2019-02-23 Shield Final 40+

Doncaster Newsletter 40+

In a see-sawing day, Doncaster managed to finish seventh in the Shield Final on Saturday, an improvement on last year. As usual, the strength of the team was the number of athletes competing in several events. It was a great turnout with the team reaching its highest score for the season.

Warren was the leading contender with five events for the day, with Darryl and Paul competing four times. All three scored well over 1000 points each. Campbell McLennan returned to form, breaking two of his club records set two years ago. Graham Ford also did the same and would have broken his 1500 metres record if he hadn’t injured his calf in the last lap. Darryl Kilmartin broke his hurdles record.

Check out some video footage from the day: https://youtu.be/NDpyzfTjt38

(A huge thanks to Graham Ford for organising this, and Kath Gawthorn for filming)

With a couple of new members already doing high jump and others muttering about returning to the fold, next year looks likely to be very promising.

100 metres: David Firth 12.36 (398), Paul Mierisch 12.42 (389), Warren Hattwich 13.29 (321), Darryl Kilmartin 14.67 (210)

400 metres: David Firth 56.48 (412), Campbell Mclennan 58.59 (411) (club record), Paul Mierisch 56.71 (407), Warren Hattwich 63.24 (290)

1500 metres: Campbell Mclennan 4:33.7 (458) (club record), Leighton Kearney 5:00.6 (279), Darryl Kilmartin 5:37.9 (252), Graham Ford 7:31.7 (160)

100 metres hurdles: Graham Ford 21.97 (316) (club record), Darryl Kilmartin 22.21 (194) (club record)

3000 metres Steeple: John Curry 13:16.2 (393)

4 x 100 Relay: Doncaster 49.60 (364) (2nd)

Discus Throw: Graham Ford 27.77 (454) (eq 2nd) (club record), Paul Mierisch 30.59 (418)

Javelin Throw: David Firth 38.71 (442), Warren Hattwich 29.22 (403)

Long Jump: Paul Mierisch 4.69 (326), Warren Hattwich 4.19 (281)

Pole Vault: Darryl Kilmartin 2.20 (264), Warren Hattwich 1.90 (173)