2019-06-22 Round 4 Angelsea


NEWSLETTER, XCR ROUND 4 (22nd June, 2019)

22 athletes took on the adventure that was the 2019 Aidiken Relay at Angelsea.  The course was like butter in parts, many athletes had falls, and even the best athletes knew to walk these areas for both safety and time efficiency! However, the sun shone brighter and longer than in Melbourne, with only a brief shower during the afternoon.  6 different distance loops were all happening simultaneously and some may have been changed from previous years for athlete safety.  A few took wrong turns, and just when the finish seemed close by, an extra dog-leg loop was required!  All in good fun – a winter solstice running party!  All-round, fewer athletes/teams were participating.  Some junior athletes (and their parents) were involved in the Little Athletics Regional Cross Country Championships.  However, the 22 athletes who “held the fort” did a fantastic job for Doncaster!  The Open Women’s Div 4 team finished 2nd, congratulations to Maxime Plugg, Stephanie Larkin and Alice Rennie!  2 young ladies (Jessica Ng, and Jessica O’Keefe) mixed it with the Men’s Div 1 teams; their team finishing 7th.  Young Grace Wilson (only 12), ran her first 6.4km and in the U16 division – a great effort, earning herself a visit to the Chocolatier on the way home!   Well done to all athletes who have now earned their week off next weekend! 

Thank you to those who assisted with the afternoon; all the drivers, Colleen Kelly who arrived early with Doncaster flags and tarpaulin, and Evelyn Kuys who provided the much-appreciated bananas and snakes.  Thank you also to team managers for their efforts in organising teams and athletes.  Team managers are now keen to have athletes commit to the Sandown road relays on July 6th (seniors 6.2km, juniors 3.1km, and so quite do-able).  Teams need to be finalised by June 30 – note on the “to-do list”, especially for those on school holidays.     

All results:

Open Men (DIV 1)

Joel Tobin-White

29.06 (9.2km)


William Newland

29.42 (8.6km)


Alistair Christy

24.51 (7.4km)


John Portwood

23.04 (6.4km)


Jessica O’Keefe

26.30 (5.8km)


Jessica Ng

19.00 (4.6km)


Total 2.32.13 (7th), winning team St Stephens (2.17.35)

Open Women (DIV 4)

Maxime Plugge

43.38 (8.6km)


Stephanie Larkin

33.06 (7.4km)


Alice Rennie

27.18 (5.8km)


Total 1.44.02 (2nd), winning team St Stephens 1.28.39

Men 50+

Richard Matison

42.16 (8.6km)


Dirk Janssen

38.27 (7.4km)


Jim Finch

30.15 (5.8km)


Total: 1.50.52 (9th), winning team Box Hill 1.27.42

Women 40+

Kate Downward

42.41 (8.6km)


Colleen Kelly

33.51 (7.4km)


Kath Gawthorn

29.31 (5.8km)

(TEAM 1)

Total 1.46.01 (4th), winning team APS United 1.29.44


Annabel Young

1.06.55 (8.6km)


Evelyn Kuys

43.48 (7.4km)


Shirley Collier

37.49 (5.8km)

(TEAM 2)

Total 2.26.46 (6th) winning team APS United 1.29.44

Men U20

Caleb Sinn

31.40 (8.6km)


Hugh Parrott

29.04 (7.4km)


Zachary Naunton

26.45 (6.4km)


Total 1.27.29 (4th), winning team Western Athletics 1.19.50

Women U16

Grace Wilson

35.38 (6.4km)


No other team members: DNF



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