2024-01-23 rounds 11&12 40+

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Edition 89

In this edition:

  • Round 11 Round-up 
  • Round 12 Round-up
  • Other Masters News! 

 Round 11 Round-up – 10/2/2024

With AVSL at Knox and Aberfeldie, numbers were down, and though we finished ninth, we could easily have finished fifth with a couple more athletes. There were a couple of records this week.  

Only 3 Masters athletes attended Aberfeldie; Sue & Darryl Kilmartin and Kath Gawthorn. Kath and Sue had a close tussle in their 800m, with just 1.2 seconds separating them at the finish line. Darryl had a very busy day, competing in 4 events. 

Knox was the place to be for others in the 40+ contingent!  David Firth finished in the top 10 within the state in 3 events, and Campbell McLennan in 2 events.  This was reflected in their outstanding total points contribution for the round.   Kim Peak also made an excellent contribution with a number of PBs, a Club Record, and her 1117 points total for the day!  Paul Mierisch was at his sparkling best in the sprints, as was Melinda Davey-Uecker.  Melinda narrowly broke her own DAC Club Record in the 100m and finished first in the state in long jump!   Wendy Smith had an excellent outing – a solid 100m.  Laura McLennan was her dedicated best – 4 events at a very high standard, including 3rd in her 1500m walk. Allison Parrott competed in the 100m, and Andy in several; both have been massive contributors all season!  David Vaughan was 2nd in the state in his 1500m!


Date   Event Name Perf Previous  
10/02/2024 AVSL F45 100 metres Melinda Davey-Uecker 14.89 Melinda Davey-Uecker 14.91 
10/02/2024 AVSL F55 Hammer Throw Kim Peak 25.91 Kim Peak 25.42 

Athletes to finish top 10 in the state were: 

M40+: 100m Paul Mierisch (5th) David Firth (7th), 400m Paul Mierisch (2nd) David Firth (5th), 1500m David Vaughan (2nd) Campbell McLennan (7th), Triple Jump Darryl Kilmartin (9th), Javelin Campbell McLennan (4th), Shot Put Campbell McLennan (10th), Hammer David Firth (4th) 

W40+ 100m Wendy Smith (5th), Melinda Davey-Uecker (8th), 1500m walk Laura McLennan (3rd), Long Jump Melinda Davey-Uecker (1st), Hammer Kim Peak (8th) 

Campbell McLennan was our top performer on 1,240, with David Firth on 1,232 and Kim Peak on 1,117. 

Round 12 Round-Up – 17/2/2024

(David Vaughan 1500m, Campbell trying something different, Andy Parrott 100m & Kim Peak 400m)

By delivering a stirling effort in Round 12 at home, we had hoped to remain in Premier Division. Unfortunately, this didn’t occur, and we were relegated to Division 2 for Summer 24/25. However, the 40+ team more than pulled their weight (both in competing and with club helper duties) and can hold their heads up high!  

Kim Peak made another improvement on her hammer throw Club Record, which now stands at 26.75.  Deb Garden ran an incredible 800m at Murrumbeena!  With 2.31.2, a new club record, and 419 points, she seems unstoppable!!  Go Girls!  David Firth, Cam and Kim were again our top points contributors and MVAs!  There were a few injuries among the 40+ crew, and they took a cautious approach to Round 12.  Hopefully they will come good for the Victorian Championships just 3.5 weeks away!  Lydia Rinaudo put in another quality performance in the 1500m, then later, the 400m (both state top 10 rankings). Mark Purser and Jim Poulter were both back with a vengeance, and Laura McLennan was in about 10 places at once throughout a very busy day!  Kids, 4 events, volunteering, pep talks to support other athletes, lap scoring, and MUCH more!  Andy Parrott was in a similar boat – he juggled several events, set up/pack up and was general ‘go to’ throughout the day! Paul Mierisch ran a solid 100m but decided to apply caution and skip the 400m.  We all know how far to push ourselves, many of us having learnt this the hard way!    



17/02/2024 AVSL F55 Hammer Throw Kim Peak 26.75 Kim Peak 25.91 

17/02/2024 AVSL F40 800 metres Deb Garden 02:31.2 Deb Garden 02:35.2 

Athletes to finish top 10 in the state were: 

M40+: 100m Paul Mierisch (7th) David Firth (9th), 400m David Firth (7th), 800m Mark Purser (7th), 1500m David Vaughan (4th) Campbell McLennan (9th), Javelin David Firth (2nd) Campbell McLennan (10th) 

W40+ 400m Lydia Rinaudo (7th), 800m Deb Garden (4th), 1500m Lydia Rinaudo (2nd), Javelin Laura McLennan (5th) Melinda Davey-Uecker (7th), Hammer Kim Peak (4th) 

David Firth was our top performer on 1,178, with Kim Peak on 1,129 and Campbell McLennan on 1,012. 

