Doncaster Newsletter

Round 3 – 21/10/2023

With venues being a long way from our home track, Doncaster was down to seventh this round, though points were not that far down from the previous round. Essendon and Western Athletics benefitted from an extra throws competition the night before. Surprisingly, Diamond Valley were back in fourth.

Jessica Nolan and Emily McKinley were our highest scoring athletes with 502 for their Javelin and discus, with Jordan Swansborough (T20) scoring 496 for his 100m and Emily McKinley 483 for her Javelin.

Young Mia Fernandez ((U16) competed in her first ever 400m race and achieved 62.33 and 448 points!  Gotta be happy with that debut run!  As top point scorers in running events, she was up there with Jordan Swansborough, and several other U18 male sprinters in Brodie Mierisch, Ryan O’Neil-Parker, Kaeden Levy and Riley Neecowen. If these U18 speedsters can be assembled for the Relay Championships in November they could set the track alight!   There were top 10 age group placings for a number of athletes who are in great form early in the season.  Alessandra Flynn, Eamon Wright, Shakira Harding, Allegria Basile, Emily McKinley, and Campbell McLennan were among the stand-outs.

David Vaughan was the most valuable athlete, scoring 1,180 points with Allegria Basile on 1,101, Campbell McLennan on 1,036, Kim Peak on 1,001 and Emily McKinley on 985 from just two events.

It was ‘welcome aboard’ to the following athletes who stepped out to compete for DAC for the very first time: Mia Fernandez, Kaedin Levy, Jordan Swansborough and Alfie Onley.

Congratulations to All who competed in Round 3!  It was great to see you in action!  A huge thank you to those who assisted with Round 3; including Lisa Clark at the triple jump at Casey and our wonderful Team Managers; Campbell McLennan and Matt Christie.

Some Stats

Club                   Points      Athletes    Points/Athlete

Eaglehawk               51,968      58          896

Essendon                49,603      82          605

Western Athletics         48,835      72          678

Diamond Valley          47,824      75          638

Box Hill                33,583        55          611

Glenhuntly              32,172       48          670

Doncaster               30,752      49           628

Collingwood             27,552      41          672

Congratulations to the following athletes who finished in the top 10 in the state:

MOpen: 800m Eamon Wright (1st), 1500m John Portwood (6th), 3000m Steeplechase David Mitchell (2nd)

M40+: 200m Sean Peters (7th), 400m David Vaughan (2nd) Gerald Brown (4th) Paul Mierisch (8th), 800m Campbell McLennan (1st), 1500m David Vaughan (6th), Triple Jump Sean Peters (6th).

M20: Triple Jump Hayden Lloyd (3rd)

M18: 100m Jordan Swansborough (T20 4th) Brodie Mierisch (10th), 400m Riley Neecowen (3rd) Lachlan Reynolds (6th) Ryan O’Neil-Parker (7th)

M16: 800m Joel Denny (4th), Hammer Hamish McLennan (2nd)

M14: Shot Put Lewis McLennan (3rd), Hammer Throw Lewis McLennan (2nd)

W40+ 100m Wendy Smith (5th), 1500m Lydia Rinaudo (7th), Discus Throw Kim Peak (7th)

W20: 200m Emma Peak (3rd), 400m Alessandra Flynn (1st)

W18: 400m Samaya Uecker (4th), High Jump Eliza Chivers (eq 5th), Discus Throw Jasmine Smith (8th)

W16: 200m Shakira Harding (2nd), 400m hurdles Shakira Harding (1st)

W14: Pole Vault Allegria Basile (1st), Javelin Throw Emily McKinley (1st), Shot PUt Allegria Basile (4th),  Discus Throw Emily McKinley (1st), Hammer Throw Allegria Basile (2nd),




DAC Club Results


Premier Division 

EAG Eaglehawk 51,968 20
ESS Essendon 49,603 9
WES Western Athletics 48,835 16
DIV Diamond Valley 47,824 7
BOH Box Hill 33,583 6
GHY Glenhuntly 32,172 5
DAC  Doncaster  30,752 
COL Collingwood 27,552 3
MEN Mentone 24,256 2
WEN Wendouree 20,367 1

Open Men (16 out of 38) 

Men’s 40+ (6 out of 41) 

Men’s Under 20 (27 out of 30) 

Men’s Under 18 (5 out of 34) 

Men’s Under 16 (16 out of 38) 

Men’s Under 14 (16 out of 27) 

Open Women (26 out of 35) 

Women’s 40+ (5 out of 31) 

Women’s Under 20 (7 out of 19) 

Women’s Under 18 (12 out of 34) 

Women’s Under 16 (8 out of 36) 

Women’s Under 14 (9 out of 31) 




Grade  Discipline  Distance  Name  Performance  Wind  Points  Notes 
FOP Run 100 Alana Mierisch 13.66 1.7 (285)
FOP Run 400 Alana Mierisch 65.4 (268)
F20 Run 200 Emma Peak 31.63 -1.7 (194)
F20 Run 400 Alessandra Flynn 59.06 (444)
F20 Javelin Emma Peak 15.41m (208) 600g
F20 Shot Put Emma Peak 6.02m (189) 4kg
F18 Run 100 Samaya Uecker 14.15 -0.5 (277)
F18 Run 200 Shakira Harding 27.22 -1.8 (416)
F18 Run 200 Eliza Chivers 30.37 -3.6 (243)
F18 Hurdles 400 Shakira Harding 64.65 (430) 0.762m
F18 Shot Put Eliza Chivers 7.06m (233) 3kg
F18 Triple Jump Eliza Chivers 9.32m (295)
F16 Run 100 Giselle Uecker 14 0.7 (329)
F16 Run 100 Teiva Levy 14.56 -0.5 (264)
F16 Run 400 Mia Fernandez 62.33 (448)
F16 Run 400 Olivia Collett 63.61 (422)
F16 Run 400 Teiva Levy 68.42 (312)
F16 Hurdles 200 Jamison Harding 30.36 -2.2 (404) 0.762m
F16 Hurdles 200 Lucy Kearney 40.42 -2.7 (149) 0.762m
F16 Discus Jessica Nolan 27.61m (436) 1kg
F16 Javelin Jessica Nolan 37.75m (502) 500g
F16 Long Jump Teiva Levy 3.24m (190)
F16 Pole Vault Jamison Harding 3.35m (467)
F16 Shot Put Lucy Kearney 7.10m (321) 3kg
F14 Discus Emily McKinley 32.67m (502) 1kg
F14 Hammer Allegria Basile 18.07m (235) 3kg
F14 Javelin Emily McKinley 33.43m (483) 400g
F14 Pole Vault Allegria Basile 2.90m (441)
F14 Shot Put Allegria Basile 8.15m (425) 3kg
F40 Run 100 Wendy Smith 15.23 -1.4 (298)
F40 Run 100 Allison Parrott 19.24 0.2 (164)
F40 Run 200 Laura McLennan 38.04 -1.2 (0) Score Limit
F40 Run 200 Kim Peak