2024-02-03 Round 10 AVSL 40+

Doncaster Newsletter 40+

Edition 88

Round 10 Round-Up – 3/02/2024 

AVSL returned to Doncaster for round 10, and, with our PowerPlay in place, all DAC athletes responded. We finished fourth, which is our best result for the season and will certainly avoid any chance of relegation.  

Both the Women’s and Men’s 40+ teams stepped up this round, finishing 4th and 5th in the state, respectively.   Almost every athlete was on board for our POWERPLAY, the women running a 4 x 400m relay to cap off a huge day!   Many travelled to both metro venues to maximise their points contributions.  Kim Peak, Laura McLennan, David Vaughan and David Firth all scored over 1000 points for the day!  Their points, and all other athletes’, were then doubled for our POWERPLAY!   

The women had strength across almost all athletic events.  Deb Garden charged through her 800m to win her heat in 2.35.2.   Lydia Rinaudo was exceptional in the 800m, and then the 3000m, 3rd in her heat (HEAT the operative word) against a quality and much younger field. Allison Parrott bravely took on the 3000m, finishing with a smile despite the oppressive conditions.  Kim Peak and Laura McLennan both travelled to Murrumbeena to contest the 2000m walk, and support their kids, before returning to Doncaster, air-con on full!  They also performed very well in their throws and were top points scorers in the women’s team.  Sue Kilmartin returned from injury, and celebrated being pain free – great to have you join us, Sue!  Melinda Uecker-Davey, with in-form Wendy Smith, had the jumps and sprints covered.  Melinda finished 2nd in the state for her triple jump.  The 4 x 400m team of Deb Garden, Lydia Rinaudo, Kim Peak and Kath Gawthorn clocked 5.44.3, and finished second in the state behind rivals, Old Xavierians.   We were disappointed to see Vanessa Botha in a moon boot and wish her a speedy recovery!   

The men were also almost at full strength with some exceptional performances.  David Vaughan dominated the distance events, whilst Paul Mierisch excelled in the sprints.  There were some fantastic contributions from all-rounders and stalwarts in Darryl Kilmartin, Leighton Kearney, Andrew Parrott and Campbell McLennan.  David Firth put in an outstanding hammer (2nd in the state), following this up with a quality 200m.  Jim Poulter(M80) showed the ‘youngins’ the way in the pole vault!  Love your work, Jim!   

The 40+ team were overrepresented in the volunteering at Doncaster; thanks to Darryl Kilmartin, Allan Watson, Phil Allen, Andrew Parrott, Wendy Smith, Vanessa Botha, Kath Gawthorn, Kim Peak, Deb Garden, Ant Gottlieb, David Vaughan, and Campbell McLennan!  This includes some great photos being taken for our Facebook page; in fact, we’ve enjoyed seeing ourselves in action all season!   A real team effort and Thank You All!   

Melinda Davey-Uecker and Wendy Smith both broke two records on the day as the ladies pulled out all the stops. Deb Garden and Campbell McLennan also broke records, while Paul Mierisch topped the state in the 100 metres. 


27/01/2024 F45 100 metres Melinda Davey-Uecker 14.91 Wendy Smith 15.23 
27/01/2024 F45 Long Jump Melinda Davey-Uecker 4.16 Kate Downward 3.67 
27/01/2024 F55 3000 metres walk Kim Peak 22:39.4 Kim Peak 23:39.2 
27/01/2024 F55 Discus Throw Kim Peak 16.94 Kim Peak 16.19 
3/02/2024 F45 200 metres Melinda Davey-Uecker 32.08 Kate Downward 32.77 
3/02/2024 F50 200 metres Wendy Smith 32.48 Wendy Smith 32.76 
3/02/2024 F40 800 metres Deb Garden 02:35.2 Deb Garden 02:39.9 
3/02/2024 F50 Shot Put Wendy Smith 6.66 Kim Peak 6.26 
3/02/2024 F45 Triple Jump Melinda Davey-Uecker 8.23 Melinda Davey-Uecker 8.11 
3/02/2024 M50 Shot Put Campbell McLennan 10.15 Campbell McLennan 10.11 

