2024-02-17 victorian championships edition



March 2024 

In this edition: 

  • Victorian Championships Round-Up and records/results 
  • New Nike Training Uniforms
  • AV 24/25 XCR Season on our doorstep! 
  • AVSL Season 23/24 Evaluation 

Victorian Championships Round-Up and records/results 

A talented contingent of DAC athletes took on the Victorian Track and Field Championships, held over 2 huge weekends at Lakeside!  Collectively, they came away with 7 Gold, 9 Silver and 4 Bronze medals!  An amazing achievement!  There were medalists, plus many examples of our younger athletes ‘just putting themselves out there’ on the big stage!  This was extremely commendable and a fantastic learning experience!  Some will be selected to continue to the Australian Championships to be held in Adelaide in April.   

Alessia Wynne (Open) has had a phenomenal season!  She took Gold in the 100m hurdles, also breaking the DAC Club Record!  Added to this; she gained a silver in the Long Jump!  Two younger throwers, Emily McKinley (U15) and Jessica Nolan (U17), between them, took a 6-medal haul!  Emily; 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze, in all of the throws!  Jessica – 1 Gold and 1 Bronze!  Both girls represent outstanding young talent in the field!  The Harding sisters, Shakira (U18) and Jamison (U16) were unstoppable in their hurdles events – 2 Gold and 1 Silver between them!  Neither took on the Pole Vault in these Championships, however, Allegria Bassile (U14) – achieved a height of 3.05m, almost worthy of World Juniors Qualification! On this occasion – a clear winner and totally out-classed her U14 opponents!  Duo, Lewis (U14) and Hamish (U16) McLennan, gave their all in the 3000m walk event, both being awarded Silver medals!  On the first weekend, Lewis also won his U14 Hammer Throw – he had both strength and mature technique, demonstrating excellent potential in this demanding event!  Another youngster, U14 middle-distance runner Chloe Baldock, achieved 2 Silvers in the 800m/1500m double!  Chloe (just 12 years of age) shows a commitment well beyond her years, and certainly has a very bright future ahead!  The sprints were also a source of medals for our young male athletes.  Matthew Friar (Open) was awarded Silver in his 200m, and Commonwealth Games representative, Anthony Jordan (U20) took Silver in his 100m.  On weekend 1, Under 20 athlete Matthew Parrott achieved Bronze in an extremely competitive 100m!   

Though not becoming medalists, the efforts of many Juniors at these Championships are to be commended!   Some were just outside podium positions, or just outside qualifying for finals.  With further hard work, they could very well be in with a great chance in 2025!  A shout out to: 

Talise and Zander Botha, and April Kosta – for their efforts in jumps and sprints/hurdles! 

Zoe Garden, Christian Zapris, Katrina Cheung, Mia Fernandez, Riley Neecowen, Lachlan Parrott, Zach Wong, Ezra Chan and Teiva Levy – outstanding sprint talent!  

Harry Maddocks, Sanne Bakker, Lucy and Madeleine Kearney, Alfie Onley, Luca Scholes-Robertson, Thomas Steinman and Olivia Collett – excellent middle-distance talent!   

Alex Lloyd – High Jump talent!   

All have worked exceptionally hard, used the AVSL season as their race preparation, and now can be super-proud of their efforts and commitment!  Though a medal would have been ideal, their journey begins again with season 24/25!   

All results: Weekend 1 

Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind 
FOP Run 400 Liv Ryan 58.59  
FOP Run 400 Alessandra Flynn 59.99  
FOP Hurdles 100 Alessia Wynne 13.73 (Gold) 
FOP Long Jump  Alessia Wynne 6.04m (Silver) 
F20 Run 1500 Sanne Bakker 05:10.6  
F18 Run 400 Shakira Harding 59.09  
F18 Hurdles 100 Shakira Harding 14.10 (Gold) 
F17 Run 100 Katrina Cheung 13.47 -1.2 
F17 Run 400 Lucy Kearney 63.45  
F17 Shot Put  Jessica Nolan 10.62m  
F16 Run 100 Jamison Harding 12.79 -0.8 
F16 Run 400 Mia Fernandez 62.04  
F16 Hurdles 90 Jamison Harding 12.88 (Silver) 
F15 Run 100 April Kosta 13.95 -1.4 
F15 Run 1500 Madeleine Kearney 05:09.0  
F15 Hammer  Emily McKinley 32.58m (Silver) 
F15 Shot Put  Emily McKinley 11.14m (Bronze) 
F14 Run 100 Zoe Garden 13.29 1.5 
F14 Run 400 Talise Botha 67.51  
F14 Run 1500 Chloe Baldock 04:42.2 (Silver) 
F14 Hurdles 80 Talise Botha 13.81 2.3 
MOP Run 400 Thomas Reynolds 49.57  
MOP Run 1500 John Portwood 04:06.0  
M20 Run 100 Matthew Parrott 10.96 (Bronze) 
M20 Run 400 Riley Neecowen 49.34  
M20 Run 400 Lachlan Reynolds 52.13  
M20 Run 1500 Luca Scholes-Robertson 04:04.4  
M18 Run 1500 Thomas Steinman 04:37.9  
M17 Run 100 Zachary Wong 11.88 -0.7 
M17 Run 400 Christian Zapris 50.63  
M17 High Jump  Alex Lloyd 1.65m  
M16 Run 100 Ezra Chan 12.09 2.4 
M16 Run 400 Ezra Chan 54.86  
M16 Run 1500 Harry Maddocks 04:15.7  
M16 Run 1500 Alfie Onley 04:42.0  
M16 Hammer  Hamish McLennan 32.13m  
M15 Run 400 Zander Botha 55.18  
M14 Hammer  Lewis McLennan 31.81m (Gold) 
MAMB Run 100 Anthony Jordan 11.99 (Silver) 

