2023-11-25 AVSL & DAC Mile

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DAC Mile & Vic 100 Yards Championships – Round-Up  

AVSL Round 5 – Round-Up  

Victorian Relay Championships – 25 November  


AVSL Round 6

Christmas Party & Handicap Night – Dec 12

Throws Coaching

DAC Mile & Vic 100 Yards Championships

(Our gold medallist in the VIC 100 yards Champs – Matthew Friar)

It was a great night and DAC athletes distinguished themselves in the DAC Mile, and the 100 yards which was the Victorian Championships for the open athletes.

There were events for Juniors and Masters. Various age groups were accommodated by using the age-grading system to determine the place getters. This made it interesting for the Masters milers, as they were in various heats, depending on their seed time, and had to wait until a few races were complete.

Congratulations to winners, new recruit Matthew Friar, a clear winner in the open 100 yards with a blistering time of 9.79, Sue Kilmartin in the masters mile and Katrina Cheung in the junior 100 yards.

Thanks to all those who helped on the day, particularly the camera operators, allowing the livestream to happen for a fraction of the usual cost. Special mention to Darryl Kilmartin, hurtling down the back straight on the back of the golf cart with a camera on his shoulder.

This event was livestreamed and videos of races are available to watch at the bottom of the results of each event in the Results Hub: https://athsvic.resultshub.com.au/#


FOPMile1Connor Gist05:00.3Bronze
FO40Mile1Sue Kilmartin07:01.870.34%Gold
F16Run100Katrina Cheung12.540385Gold
F16Run100Giselle Uecker12.930302Silver
F16Mile1Grace Baldock05:51.1358Bronze
MOPRun100Matthew Friar9.79Gold
MOPMile1Luca Scholes-Robertson04:19.5
MOPMile1John Portwood04:22.4
MOPMile1Eamon Wright04:34.6
MOPMile1Kamil Hegazi04:37.2
MOPMile1Nick Finch04:37.5
MOPMile1Matthew Christy04:40.6
MO40Mile1Jason Merrett05:56.470.52%
MO40Mile1John Curry06:14.269.27%
M16Mile1Ashok Sinnadurai05:22.7318
FO40Run100Melinda Davey-Uecker14.181.273.02%Bronze
FO40Run100Wendy Smith14.431.273.47%Silver
MO40Run100Gerald Brown12.58082.05%Silver
MO40Run100Darryl Kilmartin14.26070.47%

AVSL Round 5

Again venues were a long way from our home track, but Doncaster climbed back up to eighth this round. However, both under 14 teams finished fifth in the state.

It was a big welcome to Matthew Friar, who topped the state in the open 100 metres with a quick 10.44, and welcome back to Thomas Reynolds who topped the state in the under 20 400 metres with a sizzling 46.55!


Diamond Valley45,78075610
Box Hill31,54050631
Western Athletics28,34143628

Athletes to finish top in the state in the different age groups were:

MOpen: 100m Matthew Friar (1st), 800m Oscar O’Connor (5th), 1500m Eamonn White (4th)

M40+: 100m Gerald Brown (8th), 400m Campbell McLennan (5th) Gerald Brown (6th), 3000m steeple John Curry (2nd), Long Jump Darryl Kilmartin (4th), Triple Jump Sean Peters (5th), Discus Throw Campbell McLennan (3rd) Leighton Kearney (6th)

M20: 200m Hayden Lloyd (4th), 400m Thomas Reynolds (1st), 800m Luca Scholes-Robertson (1st), Triple Jump Hayden Lloyd (4th)

M16: 100m Zachary Wong (8th), 200m Christian Zapris (3rd)

M14: 1500m walk Lewis McLennan (1st), Javelin Throw Lewis McLennan (2nd), Discus Throw Lewis McLennan (2nd)

W40+ 200m Wendy Smith (6th), 2000m steeple Lydia Rinaudo (1st), Discus Throw Laura McLennan (6th)

