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Edition 86

In this edition: 

  • Round 8 Round up
  • Round 7 records
  • Pole Vault Coaching
  • Throws Coaching 
  • Round 9
  • Other Masters News! 
  • Australian Rankings 

Round 8 – 13/01/2024 

With AVSL back at Doncaster on Saturday, DAC again finished fifth. Some athletes were still on holidays, but the Men’s 40+ finished fourth in the state, though the women were down on numbers. There were no records set this weekend.   

Seven Ladies 40+ gave their all.  Good job Kim, Laura, Deb, Allison, Sue, Kath and Wendy!  Kim Peak was going ‘great guns’ with her 25 second PB in the 1500m walk.  Laura McLennan won a very competitive 400m heat (84 seconds), whilst Wendy Smith was in excellent form and powered through her 100m, finishing fourth in the state. Sue Kilmartin, though injured, assisted at the Javelin all day, and scored valuable points for her own throw.  Allison Parrott had a busy day on the track and has been a consistent performer all this season. Deb Garden ran a sensational 1500m in 5.34.7, 2nd in the state, and now established as a quality middle distance athlete.  

The men were also very competitive – David Vaughan leading the charge in the 1500m, first in the state!  Not bad!  Campbell McLennan was hot on his heels and MVA (40+) for the Round! Sean Peters and David Firth provided for an exciting finish to their 100m – only 1 one-hundredth separating the pair!  Both had a very successful round in multiple events.  Paul Mierisch was injured, however, appears now to be in excellent form – 3rd in the state over both 100m and 400m.  Darryl Kilmartin kept himself very busy with 5 events, setting and packing up, chatting to multiple people providing encouragement, and maintaining the smile on his face all day!  Jim Poulter flew the DAC flag in his pet event; the pole vault.  In the 80-84 age bracket there’s not too many as dedicated as Jim!  Justin Botha made a valuable contribution to the team, as did Andrew Parrott.  The men were missing a few injured athletes; however, the team continue to be a formidable force for DAC.   

Athletes to finish top 10 in the state were: 

M40+: 100m Paul Mierisch (3rd) David Firth (7th), 400m Paul Mierisch (3rd) David Vaughan (4th) Campbell McLennan (6th) David Firth (7th) Sean Peters (10th), 1500m David Vaughan (1st) Campbell McLennan (4th), Long Jump Sean Peters (4th), Pole Vault Jim Poulter (3rd), Javelin Campbell McLennan (4th) David Firth (6th

W40+ 100m Wendy Smith (4th), 400m Laura McLennan (7th), 1500m Deb Garden (4th ), 1500m walk Kim Peak (5th), Javelin Sue Kilmartin (4th) Laura McLennan (9th) Kim Peak (10th

Young Lewis McLennan had a big win, finishing ahead of his father for the first time on 1,141 points to Campbell’s 1,126 (“Most Valuable 40+ athlete”). David Vaughan and David Firth followed close behind with 1,075 and 1,056. 

Masters athletes played a key role in the volunteer duties on Saturday! We always do! Thanks to: Ashok’s dad, Ben Jordan, Wendy Smith, Sue and Darryl Kilmartin, Phil Allen, Amanda McLellan, Allan Watson, Kim Peak, Andy Parrot and Matt Christie.   

 More details on Round 8 Club and individual results at the bottom of this newsletter.  

Round 7 – Saturday 16th December 

Though no records were set in Round 8, several were established in Round 7.  Congratulations to these athletes who missed a mention in the rush before Christmas! 

Date   Event Name Perf Previous  
16/12/2023 AVSL F40 3000 metres Lydia Rinaudo 11:21.0 Lydia Rinaudo 11:36.4 
16/12/2023 AVSL F45 3000 metres Kath Gawthorn 14:10.8 Kath Gawthorn 14.17.5 
16/12/2023 AVSL M50 High Jump Campbell McLennan 1.49 Campbell McLennan 1.48
6/12/2023 AVSL M55 Triple Jump Darryl Kilmartin 8.72 Darryl Kilmartin 8.66 

Pole Vault Coaching 
Come and try out with our new Pole Vault Coach, David Thomson, now on Monday evenings at 5:30pm.   

