2019-04-25 Australian Championships 40+

Doncaster Newsletter 40+

Doncaster athletes competed successfully at the Australian Masters Championships at the weekend. Having just moved into a new age group Graham Ford set a number of new records and managed two gold and a bronze. He had to run his 300 hurdles twice as there was a hurdle missing in his opponent’s lane on the first run.

Jim Poulter also a won gold in the pole vault with Laura McLennan and Nicholas Burkitt winning silver and Darryl Kilmartin bronze.


1500 metres walk: Laura McLennan 8:58.67 (Silver) (club record)

8km XC: Kath Gawthorn 29.00 (6)


60 metres: Paul Mierisch 7.79 (7)

100 metres: Paul Mierisch 12.20 (7)

400 metres: Paul Mierisch 57.07 (6)

High Jump: Nicholas Burkitt 1.63 (Silver)


5000 metres: John Curry 21:08.24 (12)

3000 steeplechase: John Curry 13:21.88 (5)

Pole Vault: Darryl Kilmartin 2.40 (?) (Bronze) (club record)


60 metres: Graham Ford 9.26 (Bronze)

300 metres hurdles: Graham Ford 59.61 (Gold) (new club record)

Discus Throw: Graham Ford 26.47 (9) (new club record)

Pentathlon: Graham Ford 2514 (Gold) (new club record)

Long Jump: Graham Ford 3.71 (new club record)

Javelin Throw: Graham Ford 20.90 (new club record)

200 metres: Graham Ford 32.91 (new club record)

Discus Throw: Graham Ford 27.84 (club record)

1500 metres: Graham Ford 7:56.47 (new club record)


Pole Vault: Jim Poulter 2.30 (Gold)