Doncaster Newsletter

Round 12 – 17/02/2024 

It should have been an easy finish. We had noted that there were three teams in the last four places on the ladder with very similar scores, so, although sitting seventh, it was possible for us to slip down. However, we were on our home ground, and always get good support there. 

It wasn’t to be. Last time we competed at Doncaster, we scored 43,578. This time; 28,359 points. There were a number of athletes missing – perhaps recovering from the Taylor Swift Concert the night before?  Alternatively, perhaps they were keeping themselves fresh for the Victorian Championships starting within a few days.  We still finished seventh on the day, but two teams we defeated were ahead of us on the ladder and stayed there. Box Hill, who had been ninth, brought their A game and PowerPlay and finished fourth on the ladder! 

So we finished ninth at the end of the season, and so will be relegated to Second division next year. Hopefully in Summer 24/25, we can win that and return to Premier where we belong. 


Athletes to finish top in the state in the different age groups were: 

M40+: 100m Paul Mierisch (7th) David Firth (9th), 400m David Firth (7th), 800m Mark Purser (7th), 1500m David Vaughan (4th) Campbell McLennan (9th), Javelin David Firth (2nd) Campbell McLennan (10th) 

M20: 1500m Luca Scholes-Robertson (3rd) 

M18: 400m Ryley Neecowen (2nd) 

M16 100m Zachary Wong (6th) Ezra Chan (10th), 1500m Harry Maddocks (5th), 4×200 relay Doncaster (3rd), 3000m walk Hamish McLennan (1st), Javelin Hamish McLennan (5th), Hammer Throw Hamish McLennan (4th) 

M14: 100m Zander Botha (1st) Ashok Sinnadurai (5th), 1500m Ashok Sinnadurai (7th), 3000m walk Lewis McLennan (3rdt), Long Jump Zander Botha (2nd), Javelin Throw Lewis McLennan (2nd), Hammer Lewis McLennan (3rd) 

WOP: 100m Alessia Wynne (3rd), 400m Alana Mierisch (4th), 100m hurdles (Alessia Wynne (1st), Long Jump Alessia Wynne (2nd) 

W40+ 400m Lydia Rinaudo (7th), 800m Deb Garden (4th), 1500m Lydia Rinaudo (2nd), Javelin Laura McLennan (5th) Melinda Davey-Uecker (7th), Hammer Kim Peak (4th) 

W20: 400m Alexandra Flynn (3rd), Long Jump Emma Peak (6th) 

W18: 400m Jemma Young (4th), 4×200 relay Doncaster (3rd) 

W16: 100m Katrina Cheung (8th), 200m Jamison Harding (7th), 400m Lucy Kearney (7th), 800m Olivia Collett (7th), Javelin Throw Jessica Nolan (1st), 

W14: 400m Madeleine Kearney (2nd), Pole Vault Allegria Basile (1st), Shot Put Allegria Basile (6th), Discus Throw Allegria Basile (5th) 


Alessia Wynne again was our best performing athlete, scoring 1,413 points, ahead of Allegria Basile on 1,257 (one point more than last week), David Firth on 1,178, Jessica Nolan on 1,138, Kim Peak on 1,129, Madeleine Kearney on 1,117, Hamish McLennan on 1,059, Lewis McLennan on 1,054 and Campbell McLennan on 1,012. 

Jessica Nolan was the only athlete scoring over 500 points for her javelin throw (she then threw 41.75m in her extra throws) with Alessia Wynne scoring 482 for her 100 metres, Luca Scholes-Robertson and Harry Maddocks 474 and 472 for their 1500m, and Alessia 471 points for her hurdles. 

Following the Round 12 completion, athletes and families enjoyed a BBQ tea at the track, reminiscing about the season that was!  A number of members assisted with volunteer tasks on Saturday – namely, Alessia Wynne, Graham Ford, Kath Gawthorn, Sonia Flynn, Jim Finch, Damian Maddocks, Kim Peak, Elizabeth Nolan, Anthony Jordan’s Dad and Zoe Colishaw’s Mum, Andy Parrot and Allan Watson, Matt Christy, Nathan Down, and Campbell & Laura McLennan, and we thank them for their efforts!   

As a club, we acknowledge the extremely professional and friendly team of AV volunteer officials.  They attend every single round in all weather, and without them, our competition wouldn’t exist.   

Congratulations to All athletes on their efforts and contributions over Summer 23/24!  Those participating in the Victorian Championships, best of luck!  Athletes whose season ends as of now – we hope to see you back in Summer 24/25 and striving for those elusive PBs!!  Athletic preparation is a ‘marathon not a sprint’ – set your goals, make your yearly plan, gather your supports, and try to make it happen!   

Full Round 12 Results are provided at the bottom of this newsletter. 


Maurie Plant Meet – Thursday 15th February 

Four of DAC’s highest quality athletes, Abbey Caldwell, Anthony Jordan, Matthew Friar and Tom Reynolds stepped into the limelight on Thursday evening.   

Abbey ran the 800m, among a high-quality field of Paris Olympic hopefuls!  Abbey ran an extremely strong 800m, leading with 100m to go.  However, youngster (19) Claudia Hollingsworth had more left in the tank, stormed past Abbey, and broke the Australian U20 800m record with 1:59.81!   It was a remarkable feat!  Abbey finished with the season’s best performance of 2:00.54, and we wish her luck with the rest of her summer campaign!   

Tom ran in the 4 x 400m relay and ran a sensational third leg for his team (‘Victoria A’), clocking a split of 46.36 seconds!   

Anthony ran in his pet event, the 100m, against a classy field.  His time of 11.92 seconds was a personal best, and an excellent result for the young Paris Para-Olympics hopeful!  This result was despite a –2.0 m/s headwind.   

Matthew Friar also ran a very credible season’s best 10.61 seconds in his 100m.  We wish him well in the upcoming Victorian Championships! 

Many DAC members cheered and watched on, both from the stands at Lakeside, and from their couches at home via live stream on 7Plus. Congratulations to Abbey, Anthony, Matthew and Tom! 

The following links provide all detailed results: oua8lgsc9wageqtw.pdf ( 

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