2019-06-01 Round 2 St Anne’s Winery

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The second round of the Cross Country season saw Doncaster competing at St Anne’s Winery, approximately 10km past Bacchus Marsh. Two Doncaster athletes recorded wins: Joel Tobin-White in the Men’s Open (among a large field of 406 runners) and Abbey Caldwell in the Women’s Under 20.  Other top 10 placings were: Colleen Kelly (5th, Women’s 55-59) and Hannah Williams (4th, Women’s U18).  In total, 27 athletes took to the challenging 2km course, with several long hills.  The Open and Masters athletes needed to complete the 2km loop 4 times.  While most of the juniors took to a sprint finish in their 2-4km event, by the 8km finish for some of the Masters athletes, aches and pains had well and truly set in.  Team scores indicate the tough competition out there, particularly from the Box Hill and Ballarat teams.  Doncaster Open Men’s Division 6 fared the best, finishing in 2nd place. 

The first 2 rounds of the XCR season have seen a number of new DAC members joining the club; Jason Merrett, Dirk Janssen, Jim Finch, Mark Purser, Mike Rennie, Boris Mathys, Ryan Wilson, Alice Rennie, Kath Gawthorn, Evelyn Kuys, Annabel Young, Zachary Naunton, Keenan Murray, Grace Wilson, Darcey Roberts, Rachel White and Jack Marostica, Welcome to all – it was great to see them in action and running so well; a promising sign of things to come for DAC. And welcome back Kate Downward, Will McCombie and Richard Matison.

Thank you to the following people who assisted with tent set up, food for weary runners, and organising new and junior athletes for their events:  All the McLennan’s (Caleb, Liam, Campbell, and Laura and crew at home making honey joys), Darryl Kilmartin, Mike Rennie, Colleen Kelly, Grace Wilson & Jack Marostica.

Congratulations to all on a great day of cross country running, and those who bought some wine; enjoy and cheers!


Men’s Open and Masters’ 8km


1st Joel Tobin-White 24:22.13


34th Benjamin Ashkettle 26:53.54


37th Matthew Johnsen 26:59.43


39th Alastair Christy 27:00.64


51st John Portwood 27:34.06


104th Benjamin Lucas 29:56.68


158th Boris Mathys 32:39.54


161st Mike Rennie 32:45.82  

45 – 49

12th Campbell McLennan 32:39.31


34th Jason Merrett 38:37.98

50 – 54

46th Darryl Kilmartin 42:43.08

55 – 59

25th Jim Finch 43:17.21


26th Dirk Janssen 44:47.15

Women’s Open and Masters’ 8km


92nd Alice Rennie 40:51.24


13th Kate Downward 39:08.26


18th Kathryn Gawthorn 43:33.43


5th Colleen Kelly 41:06.57


Men’s U18


19th 31.04 Alex Jones 14:26.49



26th Caleb McLennan 15:12.26



28th Zachary Naunton 15:22.20



30th Cameron Noonan 15:36.91

Men’s U16


37th Liam McLennan 11:51.65



39th Keenan Murray 12:23.00

Men’s U14


12th Jack Marostica 7:56.42

Women’s U20


1st Abbey Caldwell 14:25.27

Women’s U18


4th Hannah Williams 11:10.25

Women’s U14


Grace Wilson (NT)

Team Placings and Scores

Men Premier Division 1 – Doncaster 6th, scoring 275 on placings and 5 points for season (Box Hill winning with placings adding to 71, and achieving 11 points)

Men Division 6 – Doncaster 2nd, scoring 934 on placings, and 13 points for season (VCCL winning with placings adding to 925, and achieving 15 points)

Men Masters 50-59 – Doncaster 23rd, scoring 277 on placings, and 0 points for season (Box Hill winning with placings adding to 27, and achieving 13 points)

Men U18 – Doncaster 6th, scoring 73 on placings, and 7 points for season (Ballarat winning with placings adding to 9, and achieving 13 points)

Women Division 4 – Doncaster 4th, scoring 369 on placings, and 17 points for season (Box Hill #2 winning with placings adding to 186, and achieving 21 points)

Masters Women 40-49 – Doncaster 11th, scoring 122 on placings, and 2 points for season (Ballarat winning with placings adding to 31, and achieving 13 points)

The Cross Country season continues next Saturday the 15th with a bumper day at Bundoora Park! The Victorian All-Schools XC races will be contested and for our Open and Under 20 athletes the event doubles as selection trials for the Australian Cross Country Championships. The event is also our major BBQ fundraiser and we need as many helpers as possible throughout the day.
If you can spare an hour or two at the BBQ your help would be greatly appreciated, if you cannot make it but would like to contribute we are also looking for people to provide baked goods for the club to sell.
If you are able to help please contact club secretary Darryl Kilmartin (secretary@doncasterac.org.au or 0433075400)

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