2019-01-12 Shield Round 9 40+

Doncaster Newsletter 40+

With Darryl off competing in the decathlon, it was an undermanned team travelling to Glenhuntly to run the shield program. Times were slow with the strong southerly but Graham Ford was able to qualify for a number of events in the shield final, including the 100 hurdles, which he competed in the previous comp before it was washed out. Everyone who registered for this comp is counted as having competed, but we still need some hurdlers, walkers and pole vaulters.

Although narrowly beaten by Diamond Valley there were only two other teams which scored more than us this week, so hopefully we will be much more competitive in the shield finals. It was good to have Peter Coumaros back and throwing well. With his problems he’d been unsure if he could return to the javelin, and ended up winning it!

Teams at the moment look like:

100 metres: Paul Mierisch, David Firth, Warren Hattwich, Graham Ford (Darryl Kilmartin)

400 metres: David Firth, Campbell McLennan, Paul Mierisch, Warren Hattwich (Darryl Kilmartin)

1500 metres: Campbell McLennan, Darryl Kilmartin

3000 steeple: John Curry

100 metres hurdles: Graham Ford


Pole Vault: Jim Poulter

Long Jump: Paul Mierisch, Graham Ford (Darryl Kilmartin)

Discus Throw: Graham Ford, Paul Mierisch (Peter Coumaros)

Javelin Throw: David Firth, Warren Hattwich (Peter Coumaros)

Relay: Paul Mierisch, David Firth, Warren Hattwich, Darryl Kilmartin (Graham Ford)

So we have a number of spots still to fill, particularly the hurdles, walk and pole vault. We are also short of middle distance runners, so hopefully some of those who helped out in the relays last week can step up to the mark.

Darryl Kilmartin, David Lee, Peter Coumaros (hopefully back from injury next week) and Leighton Kearney need to compete once or twice more to qualify for finals, and Graham Ford has qualified, but hasn’t run any Shield Final events.

Darryl Kilmartin smashed his first decathlon at the weekend, picking up a VMA silver and AMA bronze.

Results this week:

100 metres: Paul Mierisch 13.01 (287), Graham Ford 15.79 (244), David Firth 14.11 (199)

400 metres: Paul Mierisch 57.97 (373), David Firth 66.25 (199)

3000 metres steeplechase: John Curry 13:09.1 (403)

Discus Throw: Graham Ford 25.96 (435), Paul Mierisch 30.85 (420), David Firth 26.99 (380), Peter Coumaros 21.69 (337)

Javelin Throw: David Firth 37.02 (432), Peter Coumaros 26.12 (407), Graham Ford 19.10 (353)

Long Jump: Paul Mierisch 5.19 (406), Graham Ford 3.56 (378)