2019-06-15 Round 3 Bundoora Park

DAC Newsletter – XCR Round 3

 XCR Round 3 saw 38 DAC athletes take on the many hills of Bundoora Park; for those at school this was also the All-Schools Cross Country Championship. 18 junior athletes competed for their schools, while 5 Under 20 athletes (no longer at school), 6 Women’s Open and Masters, and 15 Men’s Open and Masters athletes competed for Doncaster.  All events had large fields of competitors and two DAC athletes finished in the top 10 for their age groups (Abbey Caldwell WU20, 1st – 6km) and (Evelyn Kuys W60+, 2nd – 10km).  In 2019, this was the second XCR win for Abbey, who will now compete in the Australian Cross Country Championships in August – a fantastic effort!  Other junior athletes qualifying for the Australian Championships are: Hannah Williams (WU18, 9th) and Rachel White and Darcey Roberts (both WU14, 9th and 10th respectively).  Amazingly, Rachel and Darcey are both still primary students competing with some much older athletes.  Congratulations to these athletes and we look forward to hearing about the upcoming Championships!  Bundoora Park proved a challenge for many athletes as they stepped up their winter campaign.  For Open and Masters athletes; 10km over hilly and uneven terrain was an obstacle that they both accepted and overcame.  Junior athletes also stepped up to longer distances of 3km (Under 14 girls and boys), 4km (Under 16 girls and boys, Under 18 girls), 6km (Under 18 boys, Under 20 women) and 8km (Under 20 men); all putting in a fantastic effort!  Team competition was again extremely tough – only the Open, Masters and U20 teams to count for season XCR points (Juniors scoring points for schools).  The best of the teams were Open Men’s Div 6 (2nd), Under 20 Women (3rd) and Open Women’s Div 4 (3rd). 

The traditional Bundoora Park BBQ/Food Stall was another success for the club!

For a number of years, XCR at Bundoora has been a major fundraiser for DAC with a BBQ and food stall provided for athletes, spectators and officials.  The DAC Committee and many others did an amazing job in organising this and making it happen on the day.  Food items and equipment were planned (many members cooked and donated food items), setup started early, and many people helped prepare and sell food all day.  The BBQ/stall raised an amazing $1900 for the club!  Without naming everyone (there were so many), please know that each of you who contributed were noticed and much appreciated. Thanks also to DLAC for helping us source wholesale food items which maximised our profits.

A great effort by all at DAC for a great day of running and fundraising!  Congratulations on your efforts!  Be sure to check out the DAC Facebook Page for many photos taken throughout the day! 

XCR Round 4 is at Anglesea this coming Saturday the 22nd, with the first event starting at 12.30pm.  Please make contact with your team managers to confirm availability.  A number of senior athletes are also offering to transport juniors (or others without cars) to ensure as many athletes as possible have the opportunity to participate.  Please speak to your team manager if you require assistance with transport. 


Women Open and Masters – 10km

Open (80)

Maxime Plugge


W40-44 (17)

Kate Downward


W40-44 (21)

Kathryn Gawthorn


W40-44 (24)

Laura McLennan

W50-54 (18)

Annabel Young

W60+ (2)

Evelyn Kuys


Men Open and Masters – 10km

Open (23)

Benjamin Ashkettle


Open (39)

Alastair Christy


Open (72)

Adrian Patti


Open (89)

Benjamin Lucas


Open (90)

Ryan Wilson


Open (158)

Nathan Down


M45-49 (21)

Campbell McLennan


M50-54 (21)

Roderic DeHighden


M50-54 (22)

Mark Purser


M50-54 (26)

Richard Matison


M45-49 (40)

Jason Merrett


M50-54 (42)

John Curry


M50-54 (47)

Darryl Kilmartin


M55-59 (31)

Dirk Janssen


M55-59 (32)

Jim Finch



U20 Women – 6km



Abbey Caldwell



Melissa Niewoudt



Jessica Ng



U20 Men – 8km


25    Caleb Sinn

No time


Hugh Parrott


 All Schools Competitors

W14 (9)

Rachel White

Templestowe Valley Primary

3km – 11.40.41

W14 (10)

Darcey Roberts

Billanook Primary

3km – 11.41.00

W14 (81)

Sienna Marostica

Carey Grammar

3km – 13.26.18

W14 (93)

Grace Wilson

Vic Government

3km – 13.37.51

M14 (29)

Ashton Sinn

Donvale Christian College

3km – 11.11.52

M15 (36)

Remy Williams

Donvale Christian College

4km – 14:51.36

M15 (50)

Liam McLennan

Donvale Christian College

4km – 15.53.85

W15 (11)

Sanne Bakker

Donvale Christian College

4km – 15.00.33

W16 (33)

Chiara Bakker

Donvale Christian College

4km – 17.19.08

M16 (16)

Luke Sinn

Donvale Christian College

4km – 13.21.33

M16 (77)

Matthew Parrott

Whitefriars College

4km – 16.24.54

W17 (9)

Hannah Williams

Donvale Christian College

4km – 15.14.36

M17 (18)

Alex Jones

Vermont Secondary College

6km – 21.29.95

M17 (46)

Caleb McLennan

Donvale Christian College

6km – 22.57.41

M17 (51)

Zachary Naunton

Donvale Christian College

6km – 23.34.41

W17 (22)

Alissa Ramsdale

Genazzano FCJ College

4km – 15.55.15

M18 (27)

Oscar O’Connor

Whitefriars College

6km – 21.43.45

M18 (57)

Lachlan Parrott

Whitefriars College

6km – 24.15.87

W20 (1)

Abbey Caldwell

Doncaster Secondary College

6km – 22:10.94

W20 (15)

Jessica Ng

Box Hill High School

6km – 26:01.52

 XCR Team Results

Open Women

Div 4, 3rd, team score on placings 367, 18 points (won by Box Hill, 192 on placings, 21 points)

Div 5, 4th, team score on placings 526, 9 points (won by Box Hill, 276 on placings, 13 points)

Open and Masters Men

Div 1 8th, team score on placings 537, points 3 (won by Box Hill, 52 on placings, 11 points)

Div 6, 2nd team score on placings 1113, points 13 (won by VCCL, 822 on placings, 15 points)

Div 7, 4th team score on placings 1456, points 9 (won by APS United, 1011 on placings, 13 points)

40+, 32nd, team score on placings 277, 0 points (won by Geelong, 16 on placings, 13 points)

40+ (team 2, 44th), team score on placings 428, 0 points (won by Geelong, 16 on placings, 13 points)

40+ (team 3, 55th), team score on placings 549, 0 points (won by Geelong, 16 on placings, 13 points)

U20 Women

3rd, team score on placings 39, 10 points (won by Glenhuntly, 13 on placings, 13 points)

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