick turn-around, and several races in between his marathons.  Congratulations to Erick! 

Pole Vault Coaching 

Come and try out with our new Pole Vault Coach, David Thomson, most Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM, with upcoming dates on Dec 10th, and 17th in 2023. Free tryouts are available for DAC and DLAC members over 11 years old, whether you’re experienced or new to pole vaulting. Simply reply to this email to express your interest. Non-members aged 11 to 99 are also welcome at a negotiable price for ongoing coaching after the first free session. Members won’t need to pay until 2024. Don’t miss this chance to improve your skills with David’s guidance. Feel free to reach out with any questions.   

Throws Coaching 

We are pleases to announce Allan Watson is back coaching. If you are interested, please contact Allan via the coaching page on our new website. 

Peter Coumaros will continue to make himself available on Monday evenings from 5:30. As a general rule, he will be starting with hammer throw and at 6:30 move onto a different discipline each week. Text him on 0401 993 218 if you are interested. 

Full results from AVSL Round 6 

Premier Division 

EAG Eaglehawk 47,017 10 
DIV Diamond Valley 45,087 
GHY Glenhuntly 30,724 
WEN Wendouree 28,494 
DAC Doncaster 26,695 
ESS Essendon 23,030 
MEN Mentone 22,799 
COL Collingwood 22,855 
BOH Box Hill 19,671 
WES Western Athletics 19,270 

Open Men (9 out of 38) 

Men’s 40+ (9 out of 40) 

Men’s Under 20 (13 out of 23) 

Men’s Under 18 (24 out of 30) 

Men’s Under 16 (14 out of 36) 

Men’s Under 14 (2 out of 22) 

Open Women (15 out of 32) 

Women’s 40+ (4 out of 29) 

Women’s Under 18 (24 out of 30) 

Women’s Under 16 (21 out of 32) 

Women’s Under 14 (8 out of 27) 


Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind Points Notes 
FOP Run 60 Alessia Wynne 8.05 -2.2 (475) 
FOP Run 60 Alana Mierisch 8.5 -0.2 (411) 
FOP Run 60 Christal Xie 10.94 (171) 
FOP Run 600 Christal Xie 02:43.5 (131) 
FOP Relay 200  (Zoe Garden; Christal Xie)  31.18 (186) 
FOP Shot Put Christal Xie 4.74m (121) 4kg 
F18 Run 60 Eliza Chivers 9.13 -0.4 (308) 
F18 Run 600 Eliza Chivers 01:47.2 (377) 
F16 Run 60 Teiva Levy 9.38 -2.2 (293) 
F16 Run 600 Lucy Kearney 01:44.4 (449) 
F16 Relay 200  (Lucy Kearney; Madeleine Kearney)  29.93 (306) 
F14 Run 60 April Kosta 8.53 -0.2 (493) 
F14 Run 600 Madeleine Kearney 01:50.6 (426) 
F14 Pole Vault Allegria Basile 2.85m (430) 
F14 Shot Put Allegria Basile 6.88m (365) 3kg 
F40 Run 60 Wendy Smith 9.78 -2.2 (368) 
F40 Run 60 Kim Peak 12.08 (0) Score Limit 
F40 Run 600 Deb Garden 01:54.8 (322) 
F40 Run 600 Lydia Rinaudo 02:02.0 (260) 
F40 Run 600 Laura McLennan 02:22.6 (189) 
F40 Run 600 Allison Parrott 02:41.0 (172) 
F40 Run 600 Kim Peak 02:50.1 (0) Score Limit 
F40 Mile Lydia Rinaudo 05:32.8 (433) 
F40 Walk 2000 Laura McLennan 12:30.0h (368) LS.  
F40 Walk 2000 Kim Peak 14:42.1h (288) LS.  
F40 Relay 200  (Deb Garden; Kim Peak)  34.97 (153) 
F40 Relay 200  (Wendy Smith; Allison Parrott)  35.57 (181) 
F40 Relay 200  (Laura McLennan; Lydia Rinaudo)  37.67 (117) 
F40 Discus Kim Peak 13.92m (0) Score Limit 
F40 Hammer Kim Peak 19.90m (330) 3kg 
F40 Long Jump Lydia Rinaudo 3.08m (0) Score Limit 
F40 Shot Put Laura McLennan 6.71m (351) 4kg 
F40 Shot Put Kim Peak 6.24m (388) 3kg 
F40 Shot Put Lydia Rinaudo 5.40m (183) 4kg 
F40 Shot Put Sue Kilmartin 4.64m (187) 3kg 
MOP Run 60 Declan Brown-Porteous 8.09 -1.4 (285) 
MOP Run 600 Declan Brown-Porteous 01:39.1 (253) 
MOP Run 600 William Sullivan 01:52.7 (187) 
MOP Run 600 Eamon Wright 86.6 (418) 
MOP Run 600 Oscar Oconnor 87.41 (406) 
MOP Relay 200  (Paul Mierisch; Brodie Mierisch)  24.02 (362) 
MOP Relay 200  (Declan Brown-Porteous; Hayden Lloyd)  24.95 (303) 
MOP Relay 200  (Campbell McLennan; Thomas Steinman)  26.75 (218) 
M20 Run 60 Hayden Lloyd 7.87 -1.4 (375) 
M20 Run 600 Hayden Lloyd 01:35.1 (296) 
M20 Long Jump Hayden Lloyd 5.54m (355) 
M18 Run 60 Kaedin Levy 7.57 -1.9 (465) 
M18 Run 600 Thomas Steinman 01:36.6 (305) 
M16 Run 60 Zachary Wong 7.61 -1.6 (492) 
M16 Run 600 Joel Denny 01:31.7 (434) 
M16 Run 600 Hamish McLennan 01:38.6 (326) 
M16 Walk 2000 Hamish McLennan 12:16.8h (288) LS.  
M16 Relay 200  (Hamish McLennan; Joel Denny)  27.23 (273) 
M16 Long Jump Hamish McLennan 4.19m (0) Score Limit 
M16 Shot Put Hamish McLennan 8.21m (239) 4kg 
M14 Run 60 Zander Botha 8.21 -1.9 (433) 
M14 Run 600 Zander Botha 01:37.3 (0) Score Limit 
M14 Run 600 Lewis McLennan 01:58.3 (203) 
M14 Mile Ashok Sinnadurai 05:23.7 (323) 
M14 Walk 2000 Lewis McLennan 10:58.1h (412) LS.  
M14 Relay 200  (Lewis McLennan; Zander Botha)  29.25 (226) 
M14 Long Jump Zander Botha 5.39m (463) 
M14 Shot Put Lewis McLennan 7.45m (315) 3kg 
M14 Shot Put Zander Botha 9.90m (436) 3kg 
M40 Run 60 Paul Mierisch 8.04 -1.6 (442) 
M40 Run 60 David Firth 8.17 -1.5 (420) 
M40 Run 60 Sean Peters 8.27 -1.5 (329) 
M40 Run 60 Justin Botha 8.51 -2.2 (280) 
M40 Run 60 Darryl Kilmartin 9.59 -1.8 (255) 
M40 Run 60 Andrew Parrott 10.55 -1.2 (194) 
M40 Run 600 Campbell McLennan 01:37.1 (448) 
M40 Run 600 Paul Mierisch 01:39.4 (356) 
M40 Run 600 Darryl Kilmartin 02:08.1 (0) Score Limit 
M40 Mile John Curry 06:13.0 (229) 
M40 Relay 200  (Justin Botha; Sean Peters)  25.39 (348) 
M40 Relay 200  (Darryl Kilmartin; Andrew Parrott)  34.33 (149) 
M40 High Jump Campbell McLennan 1.48m (388) 
M40 High Jump Darryl Kilmartin 1.23m (0) Score Limit 
M40 High Jump Sean Peters 1.48m (272) 
M40 Long Jump Andrew Parrott 2.62m (156) 
M40 Long Jump Darryl Kilmartin 4.08m (327) 
M40 Long Jump Sean Peters 4.77m (307) 
M40 Shot Put Campbell McLennan 9.57m (428) 6kg 
M40 Shot Put Andrew Parrott 6.27m (244) 5kg 
M40 Shot Put Darryl Kilmartin 7.93m (401) 6kg 
M40 Shot Put Justin Botha 10.01m (429) 7.26kg 
M40 Shot Put Leighton Kearney 6.95m (290) 7.26kg 
M40 Shot Put David Firth 8.62m (409) 7.26kg