Doncaster Newsletter

Round 7 – 16/12/2023

Saturday December 16 saw DAC athletes travel to either Meadowglen (Epping), or Frankston to compete in AVSL Round 7.  Numbers were down for all clubs as members start their Christmas breaks, or finish preparations!  The program was a mix of interesting and different track distances (e.g. 150m, 1000m), and so opportunities to test yourself and achieve a PB!  A number of DAC members stepped in to assist with volunteer duties – thank you to Sue & Darryl Kilmartin, Kath Gawthorn, Kim & Emma Peak, Andrew Parrott, Kaiden Levy, and Lydia Rinaudo.

This round saw some excellent performances – a number of athletes scored over 400 points in individual events, Jessica Nolan (U16) topped the list with 517 points and a massive javelin throw of 40.96m!  Jessica had a busy day competing in 4 events and was among the top MVAs (“Most Valuable Athletes”) in the state – 1194 points from 3 events.  Lydia Rinaudo and Kamil Hegazi were outstanding in the 1000m and 3000m (over 400 points in each), whilst Laura McLennan and Darryl Kilmartin scored highly in their shot put (402 and 409 points, respectively).  A number of the male sprinters and middle-distance athletes carved up the track – Kaedin Levy and Kevin Rassool were close to 500 points in the 150m, and Luca Scholes-Robertson was among the quickest males over 1000m (456 points).  Joel Denny was inspirational; tripping and tumbling in the 1000m with 400m to go, promptly getting to his feet and finishing in 2:48 and 440 points!  Campbell McLennan had son Hamish chasing him down – this pushed him to 3.01 and 430 points in the 1000m, whilst David Vaughan slipped under the radar by running at Frankston.  He ran a quality 3000m (10:40.1 and 443 points).  Eliza Chivers (U18) was busy with 4 events and 4 solid performances.  Of DAC club results, 4 McLennans were all in the top 10 MVAs; in attendance – Campbell, Laura, Hamish and Lewis!  Campbell led the way with 1244 points, and was our top athlete for Round 7!  Other athletes to score over 1000 points were Jessica Nolan, Darryl Kilmartin, and Lydia Rinaudo.  The combination of numbers and many excellent performances had DAC in 8th position on the Premier Division ladder for Round 7.

Full results are provided below.  Refer to Resultshub for more details.  Congratulations to All on their efforts!

Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind Points Notes
Run 150 Christal Xie 28.03 -0.9 (146)
Shot Put Christal Xie 4.86m (125) 4kg
Discus Emma Peak 18.45m (243) 1kg
Javelin Emma Peak 16.75m (235) 600g
Shot Put Emma Peak 6.20m (196) 4kg
Run 150 Samaya Uecker 22.07 -1.3 (267)
Run 150 Eliza Chivers 22.43 -2 (247)
Hurdles 400 Eliza Chivers 76.34 (0) 0.762m; Score Limit
Hammer Jasmine Smith 30.14m (340) 3kg
High Jump Eliza Chivers 1.49m (371)
Javelin Jasmine Smith 20.68m (298) 500g
Shot Put Samaya Uecker 4.49m (113) 3kg
Triple Jump Eliza Chivers 8.87m (258)
Run 150 Giselle Uecker 21.24 -3 (399)
Run 150 Teiva Levy 22.28 -1.5 (286)
Hammer Jessica Nolan 22.39m (0) 3kg; Score Limit
High Jump Jessica Nolan 1.39m (332)
High Jump Teiva Levy 1.29m (246)
Javelin Jessica Nolan 40.96m (517) 500g
Shot Put Giselle Uecker 4.15m (126) 3kg
Triple Jump Jessica Nolan 9.37m (345)
Run 150 Melinda Davey-Uecker 23.91 -2.1 (226)
Run 150 Wendy Smith 23.96 (278)
Run 150 Laura McLennan 26.66 -0.9 (0) Score Limit
Run 1000 Lydia Rinaudo 03:21.9 (401)
Run 1000 Kathryn Gawthorn 04:17.7 (197)
Run 1000 Laura McLennan 04:22.4 (193)
Run 1000 Allison Parrott 04:48.6 (182)
Run 3000 Lydia Rinaudo 11:21.0 (418)
Run 3000 Kathryn Gawthorn 14:10.8 (204)
Discus Kathryn Gawthorn 13.47m (0) 1kg; Score Limit
Discus Laura McLennan 16.61m (273) 1kg
Discus Kim Peak 15.31m (311) 1kg
Discus Sue Kilmartin 9.13m (134) 1kg
Hammer Kim Peak NM (0) 3kg
Javelin Kim Peak 12.81m (252) 500g
Shot Put Kathryn Gawthorn 5.15m (202) 4kg
Shot Put Laura McLennan 7.41m (402) 4kg
Shot Put Kim Peak 6.09m (375) 3kg
Shot Put Lydia Rinaudo 5.50m (188) 4kg
Shot Put Sue Kilmartin 4.89m (202) 3kg
Shot Put Melinda Davey-Uecker 6.79m (357) 4kg
Run 150 Kevin Rassool 16.65 -1.5 (492)
Run 1000 William Sullivan 03:30.4 (180)
Run 1000 Luca Scholes-Robertson 02:36.6 (456)
Run 150 Kaedin Levy 17.6 -0.9 (468)
Run 1000 Kamil Hegazi 02:40.4 (456)
Run 3000 Kamil Hegazi 09:08.6 (477)
Run 1000 Joel Denny 02:48.1