Doncaster Newsletter

Round 2 – 11/05/2024

Twenty-one DAC athletes headed to Hanging Rock in Northwest Victoria for the first individual cross-country event of the season.  As legend has it – the rock can swallow up unsuspecting picnickers in mysterious circumstances.  However, headcounts were conducted and all 21 came home safely – thank goodness!   No matter your fitness, it was a tough run of between 5km and 12km.  Towards the end of the 12km, being swallowed into the ground seemed like a good option.  It took some fortitude to push through to the finish.

It was relatively still and mild, and the course firm, though had its undulations and littered with kangaroo poo.  The kangaroos worked out to stay well clear of the runners.  Anyhow, scaling halfway up the rock and down again (done twice on the 12km course) was a bit too arduous.  Their day was taken in a much more leisurely way.

Juniors started the racing schedule and tested themselves over 5km.  Sophie Field (U16), a newcomer, enjoyed her first DAC event, ran an excellent 20.20, and was placed fourth in her age group!  Fantastic to have you join us, Sophie!  The U14 and U16 boys were very well represented by Alfie Onley (U16, 5th), Harry Maddocks (U16, 7th), Hamish & Lewis McLennan, finishing almost neck in neck, and Josh Kilmartin on his comeback after injury.  The U16 boys’ team finished the round in 2nd place just behind Essendon.  They are certainly a talented group of boys.

Open and Masters athletes could choose between short course (7km) and long course (12km) options.  However, it paid off for athletes in the same division to make the same choice, and all score points for the separate long and short course club ladders.  It was welcome to Shawn Ko (M45) who bravely took the long course option and ran admirably.  Several of the Open Men also took the long course option – Nick Finch and Matthew Christy the standout performers in a highly-competitive 360-man strong field.  Several Masters men strategically took the short-course option, and it paid off.  Campbell McLennan led the charge (28:46 for 7km, 2nd in 50+), and with Jason Merrett (7th among those 50+), Brad Sala and Darryl Kilmartin, took 2nd position for 40+ and 50+ Men’s Teams in Round 2.

Open and Masters women had 5 athletes taking on the Rock.  Emily Allen (W40) ran a fast 7km in 32:13 and was 5th in her age group.  Great running Emily!  The other 4 ladies ran 12km and though all 40+, 50+ and 60+, held the fort, scoring on the Open Division 3 ladder and placed 5th.  They also scored on the 50+ ladder, placing 7th.  Standouts were Lydia Rinaudo, 3rd overall in 40+ with an amazing 51:26, and Colleen Kelly, 2nd placed among women 60+.

The run was no easy feat, and congratulations to All who made the trip to Hanging Rock!  Full DAC results are presented below, with more information available on Results Hub Results Hub

Grade Distance Name Performance Notes
FOpen 12km Lydia Rinaudo 51:26:00 W40, 3rd
FOpen 12km Sue Kilmartin 1:04:15 W55
FOpen 12km Kathryn Gawthorn 1:05:48 W50
FOpen 12km Colleen Kelly 1:08:49 W60, 2nd
FOpen 7km Emily Allen 32:13:00 W40, 5th
F16 5km Sophie Field 20:20 4th
MOpen 12km Nick Finch 43:01:00
MOpen 12km Matthew Christy 46:04:00
MOpen 12km Brock Goodings 55:55:00
MOpen 12km Shawn Ko 58:53:00 M45
MOpen 12km James Finch 1:10:10 M60
MOpen 7km Campbell McLennan 28:46:00 M50, 2nd
MOpen 7km Jason Merrett 32:57:00 M50, 7th
MOpen 7km William Sullivan 35:17:00
MOpen 7km Bradley Sala 36:13:00 M40
MOpen 7km Darryl Kilmartin 37:47:00 M50
M16 5km Alfie Onley 17:20 5th
M16 5km Harry Maddocks 17:33 7th
M16 5km Hamish McLennan 20:06
M16 5km Joshua Kilmartin 28:59:00
M14 5km Lewis McLennan 20:04