A number of 40+ members assisted with volunteer tasks on Saturday – namely; Graham Ford, Kath Gawthorn, Jim Finch, Kim Peak, Andy Parrot and Allan Watson and Campbell & Laura McLennan, and we thank them for their efforts!  All have been extremely dedicated this season.   

Other Masters News! 

VMA Pentathlon – Sunday 11th February 

A number of DAC 40+ athletes took on the VMA Track and Field Pentathlon Championship!  Congratulations to Kim Peak (55-59 Silver), Justin Botha (40-44 Bronze).   

Thank you to the DAC members who assisted with volunteer duties on a long day in the 34-degree temperatures.   Wendy & Jasmine Smith, Kath Gawthorn & Emma Peak.

The Victorian Masters T+F Championships are being held on the weekend of March 16/17 at Doncaster; entries now open, and close on 4th March. $10 per event, plus $10 admin fee.  

Enter via VMA website here: https://emlsports.com/registration/2024-vma-tf-championships

Draft timetable here: https://athsvic.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Vic-Masters-TT-DRAFT.pdf

Australian Championships 29 March – 1 April (Easter weekend) in Hobart.  Entries have opened, and close on 29th February. 

See more info and register here: https://amahobart2024.com.au/events/register/

The Landy is on March 4 at Doncaster.  200m and 1000m age-graded (handicap) serve as ‘heats’.  400m is the ‘final’.  Prize money and prestige up for grabs!  (See VMA website) Entries close 29th February.   There is also an U16 pentathlon – why not bring your kids!  A 3000m NOST, 250m and 60m will also be held during the evening.   

For “the Landy”:  https://emlsports.com/registration/the-landy-2024 

For venue & Associates Pentathlon (under 16), plus 3000m, 60m and 250m: 


Best of luck to Doncaster Masters Venue athletes competing in the Neighbour’s Night 4 x 200m relays event being held at Aberfeldie on Wednesday February 28.   

The VMA Gift is being held at Doncaster on Sunday April 7. Entries haven’t opened yet, and the event will feature handicapped sprint, middle distance, and much more!  Stay tuned for more information. 

Detailed results – Round 11 

Men’s 40+ (6 out of 43) 

DIV Diamond Valley 16,496 

COL Collingwood 9,862 

ESS Essendon 7,295 

WES Western Athletics 6,685 

DAC Doncaster 5,917 

PTN Preston 3,456 

KSB Keilor St Bernards 3,360 

WTN Williamstown 3,327 

IVA Ivanhoe 2,865 

COB Coburg 2,386 

BWK Brunswick 1,727 

OSC Old Scotch 1,510 

WCA Whittlesea 1,026 

OLM Old Melburnians 792 

SME South Melbourne 632 

RIC Richmond 424 

MUU Melbourne Uni 323 

Women’s 40+ (8 out of 32) 

DIV Diamond Valley 6,411 

WES Western Athletics 5,524 

ESS Essendon 4,762 

DAC Doncaster 4,579 

KSB Keilor St Bernards 3,729 

BWK Brunswick 3,187 

PTN Preston 2,809 

OSC Old Scotch 934 

COL Collingwood 758 

SME South Melbourne 250 

Detailed Results (Round 11): 

Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind Points Notes 
F45 Run 100 Melinda Davey-Uecker 14.89 -0.7 (276) (Record) 
F50 Run 100 Wendy Smith 15.33 (290)  
F50 Run 100 Allison Parrott 18.46 4.2 (174)  
F45 Run 200 Kathryn Gawthorn 43.21 -0.5 (135)  
F55 Run 400 Kim Peak 01:38.0  (0) Score Limit 
F45 Run 800 Kathryn Gawthorn 03:24.0  (189)  
F50 Run 800 Sue Kilmartin 03:25.2  (196)  
F55 Walk 1500 Kim Peak 10:21.4  (0) Score Limit 
F45 Walk 1500 Laura McLennan 09:30.4  (334)  
F55 Discus  Kim Peak 16.22m  (330) 1kg 
F45 Hammer  Laura McLennan 18.54m  (290) 4kg 
F55 Hammer  Kim Peak 25.91m  (412) (Record) 
F45 Javelin  Laura McLennan 14.16m  (0) Score Limit 
F55 Javelin  Kim Peak 10.94m  (0) Score Limit 
F50 Javelin  Sue Kilmartin 14.45m  (261) 500g 
F45 Long Jump  Melinda Davey-Uecker 3.92m  (300)  
F45 Shot Put  Kathryn Gawthorn 5.22m  (210) 4kg 
F45 Shot Put  Laura McLennan 6.86m  (363) 4kg 
F55 Shot Put  Kim Peak 6.09m  (375) 3kg 
F50 Shot Put  Sue Kilmartin 5.09m  (226) 3kg 
M45 Run 100 Paul Mierisch 12.1 0.4 (449)  
M45 Run 100 David Firth 12.78 (357)  
M60 Run 100 Andrew Parrott 16.96 (180)  
M55 Run 200 Darryl Kilmartin 31.45 (0) Score Limit 
M45 Run 400 Paul Mierisch 54.62  (471)  
M45 Run 400 David Firth 56.50  (433)  
M55 Run 1500 David Vaughan 04:44.7  (472)  
M50 Run 1500 Campbell McLennan 04:59.4  (356)  
M60 Discus  Andrew Parrott 16.21m  (174) 1kg 
M55 Discus  David Vaughan 20.33m  (285) 1.5kg 
M50 Hammer  Campbell McLennan 20.14m  (0) Score Limit 
M60 Hammer  Andrew Parrott 14.99m  (182) 5kg 
M45 Hammer  David Firth 35.76m  (442) 7.26kg 
M55 High Jump  Darryl Kilmartin 1.23m  (0) Score Limit 
M50 Javelin  Campbell McLennan 35.49m  (447) 700g 
M55 Javelin  Darryl Kilmartin 21.09m  (291) 700g 
M50 Shot Put  Campbell McLennan 9.95m  (437) 6kg 
M55 Shot Put  Darryl Kilmartin 7.59m  (374) 6kg 
M55 Triple Jump  Darryl Kilmartin 8.47m  (286)  