W20: 200m Alessandra Flynn (3rd), Long Jump Emma Peak (5th)

W18: 200m Shakira Harding (2nd), 400m hurdles Shakira Harding (1st)

W16: Pole Vault Jamison Harding (1st)l Javelin Throw Jessica Nolan (1st), Discus Throw (1st)

W14: 400m Madeleine Kearney (4th), 800m Chloe Baldock (1st), Long Jump Madeleine Kearney (2nd), Pole Vault Allegria Basile (1st), Shot Put Allegria Basile (2nd), Hammer Throw Allegria Basile (1st)

We had some high scoring athletes this week. Thomas Reynolds topped with 540 for the 400 metres, with Jamison Harding on 530 for the pole vault, Chloe Baldock 528 for the 800 metres, Matthew Friar 526 for the 100 metres and Jessica Nolan 504 for the Javelin Throw.

Our most valuable athletes were Campbell McLennan on 1,177 points, Allegria Basile on 1,121, Hayden Lloyd on 1,022 and Lewis and Laura McLennan not far behind.

Premier Division

DIVDiamond Valley45,78010
BOHBox Hill31,5407
WESWestern Athletics28,3414

Open Men (19 out of 43)

Men’s 40+ (9 out of 40)

Men’s Under 20 (7 out of 25)

Men’s Under 18 (24 out of 32)

Men’s Under 16 (10 out of 36)

Men’s Under 14 (11 out of 35)

Open Women (30 out of 34)

Women’s 40+ (8 out of 33)

Women’s Under 20 (13 out of 23)

Women’s Under 18 (14 out of 35)

Women’s Under 16 (11 out of 32)

Women’s Under 14 (5 out of 27)