Athletes to finish top 10 in the state were: 

M40+: 100m Paul Mierisch (1st), 200m David Firth (8th), 400m Paul Mierisch (2nd), 800m David Vaughan (2nd), 3000m David Vaughan (3rd), Triple Jump Darryl Kilmartin (6th), Shot Put Campbell McLennan (8th), Hammer David Firth (2nd

W40+ 200m Wendy Smith (8th), Melinda Davey-Uecker (10th), 800m Deb Garden (10th), 3000m Lydia Rinaudo (5th), 4×400 relay Doncaster (2nd), Triple Jump Melinda Davey-Uecker (2nd

David Firth was our top performer with 1,284 with David Vaughan on 1,221, Kim Peak on 1.094 and Laura McLennan on 1,004. 

Congratulations to All who participated in Round 10! Full results appear at the bottom of this newsletter. 

There were also some impressive results at the Country Championships the previous weekend with several club records: 

Country Champs – 26-28 January      
Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind   
F40+ Run 100 Melinda Davey-Uecker 14.91 -1 (Record) 
F40+ Long Jump  Melinda Davey-Uecker 4.16m -2 (Record) 
F50+ Run 100 Wendy Smith 15.31 1.4   
F50+ Run 200 Wendy Smith 32.89 -0.6   
F50+ Run 800 Kim Peak 03:45.9    
F50+ Walk 3000 Kim Peak 22:39.4  (Record) 
F50+ Discus  Wendy Smith 16.94m    
F50+ Discus  Kim Peak 16.94m  (Record) 
F50+ Hammer  Kim Peak 19.68m    
F50+ Javelin  Kim Peak 13.75m    
F50+ Shot Put  Kim Peak 6.18m    
MOP Run 400 Paul Mierisch 54.2   

Other Masters News!  

The VMA pentathlon is being held on Sunday February 11 at Lakeside.  Entries have now closed, and best of luck to those competing! 

The Victorian Masters T+F Championships are being held on the weekend of March 16/17 at Doncaster; entries now open, and close on 4th March.  (For entry and draft timetable please refer to VMA website). $10 per event, plus $10 admin fee.  

Australian Championships 29 March – 1 April (Easter weekend) in Hobart.  Entries have opened, and close on 29th February.  (Please refer to the AMA website) 

The Landy is on March 4 at Doncaster.  200m and 1000m age-graded (handicap) serve as ‘heats’.  400m is the ‘final’.  Prize money and prestige up for grabs!  (See VMA website) Entries close 29th February.   

Doncaster Masters Venue are seeking participants in the Neighbour’s Night 4 x 200m relay event being held at Aberfeldie on Wednesday February 21.  Teams 180 years, 240 years and 320 years, with at least 1 female per team.   Must be registered with the VMA to partake.  Please contact Graham Ford (gford@bigpond.net.au) to register your interest. 

The VMA Gift is being held at Doncaster on Sunday April 7. Entries haven’t opened yet, and the event will feature handicapped sprint, middle distance, and much more!  Stay tuned for more information. 

Full results from Round 10: 

Men’s 40+ (5 out of 43) 

DIV Diamond Valley 16,654   
COL Collingwood 14,479   
DAC Doncaster 6,795   
ESS Essendon 6,057   
WES Western Athletics 4,402   
WTN Williamstown 3,853   
KSB Keilor St Bernards 3,225   
PTN Preston 2,697   
IVA Ivanhoe 2,339   
BWK Brunswick 1,445   
OSC Old Scotch 1,153   
MUU Melbourne Uni 980   
COB Coburg 917   
WCA Whittlesea 913   
OLM Old Melburnians 458  
RIC Richmond 206  

Women’s 40+ (4 out of 30) 

