2018-11-10 Shield Round 5 40+

Thanks to one of newest 40+ athletes Graham Ford volunteering to write a regular newsletter for us, here is the first edition of the DAC 40+ Newsletter:

Doncaster Newsletter 40+

It is an exciting time to be part of the Doncaster 40+ team! After finishing down the ladder last year, we have now twice come within 1000 points of Shield winners, Diamond Valley, though we haven’t gone head to head on the finals program yet. If Campbell and Daryl had run the 5,000 metres we could have beaten them.

This week Warren Hattwich, Paul Mierisch, David Firth and Graham Ford all scored more than 1,000 points each by doing multiple events. We were well ahead of Box Hill and VMA. We also welcomed Daryl Kilmartin and David Lee having their first hitouts for the season.

This week at Meadowglen it will again be the non-finals program but would encourage all to come along and see if we can give them a fright.

Results this week:

100 metres: Warren Hattwich 13.38 (307), Paul Mierisch 12.95 (303)

200 metres: David Firth 25.68 (401), Graham Ford 32.47 (289)

400 metres: Paul Mierisch 59.78 (321), Warren Hattwich 63.14 (292)

800 metres: Campbell McLennan 2.17.1 (422), David Firth 2.13.5 (405), Daryl Kilmartin 2.47.6 (230)

3000 metres: Campbell McLennan 10.47.6, Daryl Kilmartin 12.25.0

3000 metres steeplechase: John Curry 12.57.7 (413)

300 metres hurdles: Graham Ford 57.61 (426)

Discus Throw: Paul Mierisch 30.19 (415), Warren Hattwich 21.97 (327)

Hammer Throw: David Firth 38.30 (454), David Lee 25.48 (436)

Javelin Throw: Warren Hattwich 35.76 (443),

Long Jump: Paul Mierisch 5.10 (397)

Shot Put: David Lee 9.24 (461), Graham Ford 7.77 (431), Daryl Kilmartin 8.11 (378), David Firth 7.73 (280)

There has been some discussion in the past about 40+ records and some are on the web page. We thought we might set up an unofficial list of records for each five year age group, starting in 2015 when the 40+ team first put in an appearance (It’s just too hard going further back).

So this is the first attempt. Please let us know if you have other performances which should be recognised, as we haven’t look at the Milers Meets and similar.

Kind regards

Campbell McLennan

Doncaster Athletic Club

0414 533 677