All results: Weekend 2 

Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind  
FOP Run 200 Liv Ryan 26.00 0.3  
FOP Run 200 Alessandra Flynn 26.60 -2.2  
F17 Run 200 Teiva Levy 29.54 -0.3  
F17 Run 200 Katrina Cheung 28.30 1.3  
F17 Run 800 Lucy Kearney 02:24.7   
F17 Run 800 Olivia Collett 02:30.2   
F17 Discus  Jessica Nolan 29.96m  (Bronze) 
F17 Javelin  Jessica Nolan 39.42m  (Gold) 
F16 Run 200 Mia Fernandez 28.18 0.5  
F16 Hurdles 200 Jamison Harding 29.66 -1.6 (Gold) 
F15 Run 800 Madeleine Kearney 02:26.4   
F15 Discus  Emily McKinley 31.81m  (Bronze) 
F15 Javelin  Emily McKinley 35.85m  (Gold) 
F15 Pole Vault  Allegria Basile 3.05m  (Gold) 
F15 Triple Jump  April Kosta 8.88m 2.6  
F14 Run 200 Zoe Garden 27.81 -0.3  
F14 Run 800 Chloe Baldock 02:18.6  (Silver) 
F14 Hurdles 200 Talise Botha 36.59 -1.1  
F14 Triple Jump  Talise Botha 9.94m 2.3  
MOP Run 200 Matthew Friar 21.41 -1.3 (Silver) 
M20 Run 200 Matthew Parrott 22.90 -0.3  
M20 Run 200 Ryan O’Neil-Parker 23.47 0.1  
M20 Run 800 Luca Scholes-Robertson 01:59.6   
M20 Run 3000 Josh Ascar 08:52.4   
M18 Run 800 Thomas Steinman 02:17.4   
M17 Run 200 Christian Zapris 23.45 -0.5  
M16 Run 200 Ezra Chan 24.98 -0.1  
M16 Run 800 Harry Maddocks 02:06.4   
M16 Run 3000 Alfie Onley 09:43.2   
M16 Walk 3000 Hamish McLennan 18:24.7  (Silver) 
M15 Run 200 Zander Botha 25.24 1.1  
M15 Triple Jump  Zander Botha 10.96m 2.6  
M14 Walk 3000 Lewis McLennan 16:00.2  (Silver) 

A huge thank-you to all those club members and family who assisted with volunteer duties over 2 very busy weekends of Championships!  Thank you to: Deb Garden, Campbell McLennan, Christian Lloyd, Leighton Kearney, Sera Bassile, Allison & Matt Parrott, Damian Maddocks, and parents/friends of Katrina Cheung, Jessica Nolan, Sanne Bakker, Emily McKinley, Luca Scholes-Robertson, Christian Zapris, Thomas & Lachlan Reynolds, Matt Friar, Shakira & Jamison Harding, Alfie Onley, Riley Neecowen, Olivia Collett, Liv Ryan, and Kamil Hegazi.  It was fantastic to have so many willing to assist – “Many hands make light work!” 

New Nike Training Uniforms

We are excited to share that we have a new supplier offering DAC branded Nike training uniforms at very reasonable prices!

We are offering FREE delivery until the 15th of March where DAC will pick the uniforms and distribute, so make sure to purchase soon to receive this offer! The Teamware includes training singlets, shirts, crops, briefs, jackets, long sleeves, tights and shorts (examples below).

Click on the link – https://pacificteamsports.com/collections/doncaster-athletic-club-ruffey-runners/

AV 24/25 XCR Season on our doorstep! 

The new season is just around the corner!  Registrations, commencing April 1, will open in a couple of weeks (stay tuned)!  Our season kicks off with XCR 2024 and a draft calendar has been published!  (See below) The season starts with cross country relays at Jells Park on April 27. This has long been a favourite of athletes – meet their teammates and enjoy the rolling hills of the park, with a great spectator experience.  Members are invited to ‘bring a friend’ to these relays; they may be a potential new member.  They can have a free run, and don’t need to be a registered member for an invitation team, however, will be warmly welcomed!   Please message Matt Christy (summer.coordinator@doncasterac.org.au) (Masters Campbell registrar@doncasterac.org.au) with any questions and stay tuned for a call out to confirm your participation.   

AVSL Season 23/24 Evaluation 

Congratulations to All on their efforts over the summer season.  AV and Clubs are keen for your feedback and experiences.  AV recently emailed all members a survey regarding Summer 23/24 and you are encouraged to share your thoughts to help improve future seasons.  If you would like to speak to someone in person, please feel free to contact Matt Christy (summer.coordinator@doncasterac.org.au) or any other member of the Committee.   

 Thanks to Kath Gawthorn and Graham Ford for all your work on our newsletters.