2024-03-22 Victorian championships 40+

Doncaster Newsletter 40+

Edition 90


The Victorian Masters’ Track and Field Championships were held at Doncaster 16 &17 March.  Both individually and collectively, DAC athletes put on an awesome showing.  They were also a very supportive and encouraging group towards each other, regardless of events, age groups or athletic ability!  This is a very positive feature of the DAC Masters team!   

In the Women’s events athletes were Kim Peak, Kath Gawthorn, Laura McLennan, Sue Kilmartin, Allison Parrott, Melinda Davey-Uecker, Wendy Smith, Lakmarli Anthony and Deb Garden! 

In the Men’s events athletes were Paul Mierisch, Darryl Kilmartin, Campbell McLennan, Sean Peters, Gerald Brown, Jason Merrett, John Curry, Paul Rawady and Jim Poulter! 

A few others from the Masters’ team attended as much-appreciated helpers and officials:  

Darryl Kilmartin, Andy Parrott & Allan Watson (who were there at stupid o’clock for setup).  Many thanks to Graham Ford for his video work, which was no mean feat in the warm conditions, and with so much action to capture.  Hopefully he will himself be back and running soon. There were also a number of our Junior DAC members out there and assisting. Peter Coumaros’ coaching in throws was certainly apparent with excellent performances by many in those disciplines.  Many thanks for your dedicated work, Peter!    

The total medal haul stands at 15 Gold, 9 Silver and 6 Bronze!  There were numerous PBs, SBs, and a few DAC Club Records!  

A few athletes came into the Championships with niggling injuries and chose a lighter program (1 or 2 events).  Some are in their final stages of preparation for the Australian Masters Championships in a little under 2 weeks’ time!  Best of luck to All competing!Following the weekend’s efforts, some of us enjoyed a Monday night off and a well-earned meal at the pub! 

Congratulations to: 

Kim Peak (W55-59) – an amazing effort with 10 events over 2 days!  At 10am on day 1 she could already be heard with the clanging together of 2 medals and wore a smile from ear to ear!   She finished the weekend with 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medals!  We wish Kim well at Nationals! 

Melinda Davey-Uecker (W45-49) – Melinda competed in no less than 5 events and achieved 3 Gold and 2 Silver medals.  She has been a newcomer to DAC this summer season, and we have welcomed her versatility and talent across both track and field!   Melinda set new 60m and 100m Club Records!  She is also a wonderful person to boot!  Melinda is also travelling to compete in Hobart!   

Wendy Smith (W50-54) – Ran in 3 extremely competitive sprints (60, 100, 200) as she prepares for Nationals!  The 60m saw her take Gold also achieving a PB and a Club Record!  100m and 200m were also very close to best performances!  Good luck in Hobart Wendy!   

Laura McLennan (W45-49) – Laura has been putting in long hours training for throws, and it certainly paid off – Gold to her in both Weight Throw and Hammer Throw!  The Hammer Throw, a new Club Record! 

Sue Kilmartin (W50-55) – Came back from long-term injury to take an emphatic win in the 5000m!  Running with Kath Gawthorn and Lakmarli Anthony, the trio set a cracking pace, and created a ‘wall of Donnie’ to stave off Sue’s nearest rival.  The 3 finished within a second of one another, and with big smiles!  Sue now seems ready for a fantastic winter season!  It is great to have Sue back aboard!   

Lakmarli Anthony (W35-39) – Lakmarli is a Ruffey Runner who had a massive weekend of competition – her first ever! 400m, 1500m and 5000m, and achieved a Bronze in the 5000m! Lakmarli is now set to join DAC!   

Allison Parrott (W50-55) – Competed in the 1500m on Day 1 and gunned it for a Gold medal and Victorian Title!  Way to go Ali! 

Deb Garden (W40-44) – We all held our breath as Deb took on the 800m, which was her major focus for summer 23/24!  She had a plan for the race and knew her opposition.  Laura Tomic from Casey Venue set a cracking pace, with Deb in hot pursuit.  The pace was such that Deb simply couldn’t kick past, as planned.  However, she achieved a PB, DAC Club Record and Silver!  What an inspiring effort!    

Kath Gawthorn (W45-49) – Competed in the 1500m and 5000m and was pleased with her quickest 5000m since 2016, and achieving a DAC Club Record.  Kath hopes to keep up the positive momentum over the Winter XCR season.