Free tryouts are available for DAC members, whether you’re experienced or new to pole vaulting, trials extended until the end of March. Simply reply to this email to express your interest. Non-members aged 11 to 99 are also welcome at a negotiable price for ongoing coaching after the first free session. Don’t miss this chance to improve your skills with David’s guidance. Feel free to reach out with any questions.   

Throws Coaching 
We are pleased to announce Allan Watson is back coaching. If you are interested, please contact Allan via the coaching page on our new website. 

Peter Coumaros will continue to make himself available on Monday evenings from 5:30. Generally, he will be starting with hammer throw and at 6:30 move onto a different discipline each week. Text him on 0401 993 218 if you are interested. 

Round 9 this weekend!  Entries have closed.  Timetables will be confirmed by AV soon. Note 4 x 400m relays are happening, and please be involved if you can.  3000/5000m athletes would appreciate lap-scorers.   

Other Masters News! 

Ladies 40+ are meeting at the Doncaster Pub (corner Victoria St and Doncaster Rd) at 6.30pm for dinner.  Booking made, all welcome!   

Round 10 is on Feb 3rd at Tom Kelly.  Diary – entries open Wednesday 24th January.  DAC are using our Powerplay!  

Good luck to those Masters athletes competing in the AV Country Championships over the Australia Day weekend! 

The VMA pentathlon is being held on Sunday February 18 at Lakeside.  Entries are now open.  

The Victorian Masters T+F Championships are being held on the weekend of March 16/17 at Doncaster. Entries are not yet open.

Australian Masters T+F Championships 29 March – 1 April (Easter weekend) in Hobart.  Entries are open. Early Bird closes 24/01/2024.

All DAC Masters Results – Round 8 

Men’s 40+ (4 out of 42) 

DIV Diamond Valley 13,568   
COL Collingwood 10,210   
DAC Doncaster 7,237   
ESS Essendon 6,343   
WES Western Athletics 4,009   
WTN Williamstown 3,152   
PTN Preston 2,567   
KSB Keilor St Bernards 1,783   
OSC Old Scotch 1,639   
COB Coburg 1,065   
WCA Whittlesea 909   
IVA Ivanhoe 800   
BWK Brunswick 383   
OLM Old Melburnians 324   
RIC Richmond 297   
MUU Melbourne Uni 186   

Women’s 40+ (8 out of 28) 

DIV Diamond Valley 5,966   
WES Western Athletics 3,991   
DAC Doncaster 3,286   
ESS Essendon 2,617   
BWK Brunswick 2,535   
PTN Preston 2,425   
KSB Keilor St Bernards 1,010   
WTN Williamstown 919   


