2023-12-16 AVSL


NEWSLETTER – ROUND 7 – 16/12/2023 

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AVSL Round 7 – Round-Up 

Diary dates January 2024 – AVSL Round 8, Victorian Multi-Event Championships 

Australian All Schools Track and Field Championships Success! 

DAC Christmas Party – 12th December 

Collingwood Classic – Congratulations!  

Zatopek Congratulations 

Christmas Eve – “Stations” training session 

AVSL Round 7 – Round-Up 

Saturday December 16 saw DAC athletes travel to either Meadowglen (Epping), or Frankston to compete in AVSL Round 7.  Numbers were down for all clubs as members start their Christmas breaks, or finish preparations!  The program was a mix of interesting and different track distances (e.g. 150m, 1000m), and so opportunities to test yourself and achieve a PB!  A number of DAC members stepped in to assist with volunteer duties – thank you to Sue & Darryl Kilmartin, Kath Gawthorn, Kim & Emma Peak, Andrew Parrott, Kaiden Levy, and Lydia Rinaudo.   

This round saw some excellent performances – a number of athletes scored over 400 points in individual events, Jessica Nolan (U16) topped the list with 517 points and a massive javelin throw of 40.96m!  Jessica had a busy day competing in 4 events and was among the top MVAs (“Most Valuable Athletes”) in the state – 1194 points from 3 events.  Lydia Rinaudo and Kamil Hegazi were outstanding in the 1000m and 3000m (over 400 points in each), whilst Laura McLennan and Darryl Kilmartin scored highly in their shot put (402 and 409 points, respectively).  A number of the male sprinters and middle-distance athletes carved up the track – Kaedin Levy and Kevin Rassool were close to 500 points in the 150m, and Luca Scholes-Robertson was among the quickest males over 1000m (456 points).  Joel Denny was inspirational; tripping and tumbling in the 1000m with 400m to go, promptly getting to his feet and finishing in 2:48 and 440 points!  Campbell McLennan had son Hamish chasing him down – this pushed him to 3.01 and 430 points in the 1000m, whilst David Vaughan slipped under the radar by running at Frankston.  He ran a quality 3000m (10:40.1 and 443 points).  Eliza Chivers (U18) was busy with 4 events and 4 solid performances.  Of DAC club results, 4 McLennans were all in the top 10 MVAs; in attendance – Campbell, Laura, Hamish and Lewis!  Campbell led the way with 1244 points, and was our top athlete for Round 7!  Other athletes to score over 1000 points were Jessica Nolan, Darryl Kilmartin, and Lydia Rinaudo.  The combination of numbers and many excellent performances had DAC in 8th position on the Premier Division ladder for Round 7.    

Full results are provided below.  Refer to Resultshub for more details.  Congratulations to All on their efforts! 

Run150Christal Xie28.03-0.9(146)
Shot PutChristal Xie4.86m(125)4kg
DiscusEmma Peak18.45m(243)1kg
JavelinEmma Peak16.75m(235)600g
Shot PutEmma Peak6.20m(196)4kg
Run150Samaya Uecker22.07-1.3(267)
Run150Eliza Chivers22.43-2(247)
Hurdles400Eliza Chivers76.34(0)0.762m; Score Limit
HammerJasmine Smith30.14m(340)3kg
High JumpEliza Chivers1.49m(371)
JavelinJasmine Smith20.68m(298)500g
Shot PutSamaya Uecker4.49m(113)3kg
Triple JumpEliza Chivers8.87m(258)
Run150Giselle Uecker21.24-3(399)
Run150Teiva Levy22.28-1.5(286)
HammerJessica Nolan22.39m(0)3kg; Score Limit
High JumpJessica Nolan1.39m(332)
High JumpTeiva Levy1.29m(246)
JavelinJessica Nolan40.96m(517)500g
Shot PutGiselle Uecker4.15m(126)3kg
Triple JumpJessica Nolan9.37m(345)
Run150Melinda Davey-Uecker23.91-2.1(226)
Run150Wendy Smith23.96(278)
Run150Laura McLennan26.66-0.9(0)Score Limit
Run1000Lydia Rinaudo03:21.9(401)
Run1000Kathryn Gawthorn04:17.7(197)
Run1000Laura McLennan04:22.4(193)
Run1000Allison Parrott04:48.6(182)
Run3000Lydia Rinaudo11:21.0(418)
Run3000Kathryn Gawthorn14:10.8(204)
DiscusKathryn Gawthorn13.47m(0)1kg; Score Limit
DiscusLaura McLennan16.61m(273)1kg
DiscusKim Peak15.31m(311)1kg
DiscusSue Kilmartin9.13m(134)1kg
HammerKim PeakNM(0)3kg
JavelinKim Peak12.81m(252)500g
Shot PutKathryn Gawthorn5.15m(202)4kg
Shot PutLaura McLennan7.41m(402)4kg
Shot PutKim Peak6.09m(375)3kg
Shot PutLydia Rinaudo5.50m(188)4kg
Shot PutSue Kilmartin4.89m(202)3kg
Shot PutMelinda Davey-Uecker6.79m(357)4kg
Run150Kevin Rassool16.65-1.5(492)
Run1000William Sullivan03:30.4(180)
Run1000Luca Scholes-Robertson02:36.6(456)
Run150Kaedin Levy17.6-0.9(468)
Run1000Kamil Hegazi02:40.4(456)
Run3000Kamil Hegazi09:08.6(477)
Run1000Joel Denny02:48.1(440)
Run1000Hamish McLennan03:03.6(304)
DiscusHamish McLennan20.17m(0)1kg; Score Limit
High JumpHamish McLennan1.29m(0)Score Limit
Shot PutHamish McLennan8.10m(230)4kg
Triple JumpHamish McLennan10.19m(331)
Run1000Lewis McLennan03:26.5(236)
DiscusLewis McLennan20.56m(293)1kg
Shot PutLewis McLennan7.31m(304)3kg
Run150Darryl Kilmartin23.081.3(0)Score Limit
Run150Andrew Parrott26.6-0.7(185)
Run1000Campbell McLennan03:01.0(430)
Run3000David Vaughan10:40.0(443)
Run5000John Curry21:22.0h(249)
DiscusCampbell McLennan24.53m(0)1.5kg; Score Limit
DiscusAndrew Parrott18.21m(192)1kg
DiscusDarryl Kilmartin15.79m(0)1.5kg; Score Limit
High JumpCampbell McLennan1.49m(397)
High JumpDarryl Kilmartin1.29m(286)
Shot PutCampbell McLennan9.17m(417)6kg
Shot PutAndrew Parrott6.87m(304)5kg
Shot PutDarryl Kilmartin8.21m(409)6kg
Triple JumpDarryl Kilmartin8.72m(311)

