2019-07-14 Round 6 Albert Park 40+

Doncaster Newsletter 40+

Following Round 6 of XCR

Congratulations to all on a great showing at Albert Park on Sunday 14th!  For some of us, the day started with a little trepidation and a test of will-power.  That is, getting up on such a cold and dark Sunday morning.  Before the gun at 9am, there was quite a buzz of anticipation, including greeting fellow athletes/friends from other clubs.  Likely, they were feeling the same way about the run as us?

The run was a test of accurate pacing, mental toughness to face the headwind, and the prevailing condition of our bodies (i.e. training vs injury and illness).  Within DAC, Campbell McLennan was the fastest of the 40+ men (39.00), and Kate Downward the fastest female (45.43).  However, all who completed the run (7 males and 5 females) “oughta be congratulated” on their outstanding efforts!  New XCR club records were achieved by Jim Finch (M55-59) – 50.48, Kate Downward (W40-44) – 45.43, and Evelyn Kuys (W60+) – 63.19.

In the team’s competition, the men’s teams struggled against a total of 52 teams (40-49) and 23 teams (50-59), only the top 12 teams in each age group scoring any season points.  Perhaps a future issue for AV (i.e. owing to the popularity of the sport, more than 1 division for 40+ and 50+ men?).  The women’s teams fared much better with fewer total teams; APS United and Box Hill very strong as always.  However, for many of us, scores are not so important?  Just to be out there and participating despite the pressures of life; our performances slowly heading in the right direction? 

Individual results:

Men’s 10km


Campbell McLennan (45-49 – 15th)


Stuart McLay (45-49 – 29th


Jason Merrett (45-49 – 38th)


John Curry (50-54 – 31st)


Richard Matison (50-54 – 36th)


Jim Finch (55-59 – 29th)


Darryl Kilmartin (50-54 – 45th)

Women’s 10km


Kate Downward (40-44 – 15th)


Colleen Kelly (55-59 – 6th)


Kath Gawthorn (40-44 – 21st)


Shirley Collier (55-59 – 14th)


Evelyn Kuys (60+ -1st)

*Note that the above times are based on starter’s gun (total time).  Some athletes’ ‘net time’ may be up to 30 seconds quicker – grab the quicker time!

Team results:

Men Masters 40-49 – Doncaster 33rd, scoring 284 on placings, and 0 points for season, and Doncaster #2, scoring 544 on placings (0 points) (Geelong winning with placings adding to 20, and achieving 13 points)

Men Masters 50-59 – Doncaster 19th, scoring 219 on placings, and 0 points for season (APS United winning with placings adding to 27, and achieving 13 points)

Masters Women 40-49 – Doncaster 10th, scoring 135 on placings, and 3 points for season (APS United winning with placings adding to 20, and achieving 13 points)

Masters Women 50+ – Doncaster 7th, scoring 92 on placings, and 6 points for season (Box Hill winning with placings adding to 12, and achieving 13 points)

XCR Round 7 on July 27 sees us all travel to Lake Wendouree (Ballarat); Open and Masters athletes competing over 15km.  Entries close at 11.59am on Wednesday 24th July via the Members Portal (AV website), unless you have purchased a season entry.  Those without transport are asked to contact Campbell McLennan for a spot on the mini-bus, with the aim of having as many athletes compete as are able.  Want a crack at an XCR club record at Ballarat?  The following records currently exist and all are encouraged to challenge them, or create new ones for your age group:

M45-49 – Whaddon Niewoudt – 56.12.4 (2015)

M50-54 – Sean Quilty – 57.23.0 (2017)

M60+ – Barry Murley – (2015)

W50-54 – Colleen Kelly – (2015)

Congratulations to all on your efforts in Round 6.  Look forward to seeing you at Ballarat!