Grade Discipline Distance Name Performance Wind Points Notes 
F50 Run 100 Wendy Smith 15.65 (264)  
F50 Run 100 Allison Parrott 19.8 -0.9 (156)  
F45 Run 400 Kathryn Gawthorn 01:33.2  (164)  
F55 Run 400 Kim Peak 01:40.1  (0) Score Limit 
F45 Run 400 Laura McLennan 84.37  (186)  
F40 Run 1500 Deb Garden 5:34.7h  (289)  
F45 Run 1500 Kathryn Gawthorn 6:54.6h  (179)  
F50 Run 1500 Allison Parrott 7:35.2h  (173)  
F55 Walk 1500 Kim Peak 10:29.5h  (313)  
F45 Hammer  Laura McLennan 18.99m  (299) 4kg 
F55 Hammer  Kim Peak 19.88m  (330) 3kg 
F45 Javelin  Laura McLennan 15.06m  (248) 600g 
F55 Javelin  Kim Peak 12.25m  (237) 500g 
F50 Javelin  Sue Kilmartin 15.69m  (292) 500g 
M45 Run 100 Paul Mierisch 12.21 -0.6 (436)  
M40 Run 100 Sean Peters 13.02 (265)  
M45 Run 100 David Firth 13.03 -0.6 (315)  
M40 Run 100 Justin Botha 13.74 (198)  
M40 Run 100 Darryl Kilmartin 15.38 -0.6 (0) Score Limit 
M45 Run 400 Paul Mierisch 55.73  (449)  
M45 Run 400 David Firth 60.41  (340)  
M50 Run 400 Campbell McLennan 61.70  (362)  
M55 Run 400 David Vaughan 62.69  (389)  
M40 Run 400 Sean Peters 62.96  (245)  
M40 Run 400 Justin Botha 68.03  (192)  
M55 Run 1500 David Vaughan 4:50.7h  (444)  
M50 Run 1500 Campbell McLennan 4:59.8h  (354)  
M60 Hammer  Andrew Parrott 15.50m  (188) 5kg 
M55 Hammer  David Vaughan 17.94m  (242) 6kg 
M55 Hammer  Darryl Kilmartin 18.19m  (248) 6kg 
M50 Javelin  Campbell McLennan 30.75m  (410) 700g 
M60 Javelin  Andrew Parrott 12.96m  (174) 600g 
M55 Javelin  Darryl Kilmartin 22.64m  (320) 700g 
M45 Javelin  David Firth 30.80m  (401) 800g 
M55 Long Jump  Darryl Kilmartin 3.86m  (283)  
M40 Long Jump  Sean Peters 5.27m  (384)  
M80 Pole Vault  Jim Poulter 1.95m  (254)  
M55 Pole Vault  Darryl Kilmartin 2.40m  (0) Score Limit 

Australian Rankings 
The Australian rankings for 2023 have been completed and a number of DAC athletes appear: 

60 metres                            M60 Gerald Brown 8.55 6th 
M70 Graham Ford 9.37 9th  

100 metres                         M30 Kevin Rassool 10.77 4th  
M45 Paul Mierisch 11.82 7th 
M60 Gerald Brown 13.63 9th 
M70 Graham Ford 15.16 8th   

200 metres                         M30 Kevin Rassool 21.64 2nd   
M45 Paul Mierisch 24.03 7th  

400 metres                         M45 Paul Mierisch 53.22 3rd 
M50 Campbell McLennan 59.01 10th 
M60 Gerald Brown 63.96 7th  

800 metres                         M55 David Vaughan 2:15.31 3rd 
W40 Deb Garden 2:34.75 3rd  

1500 metres                       M55 David Vaughan 4:43.26 5th  

1 mile                                   W45 Kath Gawthorn 7:14.88 4th 
W50 Alison Parrott 8:40.31 3rd 

3000 metres                       M55 David Vaughan 10:35.4 4th  
W40 Lydia Rinaudo 11:36.41 3rd   

5000 metres                       W60 Colleen Kelly 25:10.42 5th 

3000 metres steeplechase           M50 John Curry 13:44.1 6th  
M55 John Curry 13:17.2 4th 

2000 metres steeplechase           W40 Lydia Rinaudo 8:06.00 2nd    

1500 metres walk            W45 Laura McLennan 9:00.76 3rd  
W55 Kim Peak 10:06.49 7th 

3000 metres walk            W45 Laura McLennan 19:20.92 3rd  
W55 Kim Peak 23:53.19 5th 

Pole Vault                           M80 Jim Poulter 2.00 1st  

Long Jump                          M80 Jim Poulter 3.00 4th  

Triple Jump                        M40 Sean Peters 11.09 3rd
                                                  M80 Jim Poulter 6.51 2nd 

Hammer Throw                M45 David Firth 39.16 3rd  
W45 Laura McLennan 21.42 10th   

Javelin Throw                    M45 David Firth 37.47 6th   

Weight Throw                   W55 Kim Peak 8.16 8th  

Stay fit & stay safe.

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