2019-07-14 Round 6 Albert Park

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July 15, 2019

Sunday morning, mid-winter, freezing outside, and the alarm goes off around 6am!  Grooooooan!  Haul self up; some of us stiffer than others!  The sixth round of the XCR season saw Doncaster competing at Albert Park and taking on the roads (and prevailing winds) surrounding the lake.  The announcer telling us that the temperature was 8 degrees and the wind chill made it 3 degrees – but no backing out!  All U14 and U16 athletes, and U18 Women were required to compete over 3km.  Their event started at 8.20am and running at such high intensity in those conditions was no mean feat!  For other athletes (all Open, Masters, and U20 athletes, and U18 Men) 10km (2 laps of 5km) exposed the field to strong headwinds for approximately half of the race, proving quite a challenge!  Those who could find a taller athlete of the right pace as ‘windbreak’ were at an advantage!  A total of 28 Doncaster athletes braved the cold conditions and a large field of competitors. 

Stand out performers included Abbey Caldwell, winning her 3rd individual 2019 winter title in the U20 Women’s division.  She also was the fastest female Doncaster athlete over 10km.  Evelyn Kuys won the Women’s 60+ division – a fantastic effort!  Joshua Maisey ran an impressive 29.59 in the 10km Open Men’s event and was the fastest DAC athlete of the day.  A big improver was young Grace Wilson (U14 women), who ran a huge 3km PB in 12.38.  In team’s competition, Doncaster showed excellent depth of talent in the Men’s Open sections by winning both Division 6 and Division 7, though struggled against top opposition the Premier/Division 1, achieving 9th.  There was a great buzz about the Lakeside stadium at the finish, athletes happy to complete 10km and with plans of rewards of hot baths/showers, hot drinks and a decent breakfast!  Congratulations to all on their efforts in such a tough race!

Thank you to club officials and team managers for their organisation of the day.  And to the many partners, parents and other supporters who helped athletes to compete so successfully. 


Men’s 10km (Open, Masters, U18 and U20)


Joshua Maisey (Open – 14th)


Matthew Johnsen (Open – 33rd)


Mark Richards (Open – 100th)


Alistair Christy (Open – 113th)


Benjamin Ashkettle (Open 135th)


Nathan Down (Open – 170th)


Boris Mathys (Open – 173rd)


Mike Rennie (Open – 189th)


Campbell McLennan (45-49 – 15th)


Caleb McLennan (U18 – 21st)


Stuart McLay (50-54 – 29th


Jason Merrett (45-49 – 38th)


John Curry (50-54 – 31st)


Richard Matison (50-54 – 36th)


Jim Finch (55-59 – 29th)


Darryl Kilmartin (50-54 – 45th)

Women’s 10km (Open, Masters, U20)


Abbey Caldwell (U20 – 1st)


Jessica Ng (U20 – 11th)


Kate Downward (40-44 – 15th)


Maxime Plugg (Open – 84th)


Alice Rennie (Open 95th)


Colleen Kelly (55-59 – 6th)


Kath Gawthorn (40-44 – 21st)


Shirley Collier (55-59 – 14th)


Evelyn Kuys (60+ -1st)

*Note that the above times are based on starter’s gun (total time).  Some athletes’ ‘net time’ may be a few seconds quicker – the large field (all 10km athletes, both men and women) passed the start line and start times were collected.

Juniors, 3km road race

Men’s U16

Liam McLennan 11.00 – (30th)

Men’s U16

Keenan Murray 11.49 (31st)

Women’s U14

Grace Wilson 12.38 – (15th)

Team Placings and Scores

Open Men Premier Division 1 – Doncaster 9th, scoring 592 on placings and 2 points for season (St Stephen’s winning with placings adding to 120, and achieving 11 points)

Open Men Division 6 – Doncaster 1st, scoring 909 on placings, and 15 points for season

Open Men Division 7 – Doncaster 1st, scoring 1399 on placings, and 13 points for season

Men Masters 40-49 – Doncaster 33rd, scoring 284 on placings, and 0 points for season, and Doncaster #2, scoring 544 on placings (0 points) (Geelong winning with placings adding to 20, and achieving 13 points)

Men Masters 50-59 – Doncaster 19th, scoring 219 on placings, and 0 points for season (APS United winning with placings adding to 27, and achieving 13 points)

Open Women Division 4 – Doncaster 4th, scoring 327 on placings, and 17 points for season (St Stephens winning with placings adding to 132, and achieving 21 points)

Open Women Division 5 – Doncaster 3rd, scoring 440 on placings, and 10 points for season (Box Hill winning with placings adding to 274, and achieving 13 points)

Masters Women 40-49 – Doncaster 10th, scoring 135 on placings, and 3 points for season (APS United winning with placings adding to 20, and achieving 13 points)

Masters Women 50+ – Doncaster 7th, scoring 92 on placings, and 6 points for season (Box Hill winning with placings adding to 12, and achieving 13 points)

XCR Round 7 on July 27 sees us all travel to Lake Wendoree (Ballarat); Open and Masters athletes competing over 15km, Juniors over 6km.  Entries close at 11.59am on Wednesday 24th July via the Members Portal (AV website), unless you have purchased a season entry.  Those without transport are asked to contact their Team Managers for assistance, with the aim of having as many athletes compete as are able.  We might hire a mini-bus if enough athletes (and family/friends) are interested.

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