Detailed results (Round 12) 

Men’s 40+ (9 out of 42) 

DIV Diamond Valley 12,002 

COL Collingwood 9,535 

WES Western Athletics 6,517 

DAC Doncaster 5,495 

ESS Essendon 5,430 

WTN Williamstown 4,303 

IVA Ivanhoe 2,175 

KSB Keilor St Bernards 2,035 

COB Coburg 1,795 

OSC Old Scotch 1,607 

PTN Preston 1,236 

BWK Brunswick 1,207 

WCA Whittlesea 1,013 

MUU Melbourne Uni 867 

RIC Richmond 729 

OLM Old Melburnians 415 

Women’s 40+ (7 out of 33) 

DIV Diamond Valley 6,170 

WES Western Athletics 5,722 

DAC Doncaster 3,581 

PTN Preston 2,573 

KSB Keilor St Bernards 2,198 

ESS Essendon 2,168 

BWK Brunswick 1,252 

COL Collingwood 422 

WTN Williamstown 418 

OSC Old Scotch 379 

COB Coburg 299 

MUU Melbourne Uni 168 

Detailed Results (Round 12): 

Affiliation Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind Points Notes 

DAC F55 Run 400 Kim Peak 01:36.6 (0) Score Limit 

DAC F40 Run 400 Lydia Rinaudo 72.26 (260) 

DAC F40 Run 800 Deb Garden 2:31.2h (419) (Record) 

DAC F40 Run 1500 Lydia Rinaudo 5:17.3h (368) 

DAC F55 Walk 1500 Kim Peak 10:42.8h (0) Score Limit 

DAC F45 Walk 1500 Laura McLennan 9:37.0h (321) 

DAC F55 Discus Kim Peak 16.74m (341) 1kg 

DAC F45 Hammer Laura McLennan 16.38m (245) 4kg 

DAC F55 Hammer Kim Peak 26.75m (418) (Record) 

DAC F45 Javelin Laura McLennan 15.23m (252) 600g 

DAC F55 Javelin Kim Peak 12.60m (0) Score Limit 

DAC F45 Javelin Melinda Davey-Uecker 14.84m (243) 600g 

DAC F40 Long Jump Lydia Rinaudo 3.14m (174) 

DAC F55 Shot Put Kim Peak 6.03m (370) 3kg 

DAC M45 Run 100 Paul Mierisch 12.23 0.4 (434) 

DAC M45 Run 100 David Firth 12.95 0 (329) 

DAC M60 Run 100 Andrew Parrott 17.12 -0.2 (178) 

DAC M55 Run 200 Mark Purser 30.09 -1.6 (294) 

DAC M45 Run 400 David Firth 57.6 (411) 

DAC M55 Run 800 Mark Purser 02:33.6 (335) 

DAC M55 Run 1500 David Vaughan 4:45.9h (466) 

DAC M50 Run 1500 Campbell McLennan 4:58.2h (361) 

DAC M50 Hammer Campbell McLennan 23.05m (316) 6kg 

DAC M60 Hammer Andrew Parrott 16.09m (196) 5kg 

DAC M55 Hammer David Vaughan 19.83m (290) 6kg 

DAC M50 Javelin Campbell McLennan 25.74m (335) 700g 

DAC M45 Javelin Leighton Kearney 21.49m (248) 800g 

DAC M45 Javelin David Firth 35.78m (438) 800g 

DAC M80 Pole Vault Jim Poulter 1.90m (242) 

DAC M50 Pole Vault Campbell McLennan 2.50m (0) Score Limit 

DAC M55 Shot Put Mark Purser 7.44m (361) 6kg 

Thanks to Kath Gawthorn and Graham Ford for the newsletter.

Stay fit & stay safe.

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