2021-04-24 Victorian Championships 40+

Doncaster 40+ Newsletter

Victorian Masters Championships April 24-25

Well, it was a successful weekend for the Doncaster athletes at the Victorian Master Championships at Doncaster. There were 11 gold medals and numerous of other colours. Paul Mierisch had a very busy weekend, competing in seven events for two gold and four silver! Well done Paul.

Wendy Smith came away with three silver medals and three Doncaster records. Laura (3 gold) and Kim (1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze) also set new records in the steeplechase and the walk. Other multiple gold medalists were Dani McDowell and Jim Poulter, two each.

Hopefully there will be an Australian Championship to compete in next season.

Here are the records set over the weekend:




2000 metres Steeple

Laura McLennan







60 metres

Wendy Smith


Charmaine Smith





100 metres

Wendy Smith


Wendy Smith





3000 metres walk

Kim Peak







200 metres

Wendy Smith


Wendy Smith


400m: Danielle McDowell 66.45 (1st);
800m: Danielle McDowell 2:37.76 (1st);
2000m Steeple: Laura Mclennan 10:27.22 (1st);
1500m Walk: Laura Mclennan 8:23.85 (1st);
3000m Walk: Laura Mclennan 18:12.97 (1st);
60m: Wendy Smith 10.42 (2nd) (+0.0);
100m: Wendy Smith 16.50 (2nd) (1.4 );
200m: Wendy Smith 35.66 (4th) (0.9 );
Long Jump: Wendy Smith 2.72m (2nd) (+0.0);
1500m Walk: Kim Peak 11:22.73 (1st);
3000m Walk: Kim Peak 24:59.16 (2nd);
Discus: Kim Peak 14.57m (3rd);
Hammer: Kim Peak 18.62m (3rd);
Javelin: Kim Peak 10.29m (3rd);
Long Jump: Lisa Clark 2.94m (4th) (+0.0);
60m: Paul Mierisch 07.91 (1st) (+0.0);
100m: Paul Mierisch 12.10 (2nd) (1.6 );
200m: Paul Mierisch 25.52 (2nd) (0.8 );
400m: Paul Mierisch 57.37 (5th);
1500m: Roberto Chavez 5:50.13 (3rd);
Discus: Paul Mierisch 31.45m (2nd);
High Jump: Paul Mierisch 1.50m (1st);
Long Jump: Paul Mierisch 5.28m (2nd) (+0.0);
5000m: Campbell Mclennan 18:30.73 (6th);
5000m: John Curry 20:44.35 (5th);
Discus: Graham Ford 25.65m (1st);
Long Jump: Jim Poulter 3.30m (1st) (+0.0);
Pole Vault: Jim Poulter 2.06m (2nd);
Triple Jump: Jim Poulter 6.65m (1st) (1.5);

1st May  XCR Round 1 – Cross Country Relays.

21 athletes made up 6 full 40+ Doncaster teams for this relay event at Jells Park, Wheeler’s Hill.  We welcomed newcomer David Vaughan (40+) and invitees Geoff Cox and Adam Steele.  All Seniors/Masters ran 6km.  The Jells Park course previously included an infamous hill climb, and now a new playground area shortens this and gives runners some reprieve!   However, extra loops up and down hill elsewhere in the course now provide a different challenge – just when the finish seemed so near!

Prior to start time, there was a buzz of activity with runners reacquainting, teams being shuffled around, registrations and uniforms finalised.  Thank you to DAC Committee members, volunteer officials and helpers for getting the athletes out onto the course!  XCR hasn’t been since September 2019!   Some were raring to go, and others were struggling with form.  Some Seniors/Masters and invitees hadn’t dabbled in cross country since their school days.   But, if we’d waited until we felt ready, it was never going to happen! 

The 24 degree weather was a bonus for spectators.  Non-AV members of the public were trying to enjoy their BBQs, only to have hundreds of sweaty bodies nearby.  They got their revenge with the smell of cooking sausages wafting over the course – if running hard; enough to make your stomach turn!  The portaloos were like saunas – “Kenny” forgot to order us the fancy ones with air-con fans!  With lovely fresh/dry grass to lie on afterwards, however hot the run on May 1st, most of XCR will be the opposite!

Round 1 Results

F40+ (3x6km), 6th, Mentone team 1st in 1.24.01
(Colleen Kelly: 31:43, Allison Parrott: 37:16, Laura McLennan: 33:52) 1:42:51;

M40+ Team ‘A’ (3x6km) 4th, to Richmond team 1st in 1.03.34
(Adrian Patti: 20:49, David Firth: 25:05, Campbell Mclennan: 23:23) 1:09:17;

M40+ Team ‘B’ (3x6km) 9th, to Richmond team 1st in 1.03.34
(Adam Steele: 23:13, Geoff Cox: 24:29, Leighton Kearney: 27:11) 1:14:53;

M40+ Team ‘C’ (3x6km) 10th, to Richmond team 1st in 1.03.34
(Mark Howard: 32:43, Jason Merrett: 28:32, Mike Rennie: 26:00) 1:27:15;

M40+ Team ‘D’ (3x6km) 11th, to Richmond team 1st in 1.03.34
(Dirk Janssen: 33:20, Matt Hughes: 31:15, David Spargo: 39:32) 1:44:18;

M50+ Team ‘A’ (3x6km) 8th to APS United team 1st in 1.08.35
(David Vaughan: 24:17, John Curry: 27:39, Roderic De Highden: 24:41) 1:16:37;

M50+ Team ‘B’ (3x6km) 17th to APS United team 1st in 1.08.35
(Ken Montgomery: 33:11, James Finch: 33:46, Darryl Kilmartin: 30:36) 1:37:33;

Thank you to all athletes, parents and family members, club helpers and committee members who made the journey through Round 1.  It’s been a great start to the XCR season for both individuals and DAC.  Congratulations to all!

Round 2 – Lardner Park, May 22nd

Lardner Park is on the outskirts of Warragul and athletes will be challenged to individual cross-country events ranging from 2km – 8km.  Unless you have purchased the XCR season package, or the 21/21 Max Package, you must pre-enter this event online (via AV member’s portal) by midday on Wednesday May 19.  If you need assistance with transport, please reply to this email and we will help you.

40+ Team Manager

Campbell McLennan

0414 533 677