Diary dates January 2024 – AVSL Round 8, Victorian Multi-Event Championships 

The first weekend in January (Sat/Sun 6&7) is the Victorian Multi-Event Championships held at Lakeside Stadium.  Best of luck to our DAC members competing in this event, including all age groups; Junior, Open and Masters! 

The second weekend (Sat 13th) is AVSL round 8, held at both Doncaster and Glenhuntly venues.  Entries will open on Wednesday 3rd January – be sure to put that in your diary!   

Australian All Schools Track and Field Championships Success! 

A number of our top junior athletes travelled to Perth for the Australian All Schools T&F Championships December 10-12.  Sisters, Shakira and Jamison Harding were outstanding; Shakira (U17) was unbeatable in the 100m and 400m hurdles, whilst Jamieson (U15) took Gold in the Pole Vault and Silver 90m hurdles.  Jordan Swansborough (U20, Para) achieved Gold in the 100m/200m sprint double, perhaps with his eyes on selection for the Paris Paralympics in 2024?  Allegria Basile and Zander Botha (both U14) were successful in their respective jumps; Allegria Silver in Pole Vault, and Zander Bronze in his Long Jump!  Lewis McLennan took on the U14 3000m walk, made it look easy in what is actually a gruelling event, and finished 5th.   What an amazing experience for these young athletes!  #proudclubbehindyou 

Full results are provided below.  Congratulations to All on their efforts! 

Allegria Basile (U14) Pole Vault (Final)2.90Silver
Jamison Harding U15 90m Hurdles (Final)12.88Silver
Jamison Harding U15 Pole Vault (Final)3.75Gold
Jordan Swansborough U20 Para 100m (Final)11.70Gold
Jordan Swansborough U20 Para 200m (Final)25.11Gold
Lewis McLennan U14 3000m Race Walk (Final)17.27.225th
Shakira Harding U17 100m Hurdles (Final)14.04Silver
Shakira Harding U17 400m Hurdles (Final)63.34Gold
Toby Smith (DLAC) U14 Javelin (Final)37.147th
Zander Botha U14 Long Jump U14 (Final)5.69Bronze

DAC Christmas Party – 12th December 

The annual Christmas party was a mix of serious competition – the 100m and 800m handicaps, a wonderful BBQ, and novelty events (‘serious’ for some!) The ‘young’ and not-so-young tested themselves with the 3-legged race, raw egg toss, and musical chairs!  Getting ‘bums on seats’ has never been done with so much energy!  The 3-legged race competitors found out that matching legs of similar length was an advantage!  Alessia Wynne and Alannah Mierisch got this almost centimetre perfect and were first over the line!  All enjoyed the thrills and spills!   