Paul Mierisch (M45-49) – Paul had a quiet weekend (by his standards), running the 400m to achieve Silver. Injury has seen some of his recent running curtailed and we wish him all the best with his comeback! 

Campbell McLennan (M50-54) – In the 1500mhe really looked the goods, charged past his main rival in the home straight and achieved gold and a fantastic time of 4.52.3.  He also took on the Pole Vault and was awarded Silver! 

Darryl Kilmartin (M55-59) – All the Pole Vault practice paid off with a PB of 2.70m, a Club Record and a Gold medal!  Congratulations Darryl!   

Sean Peters (M40-44) – Sean had a very busy weekend with 3 jumps events, and a 100m.  He achieved Bronze in the 3 jumps and a PB in the 100m!  We look forward to seeing him back in action during summer 24/25!   

John Curry (M55-59) – John focused on the 5000m, one of his pet events, and achieved a Silver medal.  We look forward to seeing John back in action during XCR 2024!   

Jason Merrett (M50-54) – Despite talent across many of the athletic disciplines,Jason also focused on the 5000m.  He came up against strong competition in his age group. 

Paul Rawady (M60-64) – Paul (M60-64) is a Ruffey Runner and achieved Gold in his first ever Javelin competition “I’ve waited 45 years for this!” was Paul’s comment afterwards!  A natural talent and we hope to see much more of Paul in Summer 24/25!   

Jim Poulter (M80-84) – Jim Poulter continued to do what no other Victorian man aged 80+ can do – leapt 1.80 metres in his Pole vault to achieve Gold!   

Gerald Brown (M60-64) – Gerald had a very busy weekend as he took on all four sprints (60, 100, 200 and 400m)!  He has been working very hard and has clear strength over the final stages of these events.  In the 200m,the crowd were excited as he edged his way closer to a tiring Ivan Dodin (Diamond Valley).  A few more metres and Ivan would have been caught!  Gerald achieved Gold in the 400m, Silver in both 100/200m and Bronze in 60m!   Will he move up to 800m!!?? 

Congratulations to All on a fantastic weekend of athletics!  Best wishes to those set to compete in Hobart!   

DAC Club Records: 
(Records attached)

Date   Event Name Perf Previous  
3/16/2024 Vic Champs F45 100 metres Melinda Davey-Uecker 14.72 Melinda Davey-Uecker 14.89 
3/16/2024 Vic Champs F45 Hammer Throw Laura McLennan 22.54 Charmaine Smith 22.33 
3/16/2024 Vic Champs F45 Long Jump Melinda Davey-Uecker 4.45 Melinda Davey-Uecker 4.16 
3/17/2024 Vic Champs F40 800 metres Deb Garden 02:29.7 Deb Garden 02:35.2 
3/17/2024 Vic Champs F45 60 metres Melinda Davey-Uecker 9.07 Wendy Smith 9.49 
3/17/2024 Vic Champs F45 5000 metres Kath Gawthorn 24:05.9 Kath Gawthorn 25.29.5 
3/17/2024 Vic Champs F50 60 metres Wendy Smith 9.38 Wendy Smith 9.49 
3/17/2024 Vic Champs M55 Pole Vault Darryl Kilmartin 2.70 Darryl Kilmartin 2.65 

Full Results: 