FOPRun100Christal Xie18.78-2.4(139)
FOPWalk3000Christal Xie22:27.3h(172)
FOPJavelinChristal Xie13.32m(166)600g
F20Run200Alessandra Flynn26.450(429)
F20Shot PutEmma Peak5.61m(171)4kg
F20Triple JumpEmma Peak8.58m(199)
F18Run100Eliza Chivers14.9-1.1(210)
F18Run200Shakira Harding25.70(485)
F18Run200Zoe Cowlishaw28.42-0.2(344)
F18Run400Eliza Chivers66.05(318)
F18Hurdles400Shakira Harding65.1(418)0.762m
F18HammerJasmine Smith29.32m(332)3kg
F18Long JumpEliza Chivers4.21m(296)
F16Run100Teiva Levy15.39-2.3(198)
F16Run400Teiva Levy67.71(329)
F16DiscusJessica Nolan28.27m(441)1kg
F16JavelinJessica Nolan38.06m(504)500g
F16Pole VaultJamison Harding3.70m(530)
F14Run100Madeleine Kearney15.14-1.9(248)
F14Run400Madeleine Kearney65.45(438)
F14Run800Chloe Baldock02:19.0(528)
F14HammerAllegria Basile19.94m(268)3kg
F14Long JumpMadeleine Kearney3.26m(222)
F14Pole VaultAllegria Basile2.80m(418)
F14Shot PutAllegria Basile8.50m(435)3kg
F40Run200Wendy Smith33.010(252)
F40Run200Kim Peak41.711.8(0)Score Limit
F40Run1500Sue Kilmartin06:29.6(238)
F40Run1500Laura McLennan07:35.6(0)Score Limit
F40Steeple2000Lydia Rinaudo8:06.0h(376)0.762m
F40Walk1500Kim Peak10:50.5h(286)
F40Walk1500Laura McLennan9:04.0h(383)
F40DiscusLaura McLennan21.34m(364)1kg
F40DiscusSue Kilmartin10.21m(154)1kg
F40HammerKim Peak14.81m(0)3kg; Score Limit
F40HammerLydia Rinaudo13.04m(164)4kg
F40JavelinLaura McLennan14.47m(235)600g
F40JavelinKim Peak12.86m(254)500g
F40JavelinSue Kilmartin17.00m(318)500g
F40Shot PutKim Peak5.73m(343)3kg
F40Shot PutLydia Rinaudo5.68m(196)4kg
MOPRun100Matthew Friar10.441.6(526)
MOPRun800Oscar Oconnor02:05.2(375)
MOPRun1500Eamon Wright04:14.5(381)
MOPRun1500William Sullivan06:08.0(141)
M20Run200Hayden Lloyd24.3-0.3(358)
M20Run400Thomas Reynolds46.55(540)
M20Run800Luca Scholes-Robertson01:56.1(493)
M20HammerHayden Lloyd21.91m(246)6kg
M20Triple JumpHayden Lloyd12.53m0.7(418)
M18Run100Kaedin Levy11.92-1.7(407)
M18Run400Kaedin Levy55.51(367)
M16Run100Zachary Wong12.11-1.4(421)
M16Run200Christian Zapris23.220(493)
M16Run200Alex Lloyd27.560(266)
M16Run400Hamish McLennan61.64(268)
M16Run800Joel Denny02:08.5(440)
M16Run1500Hamish McLennan04:56.3(286)
M16DiscusHamish McLennan22.04m(258)1kg
M16HammerAlex Lloyd14.65m(155)4kg
M16JavelinHamish McLennan20.79m(0)700g; Score Limit
M14Run400Lewis McLennan75.57(0)Score Limit
M14Run1500Lewis McLennan05:42.8(0)Score Limit
M14Walk1500Lewis McLennan8:08.0h(407)
M14DiscusLewis McLennan20.50m(291)1kg
M14JavelinLewis McLennan22.73m(284)600g
M40Run100David Firth13.58-2.4(255)
M40Run100Gerald Brown14.27-2.4(329)
M40Run100Darryl Kilmartin15.47-0.3(0)Score Limit
M40Run400Campbell McLennan59.86(406)
M40Run400Gerald Brown64.18(402)
M40Run1500Campbell McLennan04:55.8(0)Score Limit
M40Steeple3000John Curry13:17.2h(184)0.838m
M40DiscusCampbell McLennan28.13m(386)1.5kg
M40DiscusDarryl Kilmartin18.93m(247)1.5kg
M40DiscusLeighton Kearney25.10m(365)2kg
M40JavelinCampbell McLennan28.58m(385)700g
M40JavelinDarryl Kilmartin19.97m(270)700g
M40JavelinLeighton Kearney20.13m(227)800g
M40JavelinDavid Firth30.40m(396)800g
M40Long JumpDarryl Kilmartin3.93m(299)
M40Pole VaultJim Poulter1.60m(181)
M40Triple JumpSean Peters11.09m(337)

Victorian Relay Championships – Doncaster – November 25  

The Victorian Relay Championships will be held at Doncaster this Saturday – November 25.
Teams have changed slightly due to a few injuries. See latest teams, entries and timetable attached.

Come down and give us a cheer on the day!


Be sure to like and follow our Facebook page to see photos that are posed after most events: https://www.facebook.com/DoncasterAthleticClub
We need volunteers to take photos. If you are free to help had have a good camera, please let us know. Thank you.

AVSL – Round 6

Remember to sign up for Round 6. Entries are open now and close next Wednesday at midday.

Christmas Party & Handicap Night Dec 12

Save the date for the Annual Christmas Party, which will include various handicap races and fun events.
More info will be advertised closer to the day.

Throws Coaching  

We are pleases to announce Allan Watson is back coaching. If you are interested, please contact Allan via the coaching page on our new website: https://www.doncasterac.org.au/allan-watson/

Peter Coumaros will continue to make himself available on Monday evenings from 5:30. As a general rule he will be starting with hammer throw, and at 6:30 move onto a different discipline each week. Text him on 0401 993 218 if you are interested.