2019-05-04 Round 1 Jells Park

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May 6, 2019

The first round of the winter season kicked off on May 4 with cross-country relay competition at Jells Park. A total of 18 teams (59 athletes) represented the club, with 4 teams achieving a top 3 finish.  For many athletes this was their very first AV event, and others had only recently joined Doncaster.  A fantastic result for DAC!

The Men’s Division 1 was an exciting race of 6 x 6km. Athletics Essendon’s Liam Adams led off with a sizzling 17.25, at the time Doncaster lying seventh. However, Doncaster’s 2nd runner Joel Tobin-White ran 17.24, the second fastest time of the day, to pull Doncaster up into the lead.  The lead was retained until the 5th leg when St Stephens Harriers overtook them and the lead extended by their 6th runner Stewart McSweyn (17.25).  The DAC Div 1 team came a gallant 2nd, only 3 min behind St Stephens (over a total distance of 36km!)

Men’s Division 6 had a win, with Benjamin Lucas moving them into the lead on the second leg, beyond which they were never headed. Women’s Open Division 4 and Women’s under 20 also finished second.  The two Men’s 40+ teams were very closely matched and finished within 2 minutes of each other.  Campbell McLennan the fastest of them and showing his terrific form with a time of 22.25. 

There were 3 Women’s 40+ teams, though 2 ‘invitation’, still an amazing turn-out of participation and enthusiasm!  The “Ruffey Runners” group (including Kym Fabris, Julie Martyn and Jason Merrett) helped make up our invitation teams. They train on Tuesday evenings, and many are new to this style of competition.  Junior teams also did the club proud; several athletes showing promising results, and no doubt, will make big improvements over the coming season!  Keep up the great work!! 

The day would not have run so smoothly without a dedicated group of helpers setting up (including tent to shelter us from the rain!), welcoming newcomers, organising confused athletes/parents and providing much-appreciated ‘pep talks’, bananas and other sustenance.  A huge thank you goes to:

Club helpers: Andy Caldwell, Mackinley Scales & Camilla Niewoudt. 

Set up: Caleb and Campbell McLennan

Food: Darryl Kilmartin 

Pack up: Alastair Christy, Maxime Plugge, Darryl & Caleb

Photographs: Laura Mclennan, Dave Ridley & Emma Bakker

A fantastic day for DAC athletes, now primed for the competition distances to step up, and the temperature to drop over the coming 9 rounds of winter competition. 



Place and Total time


Athletes and times

M Open Div 1



6 x 6km

Joshua Maisey 18.56, Joel Tobin-White 17.24, Matthew Johnsen 18.13, Alastair Christy 18.40, John Portwood 19.31, Henry Kiellerup 19.59

M Open Div 6



4 x 6km

Ryson Wilson 20.58, Benjamin Lucas 21.32, Boris Mathys 22.57, Adrian Patti 20.28

M Open Div 7


4 x 6km

Keenan Murray 27.19, Geoff Cox 27.43, Mike Rennie 24.30

M 40+

Team 2

8th 1:21.04

3 x 6km

Edwin Baker 27.02, Jason Merrett 26.23, Roger Sevenhuysen 27.34

M 40+

Team 1

9th 1:23.32

3 x 6km

Mark Howard 30.19, Darryl Kilmartin 30.48, Campbell McLennan 22.25

M 50+

Team 1

8th: 1:17.59

3 x 6km

John Curry 28.25, Roderic De Highden 24.21, Richard Matison 27.13

M 50+

Team 2

12th 1:23.50

3 x 6km

Jim Finch 31.03, Mark Purser 24.37, Will McCombie 28.12

M 50+

Team 3

15th 1:34.02

3 x 6km

Dean Beveridge 30.24, Dirk Janson 28.39, Michael Scales 34.59

M U20

4th 1:04.33

3 x 6km

Hamish Lazaro 20.32, Zachary Naunton 23.21, Caleb Sim 20.30

M U18



3 x 3km

Oscar O’Connor 10.07, Caleb McLennan 10.37, Alex Jones 10.20

M U16



3 x 3km

Matthew Parrott 13.16, Josh Kilmartin 15.26, Jack Marostica 12.41

W Open

Div 4

2nd 1:25.00

3 x 6km

Colleen Kelly 29.17, Stephanie Larkin 25.19, Maxime Plugge 30.24

W 40+

7th 1:45.08

3 x 6km

Evelyn Kuys 37.10, Kathryn Gawthorn 30.50, Annabel Young 37.08

W 40+



3 x 6km

Belle Campbell 28.04, Mary-Catherine Tobin 34.52, Tiffany Nanfra 27.27

W 40+



3 x 6km

Rochelle Hamilton 31.42, Kym Fabris 37.26, Julie Martyn 32.29

W U20



3 x 3km

Melissa Niewoudt 11.44, Jessica Ng 11.19, Abbey Caldwell 10.12

W U18



3 x 3km

Hannah Williams 11.14, Chiara Bakker 13.03, Sanne Bakker 11.38

W U14



3 x 3km

Darcey Roberts 12.00, Rachel White 11.50, Grace Wilson 15.03

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