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XCR Round 2 Wrap Up – 11 May 2024 

Eleven DAC Masters athletes headed to Hanging Rock in Northwest Victoria for the first individual cross-country event of the season.  As legend has it – the rock can swallow up unsuspecting picnickers in mysterious circumstances.  However, headcounts were conducted and all 11 came home safely – thank goodness!   No matter your fitness, it was a tough run of 7km (short course) or 12km (long course).  Towards the end of the 12km, being swallowed into the ground seemed like a good option.  It took some fortitude to push through to the finish.   

It was relatively still and mild, and the course firm, though had its undulations and littered with kangaroo poo.  The kangaroos worked out to stay well clear of the runners.  Anyhow, scaling halfway up the rock and down again (done twice on the 12km course) was a bit too arduous.  Their day was taken in a much more leisurely way.   

Open and Masters athletes could choose between short course (7km) and long course (12km) options.  However, it paid off for athletes in the same division to make the same choice, and all score points for the separate long and short course club ladders.  It was welcome to Shawn Ko (M45) who bravely took the long course option and ran admirably.  Several Masters men strategically took the short-course option, and it paid off.  Campbell McLennan led the charge (28:46 for 7km, 2nd in 50+), and with Jason Merrett (7th among those 50+), Brad Sala and Darryl Kilmartin, took 2nd position for 40+ and 50+ Men’s Teams in Round 2.    

Open and Masters women had 5 athletes taking on the Rock.  Emily Allen (W40) ran a fast 7km in 32:13 and was 5th in her age group.  Great running Emily!  The other 4 ladies ran 12km and though all 40+, 50+ and 60+, held the fort, scoring on the Open Division 3 ladder and placed 5th.  They also scored on the 50+ ladder, placing 7th.  Standouts were Lydia Rinaudo, 3rd overall in 40+ with an amazing 51:26, and Colleen Kelly, 2nd placed among women 60+.   

The run was no easy feat, and congratulations to All who made the trip to Hanging Rock!  Full DAC results are presented below, with more information available on Results Hub Results Hub 

FOpen12kmLydia Rinaudo51:26:00W40, 3rd
FOpen12kmSue Kilmartin1:04:15W55
FOpen12kmKathryn Gawthorn1:05:48W50
FOpen12kmColleen Kelly1:08:49W60, 2nd
FOpen7kmEmily Allen32:13:00W40, 5th
MOpen12kmShawn Ko58:53:00M45
MOpen12kmJames Finch1:10:10M60
MOpen7kmCampbell McLennan28:46:00M50, 2nd
MOpen7kmJason Merrett32:57:00M50, 7th
MOpen7kmBradley Sala36:13:00M40
MOpen7kmDarryl Kilmartin37:47:00M50

XCR Round 3 Wrap Up – 2 June 2024 

(Darryl Kilmartin, Lydia Rinaudo, Jason Merrett & Sean Churchwood)A big contingent of 16 Masters athletes took on the XCR Round 3 Lakeside Road Race.  A very pleasing turn-out.  The event is much anticipated by runners keen to post a 10km PB time, especially if weather conditions are favorable.   Compared with the ‘crappy’ conditions of 2023, this year we were very lucky.  No rain, very light winds, and cloud cover which kept the temperature relatively ‘comfortable’, made for excellent road-racing conditions.   

The morning started early for those racing the 3km event.  The gun sounded at 8.20am, and it proved to be quite a crush with several junior age groups, and short course Open and 40+ athletes contributing to a large 190-strong field.  Lewis McLennan, among others, tumbled over 100m from the start line, and Campbell needed to hurdle him to avoid crashing. Campbell then finished in 1st place in the Men’s 50+ age group.  Jason Merrett was 5th, and Darryl Kilmartin 7th and this made the team unstoppable taking first position (in both 40+ and 50+) on the ladder!  It seems that the 40+/50+ Men’s tactic to all run the short course event is paying big dividends. 

The 10km event featured DAC newcomer Sean Churchward (M55) and Lincoln Peh (M45, INV), both from the Ruffey Runners group.  Both ran well, and we hope that both will continue to join us in future rounds.   Anthony Paige (M40), not always available during XCR, carved out a very decent 10km to break the DAC XCR Club Record.  Rod DeHighden ran a solid 10km, breaking the M55 XCR Club Record.  Some of the Masters team worked together – Jim Finch was kept to pace by Colleen Kelly, and both had an excellent run, Colleen 2nd among 60+ women.    Shawn Ko was back for more following his Hanging Rock debut, and John Curry was his extremely consistent self out on the road.   

A hardy group of 40+ women helped to steer the Division 3 team into 7th place for Round 3. Colleen Kelly (W60, 2nd) and Lydia Rinaudo (W40, 3rd) broke Club Records with their outstanding efforts, whilst Sue Kilmartin (W55) posted a PB of under 49 minutes.  Emily Allen (W40) put in a strong performance under 46 minutes.    