DIV Diamond Valley 9,874   
DAC Doncaster 6,673   
WES Western Athletics 3,839   
PTN Preston 2,841   
BWK Brunswick 2,238   
KSB Keilor St Bernards 2,024   
COL Collingwood 1,161   
ESS Essendon 1,031   
OSC Old Scotch 607   


Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind Points Notes 
F45 Run 200 Melinda Davey-Uecker 32.08 0.8 (233) (Record) 
F50 Run 200 Wendy Smith 32.48 (274) (Record) 
F55 Run 200 Kim Peak 40.33 1.6 (0) Score Limit 
F45 Run 200 Kathryn Gawthorn 40.96 1.6 (149)  
F40 Run 800 Deb Garden 2:35.2h  (385) (Record) 
F40 Run 800 Lydia Rinaudo 2:38.4h  (356)  
F45 Run 800 Kathryn Gawthorn 3:21.7h  (191)  
F50 Run 800 Sue Kilmartin 3:28.1h  (193)  
F40 Run 3000 Lydia Rinaudo 11:21.9h  (416) 
F50 Run 3000 Sue Kilmartin 15:01.0h  (197)  
F50 Run 3000 Allison Parrott 16:39.3h  (161)  
F55 Walk 2000 Kim Peak 14:23.4h  (0) Score Limit 
F40 Relay 1600  (Kim Peak; Kathryn Gawthorn; Lydia Rinaudo; Deb Garden)  05:44.3  (225)  
F45 Discus  Laura McLennan 19.46m  (331) 1kg 
F55 Discus  Kim Peak 16.28m  (332) (Record) 
F45 Hammer  Laura McLennan 19.93m  (313) 4kg 
F55 Hammer  Kim Peak 20.68m  (342) 3kg 
F45 Javelin  Laura McLennan 13.60m  (0) Score Limit 
F55 Javelin  Kim Peak 11.99m  (0) Score Limit 
F50 Shot Put  Wendy Smith 6.66m  (375) (Record) 
F45 Shot Put  Kathryn Gawthorn 4.95m  (191) 4kg 
F45 Shot Put  Laura McLennan 6.82m  (360) 4kg 
F55 Shot Put  Kim Peak 5.96m  (364) 3kg 
F50 Shot Put  Sue Kilmartin 6.45m  (358) 3kg 
F45 Shot Put  Melinda Davey-Uecker 6.85m  (362) 4kg 
F45 Triple Jump  Melinda Davey-Uecker 8.23m  (248) (Record) 
M45 Run 100 Paul Mierisch 12.00 0.4 (460)  
M45 Run 200 David Firth 25.51 (431)  
M55 Run 200 Darryl Kilmartin 31.44 1.3 (243)  
M60 Run 200 Andrew Parrott 36.05 -0.1 (182)  
M45 Run 400 Paul Mierisch 55.44  (455)  
M55 Run 800 David Vaughan 2:17.2h  (489)  
M55 Run 3000 David Vaughan 11:03.3h  (394)  
M50 Run 3000 Campbell McLennan 11:29.0h  (289)  
M45 Discus  Leighton Kearney 23.61m  (342) 2kg 
M50 Hammer  Campbell McLennan 18.81m  (229) 6kg 
M60 Hammer  Andrew Parrott 17.84m  (236) 5kg 
M55 Hammer  Darryl Kilmartin 16.21m  (0) Score Limit 
M45 Hammer  David Firth 36.50m  (447) 7.26kg 
M45 Javelin  Leighton Kearney 21.45m  (248) 800g 
M80 Pole Vault  Jim Poulter 1.70m  (197)  
M50 Shot Put  Campbell McLennan 10.15m  (442) (Record) 
M55 Shot Put  David Vaughan 7.17m  (338) 6kg 
M55 Shot Put  Darryl Kilmartin 8.06m  (404) 6kg 
M45 Shot Put  David Firth 8.51m  (406) 7.26kg 
M55 Triple Jump  Darryl Kilmartin 8.02m  (240)  

 Thanks to Kath Gawthorn and Graham Ford for the newsletter.

Stay fit & stay safe.

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