2019-02-09 Shield Round 12 40+

Doncaster Newsletter 40+

With a few injuries, we didn’t score as well this week, but still comfortably into the Shield Final in two weeks’ time. Unfortunately Peter Coumaros has injured himself, so won’t be available for the finals.

Darryl Kilmartin has now qualified for the javelin and the 100m hurdles. Hopefully Graham Ford will have recovered from his quad injury, and join Darryl in the hurdles.

Though he hasn’t competed enough to qualify for the finals, Michael Scales took a break from the high jump to break the over 50’s record for the 100 metres. He will be a great addition to the team next year.

Teams at the moment look like:

100 metres: Paul Mierisch, David Firth, Warren Hattwich, Graham Ford (Darryl Kilmartin)

400 metres: David Firth, Campbell McLennan, Paul Mierisch, Warren Hattwich (Darryl Kilmartin)

1500 metres: Campbell McLennan, Darryl Kilmartin, Leighton Kearney, Graham Ford

3000 steeple: John Curry

100 metres hurdles: Graham Ford, Darryl Kilmartin

Walk: Campbell McLennan

Pole Vault: Darryl Kilmartin, Warren Hattwich

Long Jump: Paul Mierisch, Graham Ford (Warren Hattwich)

Discus Throw: Graham Ford, Paul Mierisch (David Firth)

Javelin Throw: David Firth, Warren Hattwich (Graham Ford)

Relay: Paul Mierisch, David Firth, Warren Hattwich, Campbell McLennan (Darryl Kilmartin)

Results this week:

100 metres: Michael Scales 14.52 (227) (club record)

200 metres: David Firth 26.01 (379), Paul Mierisch 26.13 (370),

1500 metres: Campbell Mclennan 4:43.4 (422), Leighton Kearney 5:16.9 (217), Graham Ford 7:45.3 (150)

Discus Throw: Graham Ford 25.63 (431) (club record)

Hammer Throw: David Firth 32.79 (435)

High Jump: Paul Mierisch 1.55 (410)

Javelin Throw: Graham Ford 23.22 (415), Darryl Kilmartin 23.62 (336)

Long Jump: Darryl Kilmartin 3.86 (264), Michael Scales 3.61 (207)

Shot Put: Paul Mierisch 8.68 (343), David Firth 8.60 (338)