Thanks to our club helpers for this round; Hamish & Lewis McLennan, who stepped up to assist after running their own races, Laurie Scholes-Robertson, Erick Niyiragira, Damian Maddocks, Campbell McLennan, and our Winter Coordinator, Matt Christy. Make sure you check out the photos of DAC athletes in action on our Facebook page!  Matt was a Godsend with his table full of snacks, and a welcome. However, Brendan Cullen’s lamingtons from season 2023 are still being talked about!  

All summary results are provided below.  Please be sure to check Resultshub for further details.  Results Hub 

FOpen10kmLydia Rinaudo42:13:00F40
FOpen10kmEmily Allen45:41:00F40
FOpen10kmSue Kilmartin48:31:00F55
FOpen10kmKathryn Gawthorn49:50:00F50
FOpen10kmColleen Kelly53:10:00F60, 4th
MOpen10kmAnthony Paige35:08:00M40
MOpen10kmRoderic De Highden40:56:00M55
MOpen10kmBrendan Cullen41:40:00M40
MOpen10kmJohn Curry43:05:00M55
MOpen10kmShawn Ko46:40:00M45
MOpen10kmSean Churchward52:10:00M55New
MOpen10kmJames Finch54:02:00M60
MOpen3kmCampbell McLennan10:53M50, 1st
MOpen3kmJason Merrett12:20M50, 3rd
MOpen3kmDarryl Kilmartin13:45M50, 5th
MOpen10kmLincoln Peh48:44.0M45, INVRR

XCR Round 4 – 15 June; entries now open! 

Round 4 on Saturday 15 June will see us travel to St Anne’s near Bendigo for another individual cross-country.  Note that there are two St Anne’s Winery locations and be sure check details provided by AV on their XCR Round 4 event page 2024 On XCR Series | Aths Vic  Athletes will test themselves over 4km (short course) and 8km (long course).  Entries are now open and must be completed by midday on Wednesday 12th June via the AV member’s portal Events – Athletics Victoria (revolutionise.com.au)  Please contact Campbell McLennan if you need assistance with transport or completing your entry (registrar@doncasterac.org,au)    

VMA 10,000m Championships  

The Victorian Masters’ 10,000m Championships were held at Casey venue on May 19, in trying conditions.  A number of DAC members took on this challenge; never an easy feat!   

Congratulations to Sue Kilmartin on her first ever 10,000m, Gold in Women’s 55-59, and a DAC Club Record.  Jason Merrett faced tough opposition in his 50-54 age group, finishing 6th, but bagging a new DAC Club Record!   Afterwards, all enjoyed a hot shower, the Casey hospitality, and then an afternoon off.  Congratulations All. 

New 40+ DAC Club Records 

XCR Round 3 at Lakeside offered opportunities for Winter 40+ Records.  In ideal conditions on Sunday, congratulations to Colleen Kelly, Kath Gawthorn, Lydia Rinaudo, Rod DeHighden, Campbell McLennan and Anthony Paige on breaking previous club bests!  

Here is a full list of recent club records over 3000m, 10,000m (both VMA Championship events) and XCR Round 3:   

5/5/20243000m, MurumbeenaW45Kath Gawthorn13:56.0Kath Gawthorn
5/5/20243000m, MurumbeenaW55Sue Kilmartin13:48.0New
19/5/202410,000m, CaseyW45Kath Gawthorn49:09.0Kath Gawthorn
19/5/202410,000m, CaseyW55Sue Kilmartin50:22.0New
19/5/202410,000m, CaseyM50Jason Merrett44:23.0Jason Merrett
2/6/202410km LakesideW60Colleen Kelly42:13.0Evelyn Kuys
2/6/202410km LakesideW40Lydia Rinaudo42:13.0Kate Downward
2/6/202410km LakesideM55Rod DeHighden40:56:00Jim Finch
2/6/202410km LakesideM40Anthony Paige35:08:00Campbell McLennan
2/6/20243km LakesideM50Campbell McLennan10:53New
2/6/20243km LakesideM55Darryl Kilmartin13:45New

VMA Browne Shield and Track Challenge 2024 

The Victorian Masters 10,000m Championship was Round 1 of the VMA winter series (named the Browne Shield).

Check out the remaining Rounds via VMA website for further details, and online entry.  These events cost only $10 and contribute points to the Doncaster Masters Venue Browne Shield points tally.   The final Round 5 (½ marathon) is run concurrently with XCR Round 9 at Burnley.    

Doncaster will host the 2024 Winter Teams’ Track Challenge on July 28 from noon.  Events are 60m, 600m, 800m walk, 150m, 1 mile, 1600m walk, 300m, 3000m, 4 x 100m relay and medley relay.  Entry is again via the VMA website, and cost is capped at $10 for a maximum of 3 individual events.   The atmosphere is friendly and inclusive as those aged 30+ test out their Winter training.  For further information, please contact Graham Ford (gford@bigpond.net.au or 0419 361 487)   

Thanks to Kath Gawthorn for the newsletter.

Stay fit & stay safe.

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