The handicap events commenced with the Peter Ruff 100m; 2 heats, and final.  A number of younger participants (DAC members’ children, or younger siblings) were welcomed, including Grace Baldock, Sophy Brooks, and Judah & Sebastian Botha.  They were tricky for the handicappers in Nathan Down and Campbell McLennan!  10 athletes progressed to the final and the crowd held their breath as Paul Mierisch won narrowly from Alessia Wynne and Josh Ascar; Josh stepping down from 5000m to 100m!  The 800m handicaps were held in honour of the late Tom Kelly (women) and Ivan Harding (men), and therefore are prestigious events!  Strong fields assembled for both.  Hamish McLennan was a very worthy winner of the Men’s event – he found his wings and achieved a 4 second PB!  The women’s event saw a very close finish between Sophy Brooks and Deb Garden; Sophy finishing just in front.  However, as a non-member, Sophy wasn’t eligible to take the prize and perpetual trophy.  Congratulations to Deb on a race very well run, as part of her summer season in excellent form!  The Adam Robertson javelin handicap was very popular, with around 25 athletes participating!   Results were graded according to age and gender; Robin Firth a clear winner with a big throw of 29.92m!   

Adam Robertson Javelin handicap – mixed 

Robin Firth 50+                 29.92m 
Lewis McLennan U14      21.80m 
Jim Finch 60+                    19.93m 
Jasmine Smith U18          21.22m 
Riley Neecowen U18       27.21m 

Ivan Harding 800m – men                             gun time              mark                      net time 

Hamish McLennan                           3:25                       1:06                       2:19       
Ryan O’Neil-Parker                           3:29.5                   1:00                       2:29.5 
Callum White                                     3:30.6                   1:20                       2:10.6 
Eamon Wright                                    3:31.25                1:30                       2:01 
Jim Finch                                              3:36                       0                           3:36 
Darryl Kilmartin                                 3:38.4                   :30                         3:08 

Tom Kelly 800m – women                             gun time              mark                      net time 

  1. Sophy Brooks (non DAC member)3:24.65                :45                         2:39.65 
  2. Deb Garden                                        3:24.75                :50                         2:34.75 
  3. Alessia Wynne                                   3:27.23                1:07                       2:20.23 
  4. Bella Davey                                         3:27.99                :25                         3:03 
  5. Eliza Chivers                                       3:30.49                :55                         2:35.5 
  6. Grace Baldock                                    3:32.69                :45                         2:47.7 
  7. Sarah RR                                              3:48                      -:05                        3:53                       
  8. Fariha Farooqui RR                           4:52                       -:05                        4:57 

Peter Ruff 100m – mixed final     handicap 

  1. Paul Mierisch                     13.5 
  2. Alessia Wynne                   13.75 
  3. Josh Ascar                           15 
  4. Zoe Garden                         19 
  5. Alana Mierisch                   18 
  6. Talise Botha                        22 
  7. Darryl Kilmartin                 27 
  8. Eliza Chivers                       20.5 
  9. Wendy Smith                     25 
  10. Sophy Brooks                     28 

Zatopek Congratulations 

The Zatopek Track Challenge continued into its 2nd weekend on December 9th, and a number of athletes (all ages and grades) got the chance to test themselves over 10,000m.  No mean feat at the best of times!  Congratulations to John x 2 on their efforts! 

MOP John Portwood 31:06.2 
M55 John Curry 43:26.5 

Collingwood Classic Congratulations! 

The Collingwood Classic was held last Thursday evening (14th December), catering for the distance enthusiast!  Several DAC members had a crack at the mile, 5000m and 10,000m.  Matt Christie was exceptional – 2nd place and a PB in his Open ‘B’ 5000m event.  A hard working bloke and a result very well deserved!  Connor Gist was 2nd in the Women’s mile event, and this followed her success in the DAC mile just a couple of weeks ago.  Youngster Kamil Hegazi (U18) mixed it with the ‘big guns’ of Male Open distance racing in his mile event.  Youth then allowed him to back up for AVSL on Saturday 16th, again running extremely well.  Erick Niyiragira and Anthony Paige took on the 10,000m – always a challenge and they both put in a solid performance.  Congratulations All!  (Results below) 

FopenConnor GistMile05:01.3(2nd)
MOpenBMatthew Christy500015:53.1(2nd)(PB)
MOpenErick Niyiragira1000031:12.6(5th)
MOpenAnthony Paige1000035:09.2 
MOpenJohn PortwoodMile04:26.9 
MOpenKamil HegaziMile04:30.6 

Christmas Eve – “Stations” training session – 24th December 

Tom Kelly, DAC coach and all-round legend had a Christmas Eve tradition that is maintained here at the Club!  At 8am (for 8.30am start) Sunday we will meet at Schramm’s Reserve, JJ Tully Drive, Doncaster (the football ovals behind the Manningham City Council chambers on Doncaster Road) to complete one of his favourite sessions – “Stations”.  This is suitable for all ages and standards, and is a ‘friendly’ pre-Christmas celebration of Tom and all things athletics.  Come along with your DAC mates!  Please direct enquiries to Campbell McLennan (registrar@doncasterac.org.au

Wishing all at DAC, and their families, a very Happy Christmas, and a safe and healthy 2024!