2019-03-16 Victorian Championships

Doncaster Newsletter

The Victorian Track & Field Championships saw many fine performances from Doncaster athletes with medals won across a variety of disciplines and age groups. After two weekends of competition our final medal tally is fourteen gold, ten silver and ten bronze medals. A special mention to Stephanie Ratcliffe and Declan Carman for breaking four club records between them during the championships.


Gold: Abbey Gartlan (Under 16 Para Discus and Shot Put), Noah Sewak (Under 15 Triple Jump), Owen Rice (Under 16 Discus), Declan Carman (Under 20 Discus and Shot Put), Liam McLennan (Under 15 3000m Walk), Hannah Williams (Under 17 3000m), Alessia Wynne (Under 17 Long Jump), Stephanie Ratcliffe (Open Hammer Throw and Under 20 Hammer Throw), Stephanie Larkin (Open 400m Hurdles), Petra Edwards (Under 16 Long Jump)

Silver: Declan Carman (Open Discus), Kai Sapolu (Under 15 Pole Vault), Sisley Rosano (Under 15 100m), Petra Edwards (Under 16 Triple Jump), Anthony Jordan (Under 15 Para 100m and Under 16 Para Long Jump and 200m), Owen Rice (Under 16 Hammer Throw and Shot Put) and Abbey Gartlan (Under 16 Para Shot Put)

Bronze: Alessia Wynne (Under 17 100m Hurdles), Jordan Munyard (Under 20 100m), Stephanie Ratcliffe (Under 20 Discus and Shot Put), Declan Carman (Open Shot Put), Lachlan Mann (Open 800m), Melissa Niewoudt (Under 20 800m), Liam Procaccino (Open 200m), Alana Mierisch (Under 17 High Jump), Sisley Rosano (Under 15 200m)

Club records: Stephanie Ratcliffe (Open Hammer Throw and Under 20 Shot Put and Hammer Throw) and Declan Carman (Under 20 Shot Put)

Some of the notable performances from the championships were:

  • In his first appearance at the State Championships, Liam McLennan’s gold medal in the Under 15 3000m Walk is the first State title in the walk for DAC in recent memory
  • Abbey Gartlan and Anthony Jordan medalling in all their events in the AWD category
  • Coming off a limited interclub season, Stephanie Ratcliffe’s impressive record of quality performances at the State titles continued by medalling in all her events
  • And despite being hampered by injury over the last few weeks, Alessia Wynne, Noah Sewak and Alana Mierisch scored medals of varying colours

We would like to pass on our special thanks to the parents who helped with our club helper duties at High Jump on the weekend, your assistance throughout the day was greatly appreciated by Athletics Victoria and the AV officials.

Upcoming event: Presentation Night and AGM
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We will also have two Olympic level guest speakers present to share their experiences of competing at the highest level!
When: Friday 17th of May, 2019
Venue: TBC (further information will be sent to members in due course)
Please save the date and come along for what promises to be an entertaining and exciting evening for the club.


Men’s Open

200 metres: Liam Procaccino 22.14 (Bronze)

200 metres: Conrad Coumaros 22.35

200 metres: Daniel Minz 23.12

400 metres: Conrad Coumaros 48.01 (47.90 in semi)

400 metres: Liam Procaccino 48.10 (47.85 in semi)

400 metres: Daniel Minz 48.76 (semi-final)

800 metres: Lachlan Mann 1:52.15

800 metres: Alastair Christy 1:56.53

3000 metres steeplechase: Hamish Lazaro 10:08.44

Discus Throw: Declan Carman 50.94 (Silver)

Shot Put: Declan Carman 14.13

Hammer Throw: David Firth 42.58

Men’s Under 20

100 metres: Jordan Munyard 10.90 (Bronze)

800 metres: Caleb Sinn 2:02.00

800 metres: Hugh Parrott 2:05.76

1500 metres: Caleb Sinn 4:17.77

Discus Throw: Declan Carman 57.21 (Gold)

Shot Put: Declan Carman 15.25 (Gold, Club Record)

Men’s Under 18

800 metres: Ethan Sinn 2:00.02 (1:58.91 in heat)

1500 metres: Ethan Sinn 4:12.79

Men’s Under 17

Pole Vault: Lachlan Parrott 3.50

Shot Put: Luke Sdralis 9.92

Men’s Under 16

800 metres: Luke Sinn 2:05.68

1500 metres: Luke Sinn 4:18.42

Discus Throw: Owen Rice 52.58 (Gold)

Shot Put: Owen Rice 15.02 (Silver)

Hammer Throw: Owen Rice 50.63 (Silver)

Men’s Under 15

800 metres: Benjamin Purser 2:18.52

3000 metres walk: Liam McLennan 16:35.32 (Gold)

Long Jump: Kai Sapolu 5.28

Long Jump: Matthew Parrott 4.58

Triple Jump: Noah Sewak 11.94 (Gold)

Triple Jump: Kai Sapolu 11.23

Pole Vault: Kai Sapolu 2.75 (Silver)

1500 metres: Ben Purser 4:59.20 (4:36.41 in heat)

1500 metres: Remy Williams 5:03.77

2000 metres steeplechase: Ben Purser 7:17.34

Men’s Under 14

400 metres: Lachlan Marasco 60.43

800 metres: Ashton Sinn 2:25.32 (2:19.28 in heat)

800 metres: Lachlan Marasco 2:20.93

Men’s Para

100 metres: Anthony Jordan 12.74 (Silver)

200 metres: Anthony Jordan 26.66 (Bronze)

Long Jump: Anthony Jordan 4.77 (Gold)

Women’s Open

400 metres: Molly Blakey 56.12

400 metres: Stephanie Larkin 58.91

800 metres: Connor Gist 2:08.91

800 metres: Molly Blakey 2:12.15

400 metres hurdles: Stephanie Larkins 62.17 (Gold)

Pole Vault: Alana Green 3.70

Hammer Throw: Stephanie Ratcliffe 58.00 (Gold, Club Record)

Women’s Under 20

200 metres: Joanna O’Connell 26.92 (26.60 in heat)

800 metres: Melissa Niewoudt 2:17.93 (Bronze)

1500 metres: Melissa Niewoudt 5:32.53

Discus Throw: Stephanie Ratcliffe 39.87 (Bronze)

Shot Put: Stephanie Ratcliffe 11.73 (Bronze, Club Record)

Hammer Throw: Stephanie Ratcliffe 58.96 (Gold, Club Record)

Women’s Under 18

100 metres: Rebecca Munyard 13.13

1500 metres: Alissa Ramsdale 5:32.53

Women’s Under 17

200 metres: Alessia Wynne 25.62

1500 metres: Hanna Williams 4:59.90

3000 metres: Hannah Williams 10:32.44 (Gold)

100 metres hurdles: Alessia Wynne 15.45 (Bronze)

High Jump: Alana Mierisch 1.57 (Bronze)

Long Jump: Alessia Wynne 5.64 (Gold)

Women’s Under 16

Long Jump: Petra Edwards 5.60 (Gold)

Triple Jump: Petra Edwards 11.32 (Silver)

Women’s Under 15

100 metres: Sisley Rosano 12.68 (Silver)

200 metres: Sisley Rosano 26.30 (Bronze)

200 metres: Lara Hecker 28.94

800 metres: Sanne Bakker 2:27.08 (2:24.07 in heat)

1500 metres: Sanne Bakker 5:02.63

Long Jump: Lara Hecker 4.36

Women’s Para

Discus Throw: Abbey Gartlan 22.33 (Gold)

Shot Put: Abbey Gartlan 8.79 (Silver)

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