2018-11-24 Victorian Relay Championships

Doncaster Newsletter

 Doncaster had a successful day at the Victorian Relay Championships on Saturday. Held at the re-laid Box Hill Athletics Track, the women led the way winning the Open Medley and Under 18 4 x 800, while the Open men are on track to retain the 4 x 400 relay title. The women’s team also made the final while our inaugural Open mixed team (Christian Christopher, David Mitchell, Stephanie Larkin and Katherine Katsanevakis) advanced by default after seven teams checked in, the final for all three of these teams will be held at the Zatopek competition on Thursday December 13th at Lakeside Stadium.

 Surprise gold of the day was the men’s 40+ 4 x 100, which “did a Bradbury”. Shield champions, Diamond Valley, who had won both the 40+ and 50+ 4 x 400 earlier in the day, didn’t register in time, and watched the race from the stands. Last year’s winners, Essendon, were ready to pounce when they dropped the baton at the last change and were disqualified. Doncaster stayed on their feet for an unexpected win.

Another pleasing result was having two men’s Under 14 teams in the final of the 4 x 400 while club records were broken by the Men’s Open 4 x 100, Men’s 40+ 4 x 400 and Men’s Under 14 4 x 400, the previous Open and 40+ records were set at the same competition last year while the Under 14 record has stood since 1987.


Men’s Open

2nd Medley: Lochie Sydenham-Clarke, Kyle Nicolussi, Harrison Kerr, Lachlan Mann 3.27.53

3rd 4 x 100: Conrad Coumaros, Kevin Rassool, Liam Procaccino, Kyle Nicolussi 41.26 (club record)

13th in heat B team: Lochie Sydenham-Clarke, Daniel Minz, Christian Christopher, Harrison Kerr 43.68

1st in heat 4 x 400: Conrad Coumaros, Liam Procaccino, Daniel Mins, Tristan Robinson 3.15.00 qualified for final at Zatopek

Men’s 40+

3rd 4 x 1500: Roderic De Highden, Leighton Kearney, John Curry, Campbell McLennan 20.23.64

3rd 4 x 400: Warren Hattwich, Campbell McLennan, Paul Mierisch, David Firth 3.48.10 (club record)

1st x x 100: Warren Hattwich, David Firth, Paul Mierisch, Graham Ford, 50.69

Men’s Under 14

4th 4 x 400: Lachlan Reynolds, Matthew Parrott, Lachlan Marasco, Benjamin Purser 4.06.46 (club record)

7th B team: Noah Sewak, Remy Williams, Liam McLennan, Kai Sapolu 4.18.95

3rd 4 x 100: Kai Sapolu, Lachlan Marasco, Noah Sewak, Matthew Parrott 52.46

Women’s Open

1st Medley Nicole Reynolds, Stephanie Larkin, Katherine Katsanevakis, Connor Gist 4.05.48

5th in heat 4 x 400: Nicole Reynolds, Stephanie Larkin, Joanna O’Connell, Connor Gist 4.02.83 (qualified for final at Zatopek)

Women’s Under 18

6th Medley Alessia Wynne, Rebecca Munyard, Joanna O’Connell, Chiara Bakker 4.30.71

4th 4 x 100: Rebecca Munyard, Alessia Wynne, Sisley Rosano, Joanna O’Connell 50.13

1st 4 x 800: Jessica Ng, Alissa Ramsale, Sanne Bakker, Hannah Williams 9.30.74

Women’s Under 16

12th in heat 4 x 100: Charlotte Taylor, Mia Destradi, Isabella Parrott, Chiara Bakker 55.26

December events:

Saturday 1st – AV Shield Round 7, Frankston and Keilor Park

Thursday 13th – Zatopek:10, 6pm Lakeside Stadium (Open Men, Women and Mixed 4x400m finals being contested)

Saturday 15th – AV Shield Round 8, 1pm Tom Kelly Athletics Track

Tuesday 18th – DAC Christmas Party & Club Handicaps, 6pm Tom Kelly Athletics Track (all members and their families welcome to attend)

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