2024-01-20 Round 9 AVSL

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Round 9 – 20/01/2024 

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AVSL Round 9 – Round Up 

Miler’s Club – Thursday 18th January 

Aussie Beer Mile – Congratulations!

Track Unavailable for Training – Thursday 1st February

Victorian Country T+F Championships – Australia Day weekend 

AVSL Round 10 – Powerplay being used! 

Victorian T+F Championships – Open and Junior 

Throws Coaching

Pole Vault Coaching

AVSL Round 9 – Round Up 

With a choice of Werribee or Mt Evelyn, it wasn’t surprising that numbers were down this week. Still, seventh was a respectable effort, with other teams struggling for numbers also. Next weekend is the Country Championships and the week after we are back at Doncaster, which will involve our Powerplay.  It will be “all spikes on deck”!  

Saturday was somewhat humid, with a light breeze.  Perfect conditions, except for the 3000m/5000m runners later in the afternoon when the sun poked out and the heat was on!  At Mt Evelyn the hammer cage was broken – unfortunately, no hammer throw this round.   

The men’s 40+ and women’s under 14 teams continued their excellent contributions – both fourth in the state, overall.  The only 4 x 400m team was in the men’s U16s, Teiva Levy (U16 women) joining them – thanks to all for their stellar effort – first in the state!   

A number of DAC athletes have frequently appeared in the ‘Top 10 in the state’ this season.  Some have even been in the top 3!  The Victorian Championships are only weeks away, and it will be interesting to see whether these athletes can build on their AVSL successes and score a medal!    Whatever transpires – it is going to be interesting, and another opportunity for the younger athletes to experience top level competition.   

There have also been some big improvers, and club stalwarts in action this season!  All have their story to tell about the ‘ups and downs’ that come with our sport, but within a supportive Club environment.  Perhaps next season they will be in the mix at Championships?  All efforts are valued by the Club!   

Athletes to finish top in the state (Round 9) in the different age groups were: 

MOpen: 100m Kevin Rassool (10th), 800m Oscar O’Connor (1st

M40+: 100m Paul Mierisch (8th), 200m Mark Purser (8th), 400m Paul Mierisch (2nd), 800m David Vaughan (3rd) Campbell McLennan (4th) Mark Purser (7th), 3000m David Vaughan (4th), Triple Jump Sean Peters (4th) Darryl Kilmartin (6th

M20: 800m Luca Scholes-Robertson (1st

M18: 400m Riley Neecowen (5th) Lachlan Reynolds (8th

M16 100m Christian Zapris (6th), 200m Ezra Chan (1st), 400m Christian Zapris (2nd), 800m Hamish McLennan (3rd), 4×400 relay Doncaster (1st), Triple Jump Hamish McLennan (7th), Discus Hamish McLennan (3rd

M14: 800m Lewis McLennan (2nd), Javelin Lewis McLennan (2nd), Hammer Lewis McLennan (1st), Discus Lewis McLennan (3rd

W40+ Discus Kim Peak (9th) 1500m walk Kim Peak (4th

W20 200m Alessandra Flynn (1st), Triple Jump Emma Peak (5th

W14: 100m April Kosta (10th), Long Jump April Kosta (2nd), Javelin Emily McKinley (1st), Shot Put Emily McKinley (1st), Discus Emily McKinley (1st

The only athlete scoring over 500 points for an event was Emily McKinley with 505 and 504 for her discus and shot put. She also topped the state in the javelin with 466. Others to score highly were Christian Zapris, Riley Neecowen and Paul Mierisch in the 400 metres and David Vaughan in the 800 metres.  

Emily McKinley was our most successful athlete with 1,475 points which was third in the state. The 40+ athletes followed with Campbell McLennan on 1,232, David Vaughan on 1,225 and Mark Purser on 1,058. Splitting them was Hamish McLennan on 1,074. Kim Peak 1020 points. 

Full Round 9 results are provided at the end of this newsletter. 

Milers Club – Thursday 18th January 

There were some creditable performances by DAC athletes at the Milers Meet at Box Hill on Thursday. 

Distance Name Performance 
800 Connor Gist 02:16.6 
800 Sanne Bakker 02:27.4 
1500 Chloe Baldock 04:47.9 
1500 Madeleine Kearney 05:09.9 
800 Benjamin Purser 02:05.7 
1500 Luca Scholes-Robertson 04:02.8 
1500 John Portwood 04:08.2 
1500 Kamil Hegazi 04:10.5 
1500 Oscar Oconnor 04:14.8 
1500 Callum White 04:17.0 
1500 Alfie Onley 04:40.7 

Congratulations All on their efforts among strong competition and very strong wind!   