Day 1       
Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind  
F35-39 Run 400 Lakmarli Anthony 81.73   
F35-39 Run 1500 Lakmarli Anthony 06:21.5   
F45-49 Run 100 Melinda Davey-Uecker 14.72 (Record) 1st 
F45-49 Run 1500 Kathryn Gawthorn 06:52.3   
F45-49 Hammer  Laura McLennan 22.54m (Record) 1st 
F45-49 Long Jump  Melinda Davey-Uecker 4.45m (Record) 1st 
F45-49 Weight Throw  Laura McLennan 6.79m  1st 
F50-54 Run 100 Wendy Smith 15.35   
F50-54 Run 1500 Allison Parrott 07:26.5  1st 
F50-54 Javelin  Susan Kilmartin 15.62m   
F55-59 Run 400 Kim Peak 01:41.6   
F55-59 Walk 3000 Kim Peak 22:59.7  1st 
F55-59 Hammer  Kim Peak 25.05m   
F55-59 Weight Throw  Kim Peak 8.15m   
M40-44 Run 100 Sean Peters 12.50   
M40-44 High Jump  Sean Peters 1.45m  3rd 
M40-44 Long Jump  Sean Peters 5.01m 1.9 3rd 
M45-49 Run 400 Paul Mierisch 55.65  2nd 
M50-54 Run 1500 Campbell McLennan 04:52.3  1st 
M60-64 Run 100 Gerald Brown 13.77  2nd 
M60-64 Run 400 Gerald Brown 66.60  1st 
M60-64 Javelin  Paul Rawady 29.02m  1st 
Day 2       
F35-39 Run 5000 Lakmarki Anthony 24.04.3  3rd 
F40-44 Run 800 Deb Garden 02:29.7 (Record) 2nd 
F45-49 Run 60 Melinda Davey-Uecker 9.07 (Record) 1st 
F45-49 Run 5000 Kathryn Gawthorn 24:05.9 (Record)  
F45-49 Discus  Melinda Davey-Uecker 17.64m  2nd 
F45-49 Shot Put  Melinda Davey-Uecker 6.69m  2nd 
F50-54 Run 60 Wendy Smith 9.38 (Record) 1st 
F50-54 Run 200 Wendy Smith 32.76  
F50-54 Run 5000 Susan Kilmartin 24:05.1  1st 
F55-59 Run 60 Kim Peak 13.33 -2.2 2nd 
F55-59 Run 800 Kim Peak 04:04.8  3rd 
F55-59 Discus  Kim Peak 18.05m   
F55-59 Shot Put  Kim Peak 6.19m   
F55-59 Triple Jump  Kim Peak 4.35m -0.5 1st 
M40-44 Triple Jump  Sean Peters 10.67m 3rd 
M50-54 Run 5000 Jason Merrett 21:03.8   
M50-54 Pole Vault  Campbell McLennan 2.60m  2nd 
M55-59 Run 5000 John Curry 20:51.3  2nd 
M55-59 Pole Vault  Darryl Kilmartin 2.70m (Record) 1st 
M60-64 Run 60 Gerald Brown 8.67 3rd 
M60-64 Run 200 Gerald Brown 28.19 2nd 
M80-84 Pole Vault  Jim Poulter 1.80m  1st 

More Masters News! 

Best of luck to those competing in the VMA throws pentathlon this weekend at Murrumbeena! 

Entries for the VMA Gift (Held at Doncaster on April 7) close on April 3.  The event includes throws, jumps, walks, sprints and distance!  Use the following link to enter:   https://emlsports.com/registration/2024-vma-30-athletics-gift 

XCR season starts on April 27 and AV have just emailed their season 24/25 fee structure.  Season subscriptions are due April 1.  Stay tuned for registration opening.  Please contact DAC registrar Campbell McLennan with any enquiries (registrar@doncasterac.org.au)  

Job Vacant — VMA Operation Manager

With the increasing membership and the expansion of events, the VMA is looking for an operation manager to help the committee and volunteers take the organisation to the next level.

The position would suit somebody with proven organisational and administrative skills, who is currently either part-time or retired with flexible hours.  The appointee will work closely with the VMA committee and secretary.  The job covers the whole year, but with more work over the six months from November to April.

 The position is open to members or anyone that a member might consider suitable for the position.

Job Description

The precise job description is negotiable to some extent, as the organisation also has volunteers who can fill some roles.  However, the tasks which need to be completed are as follows:

·      Co-ordination of competition hubs, with a focus on growth initiatives

·      Co-ordination of mid-week venues in conjunction with Venue Managers

·      Championship event management (where no VMA volunteers are available)

·      Maintaining events calendar

·      Uniforms Officer

·      Management of membership database (the technical aspects of the database are setup and maintained by an external provider)

·      Dealing with membership enquiries

·      Co-ordination of social media

·      Website content maintenance (in conjunction with the technical web supervisor)

·      Support for Footprints editor (Footprints is our regular magazine for members)

·      Maintain VMA by-laws

·      Special Projects co-ordinator (e.g. track signage, digital initiative administration)

The position will be offered as a self-employed contractor.  The remuneration will be appropriate for the complexity of the work and the hours involved.  Computer skills are essential.

Those seeking more information should contact the VMA secretary by email at secretary@vicmastersaths.org.au

Applications should be sent by email to the secretary.  They should include a brief CV and at least two referees who can attest to the appropriate experience of the applicant. 

Thanks to Kath Gawthorn and Graham Ford for the newsletter.

Stay fit & stay safe.

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