Doncaster Newsletter

Round 1 – 7/10/2023

It was a slow start to the season for Doncaster, finishing last in the Premier Division, though having the second round at Doncaster will obviously improve our chances. However, it was a good day for the youngsters with the women under 14 team topping the table in Metro Red Zone, and the men under 14 coming second. The scoring system has been revamped this year, so you will notice differences. 


Round 1 – Individual Results 

Congratulations to the following athletes who finished in the top in the state: 

MOpen: 1500m Eamon Wright (1st) 

M40+: 100m Gerald Brown (2nd) Sean Peters (4th), 400m Gerald Brown (1st), 800m Campbell McLennan (3rd), 3000m David Vaughan (4th), Campbell McLennan (7th), 5000m John Curry (4th), Long Jump Sean Peters (2nd), Triple Jump Darryl Kilmartin (5th), Shot Put Campbell McLennan (6th), Pole Vault Darryl Kilmartin (8th) 

M20: 200m Hayden Lloyd (4th), Triple Jump Hayden Lloyd (2nd) 

M18: 100m Brodie Mierisch (2nd), 200m Ryan O’Neil-Parker (5th), 400m Brodie Mierisch (1st), 1500m Kamil Hegazi (1st), Discus Brodie Mierisch (2nd) 

M16: Shot Put Hamish McLennan (2nd), Hammer Hamish McLennan (1st) 

M14: 200m Zander Botha (1st), Triple Jump Zander Botha (2nd), Shot Put Zander Botha (1st), Hammer Lewis McLennan (1st) 

WOpen: 100m Alessia Wynne (2nd), Long Jump Alessia Wynne (1st) 

W40+ 100m Allison Parrot (2nd), 400m Allison Parrot (2nd), 1500m Allison Parrot (2nd), 5000m Sue Kilmartin (2nd), 1500m walk Kim Peak (2nd), Discus Kim Peak (2nd), Hammer Laura McLennan (5th) 

W20: 400m Alessandra Flynn (1st), Long Jump Emma Peak (2nd), Javelin Emma Peak (2nd),  

W18: 100m Shakira Harding (1st), Samaya Uecker (2nd), Triple Jump Eliza Chivers (2nd)  

W16: 400m Olivia Collett (2nd), Pole Vault Jamison Harding (1st), Javelin Jessica Nolan (1st),  

W14: 800m Madelaine Kearney (2nd), Long Jump Allegria Basile (1st), Triple Jump Talise Botha (1st), Pole Vault Allegria Basile (1st), Javelin Allegria Basile (1st), 

Jessica Nolan was our highest scoring athlete with 502 for her Javelin with Brodie Mierisch on 499 for the discus and Alessia Wynne and Ryan O’Neil-Parker on 469. 

Zander Botha was our highest aggregate winner with 1,300 with Brodie Mierisch on 1,262 Allegria Basile on 1,184 and Campbell McLennan on 1,067. 

Congratulations to All who competed in Round 1!  It’s never easy stepping back into action! We hope to see more athletes join us at Round 2.    


DAC Club Results 

The DAC team – all age groups combined are in Premier Div 1 for AVSL competition.  Below are details of total points and placing for DAC.  Following this, each age group is listed, and their position within the state.   



Premier Division 

DIV  Diamond Valley  53,183  10 
EAG  Eaglehawk  46,226 
ESS  Essendon  43,207 
GHY  Glenhuntly  40,185 
BOH  Box Hill  36,265 
WES  Western Athletics  35,033 
WEN  Wendouree  31,752 
COL  Collingwood  28,216 
MEN  Mentone  27,827 
DAC  Doncaster  26,024 


Open Men (33 out of 38) 

Men’s 40+ (9 out of 42) 

Men’s Under 20 (19 out of 29) 

Men’s Under 18 (13 out of 36) 

Men’s Under 16 (22 out of 35) 

Men’s Under 14 (6 out of 26) 

Open Women (18 out of 31) 

Women’s 40+ (13 out of 34) 

Women’s Under 20 (10 out of 19) 

Women’s Under 18 (20 out of 32) 

Women’s Under 16 (7 out of 35) 

Women’s Under 14 (4 out of 29) 


Individual Event Results: 

Grade  Discipline  Distance  Name  Performance  Wind  Points  Notes 
FOP  Run  100  Alessia Wynne  12.49  -1.7  (449) 
FOP  Long Jump  Alessia Wynne  5.87m  1.5  (469) 
F20  Run  400  Alessandra Flynn  59.27  (440) 
F20  Discus  Emma Peak  16.75m  (207)  1kg 
F20  Javelin  Emma Peak  15.81m  (216)  600g 
F20  Long Jump  Emma Peak  3.61m  (191) 
F18  Run  100  Shakira Harding  13.23  -1.7  (414) 
F18  Run  100  Samaya Uecker  15.08  -1.8  (199) 
F18  Run  200  Eliza Chivers  29.93  -0.3  (262) 
F18  Hurdles  400  Eliza Chivers  76.59  (0)  Score Limit 
F18  Shot Put  Eliza Chivers  6.63m  (198)  3kg 
F18  Triple Jump  Eliza Chivers  9.49m  (309) 
F16  Run  100  Giselle Uecker  14.56  -0.7  (264) 
F16  Run  200  Lucy Kearney  29.93  -0.8  (294) 
F16  Run  200  Lula Parrott  33.07  -0.3  (193) 
F16  Run  400  Olivia Collett  63.37  (427) 
F16  Run  400  Teiva Levy  68.01  (322) 
F16  Hurdles  90  Jamison Harding  13.79  -1.7  (0)  0.762m 
F16  Hammer  Lula Parrott  24.92m  (319)  3kg 
F16  Javelin  Jessica Nolan  37.79m  (502)  500g 
F16  Pole Vault  Jamison Harding  3.15m  (426) 
F16  Shot Put  Lula Parrott  6.04m  (227)  3kg 
F14  Run  200  Talise Botha  30.14  0.5  (341) 
F14  Run  200  Madeleine Kearney  30.3  -1.5  (331) 
F14  Run  800  Madeleine Kearney  02:37.2  (401) 
F14  Hurdles  200  Talise Botha  38.16  -1.6  (0)  0.762m 
F14  Discus  Allegria Basile  16.68m  (0)  Score Limit 
F14  Javelin  Allegria Basile  26.47m  (426)  400g 
F14  Long Jump  Allegria Basile  4.29m  (409) 
F14  Pole Vault  Allegria Basile  2.55m  (349) 
F14  Triple Jump  Talise Botha  9.25m  (376) 
F40  Run  100  Allison Parrott  19.8  -2.7  (156) 
F40  Run  200  Laura McLennan  41.26  (0)  Score Limit 
F40  Run  200  Sue Kilmartin  44.63  (138) 
F40  Run