Aussie Beer Mile – Congratulations!

Congratulations to new Dad Nick Finch on winning the 2024 Aussie Beer Mile, in an impressive 5.07!    David Mitchell also ran in the ‘Anything Goes’ category drinking Jack Daniels and won the B race! The Beer Milers enjoy a beer while running, or after a run!  Some of us can’t hold our drinks at the best of times, however, Nick outdid the elite field on Saturday 20th at Collingwood. 
For those interested in seeing photos and videos of the day look here: https://www.facebook.com/AussieBeerMile

Track Unavailable for Training – Thursday 1st February

AV High Velocity meet 100, 200, Long Hurdles and Long Jump, and AV Throwers Meet Javelin and Discus will mean that the track will be unavailable for training after 5:30.

Set up from around 4:30 and any assistance on the night would be greatly appreciated.

Victorian Country T+F Championships – Australia Day weekend 

A number of DAC athletes are travelling to Ballarat for the Championships 26th – 28th January.  As ‘city folk’ they will be ineligible for medals, however, yet another ‘stepping stone’ as they prepare for the business end of the summer season. Good luck All and stay tuned for results! 

AVSL Round 10 – Powerplay being used! 

Round 10 is happening at Tom Kelly Track on February 3rd.  Entries are about to open on Wednesday (24th January).  DAC are using their POWERPLAY and hope to have full teams out on the track and really shake up the Premier Division ladder.  We’ve been teetering on relegation into Division 2 and hope to avoid this.  Team Mangers would also appreciate some helpers to complete our club duties – perhaps some different hands up, to those who’ve been so forthcoming and helped several times already.  All members should have the Stacks Team App up and running and be able to put their names down for timeslots where they can assist.   Please contact Matt Christy (summer.coordinator@doncasterac.org.au

Victorian T+F Championships – Open and Junior 

The Victorian Championships are just about upon us!  Held over 2 weekends at Lakeside, the best athletes in the state, both Open and Junior, will be put through their paces!   Weekend 1 – 23rd – 25th February, and Weekend 2 – 1st – 3rd March.   

Entries have now opened, and draft timetables have been published.  Please consult the AV website for further information.  Victorian Track & Field Championships | Aths Vic  Entries close:  Monday 12th February.   

Throws Coaching 

We are pleased to announce Allan Watson is back coaching. If you are interested, please contact Allan via the coaching page on our new website. 

Peter Coumaros will continue to make himself available on Monday evenings from 5:30. As a general rule, he will be starting with hammer throw and at 6:30 move onto a different discipline each week. Text him on 0401 993 218 if you are interested. 

Pole Vault Coaching 

Come and try out with our new Pole Vault Coach, David Thomson, now on Monday evenings at 5:30pm.   
Free tryouts are available for DAC and DLAC members over 11 years old, whether you’re experienced or new to pole vaulting. Free trials are extended until the end of March. Simply reply to this email to express your interest. Non-members aged 11 to 99 are also welcome at a negotiable price for ongoing coaching after the first free session.  

Premier Division 

EAG Eaglehawk 55,913 10 
DIV Diamond Valley 45,595 
WES Western Athletics 33,397 
WEN Wendouree 27,927 7 
ESS Essendon 24,481 
MEN Mentone 20,578 
DAC Doncaster 20,546 4 
GHY Glenhuntly 18,959 
COL Collingwood 18,022 
BOH Box Hill 15,165 

Open Men (25 out of 37) 

Men’s 40+ (6 out of 39) 

Men’s Under 20 (23 out of 27) 

Men’s Under 18 (17 out of 30) 

Men’s Under 16 (7 out of 29) 

Men’s Under 14 (13 out of 24) 

Women’s 40+ (14 out of 31) 

Women’s Under 20 (10 out of 24) 

Women’s Under 18 (29 out of 29) 

Women’s Under 16 (26 out of 32) 

Women’s Under 14 (6 out of 23) 


Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind Points Notes 
F20 Run 200 Alessandra Flynn 26.26 (438)  
F20 Discus  Emma Peak 17.43m  (221) 1kg 
F20 Javelin  Emma Peak 14.96m  (199) 600g 
F20 Shot Put  Emma Peak 5.58m  (0) Score Limit 
F20 Triple Jump  Emma Peak 8.91m  (224)  
F18 Run 400 Zoe Cowlishaw 70.07  (248)  
F16 Run 200 Teiva Levy 29.4 0.5 (325)  
F16 Triple Jump  Teiva Levy 8.37m  (259)  
F14 Run 100 April Kosta 14.29  (346)  
F14 Discus  Emily McKinley 33.45m  (505) 1kg 
F14 Javelin  Emily McKinley 31.29m  (466) 400g 
F14 Javelin  Emily McKinley 31.97m  (0) INV. ; 400g 
F14 Long Jump  April Kosta 4.33m  (414)  
F14 Shot Put  Emily McKinley 10.93m  (504) 3kg 
F40 Walk 1500 Kim Peak 10:37.4h  (300)  
F40 Discus  Laura McLennan 16.67m  (274) 1kg 
F40 Discus  Kim Peak 15.31m  (311) 1kg 
F40 Javelin  Kim Peak 12.45m  (0) Score Limit 
F40 Shot Put  Laura McLennan 7.38m  (401) 4kg 
F40 Shot Put  Kim Peak 6.64m  (409) 3kg 
MOP Run 100 Kevin Rassool 11.3 -2.6 (431)  
MOP Run 800 Oscar Oconnor 02:02.8  (404)  
MOP Run 800 Brock Goodings 02:29.6  (194)  
MOP Run 800 William Sullivan 02:35.8  (186)  
M20 Run 800 Luca Scholes-Robertson 01:58.8  (465)  
M18 Run 100 Ryan O’Neil-Parker 11.97 -4.1 (401)  
M18 Run 400 Riley Neecowen 50.36  (486)  
M18 Run 400 Lachlan Reynolds 51.36  (464)  
M18 Run 400 Ryan O’Neil-Parker 53.82  (411)  
M16 Run 100 Christian Zapris 11.97 -4.1 (438)  
M16 Run 200 Ezra Chan 24.59 0.1 (426)  
M16 Run 400 Christian Zapris 51.74  (492)  
M16 Run 800 Hamish McLennan 02:15.3  (368)  
M16 Run 800 Ezra Chan 02:25.9  (267)  
M16 Relay 1600  (Hamish McLennan; Lewis McLennan; Teiva Levy; Ezra Chan)  04:23.3  (285)  
M16 Discus  Hamish McLennan 24.20m  (305) 1kg 
M16 Shot Put  Hamish McLennan 8.89m  (0) Score Limit 
M16 Shot Put  Joshua Kilmartin 6.01m  (154) 4kg 
M16 Triple Jump  Hamish McLennan 10.18m  (330)  
M14 Run 800 Lewis McLennan 02:36.9  (242)  
M14 Discus  Lewis McLennan 20.78m  (299) 1kg 
M14 Shot Put  Lewis McLennan 7.43m  (313) 3kg 
M40 Run 100 Paul Mierisch 12.54 -3.1 (397)  
M40 Run 200 Mark Purser 29.59 (319)  
M40 Run 200 Darryl Kilmartin 32.12 (0) Score Limit 
M40 Run 400 Paul Mierisch 54.68  (470)  
M40 Run 800 Campbell McLennan 02:16.2  (450)  
M40 Run 800 David Vaughan 02:18.0  (484)  
M40 Run 800 Mark Purser 02:32.5  (348)  
M40 Run 3000 David Vaughan 11:23.2  (358) Y LS.  
M40 Run 5000 John Curry 22:27.0  (195) Y LS.  
M40 Discus  Campbell McLennan 25.03m  (341) 1.5kg 
M40 Discus  Darryl Kilmartin 18.94m  (247) 1.5kg 
M40 High Jump  Darryl Kilmartin 1.20m  (0) Score Limit 
M40 Shot Put  Campbell McLennan 10.11m  (441) 6kg 
M40 Shot Put  David Vaughan 7.69m  (383) 6kg 
M40 Shot Put  Darryl Kilmartin 8.37m  (413) 6kg 
M40 Shot Put  Mark Purser 7.78m  (391) 6kg 
M40 Shot Put  David Firth 8.15m  (391) 7.26kg 
M40 Triple Jump  Darryl Kilmartin 8.53m  (292)  
M40 Triple Jump  Sean Peters 10.73m  (309)