2021-05-01 Jells Park


Doncaster Newsletter 

1st May  XCR Round 1 – Cross Country Relays.

63 athletes made up 18 full Doncaster teams for this relay event at Jells Park, Wheeler’s Hill.  We welcomed newcomers Selma Roth, Madelyn Davies and Lydia Rinaudo (Open), David Vaughan (40+), Alannah Tuohy (U20), Chloe Woollard (U18), Baia Pugh, Jaden Ng, Joel Ng and Joshua Ng (U16), and invitees Benjamin Chiverton, Rochelle Hamilton, Jodie White, Joel Denny, Geoff Cox, Adam Steele and Chloe Baldock.  All Seniors/Masters ran 6km, as did U20 men.  All other Juniors ran 3km.  The Jells Park course previously included an infamous hill climb, and now a new playground area shortens this and gives runners some reprieve!   However, extra loops up and down hill elsewhere in the course now provide a different challenge – just when the finish seemed so near!

Prior to start time, there was a buzz of activity with runners reacquainting, teams being shuffled around, registrations and uniforms finalised.  Thank you to DAC Committee members, volunteer officials and helpers for getting the 63 athletes out onto the course!  XCR hasn’t been since September 2019!   Some were raring to go, and others were struggling with form.  Some Seniors/Masters and invitees hadn’t dabbled in cross country since their school days.   But, if we’d waited until we felt ready, it was never going to happen! 

The 24 degree weather was a bonus for spectators.  Non-AV members of the public were trying to enjoy their BBQs, only to have hundreds of sweaty bodies nearby.  They got their revenge with the smell of cooking sausages wafting over the course – if running hard; enough to make your stomach turn!  The portaloos were like saunas – “Kenny” forgot to order us the fancy ones with air-con fans!  With lovely fresh/dry grass to lie on afterwards, however hot the run on May 1st, most of XCR will be the opposite!

Of the 20 teams in action, the U16 trio of Rachael White, Baia Pugh and Jemma Young won Gold!  An unbeatable combination of quality young runners who finished 46 seconds ahead of nearest team from Diamond Valley.  Also on the podium in 1st place was the Women’s Open Div 3 team, including  newcomers Selma Roth, Lydia Rinaudo and Alannah Tuohy, together with Alissa Ramsdale, who was back in action following injury. There were no other podium placings among tough opposition.  Notable was the Ng family of 3 boys (Joel, Joshua and Jayden; including a pair of identical twins) who made up their own full U16 team in their first cross country event for DAC.  Hopefully the boys didn’t play their usual trick of confusing the marshalls and officials about who was who?  6 of the McLennan family also participated – Campbell, Laura, Caleb, Liam, Lewis and Hamish.  Both family groups never without training buddies! 

Individually the fastest male over the 6km course was Alastair Christy (19.06), and female, our newcomer Lydia Rinaudo (23.36).  Over the 3km distance, Luke Sinn (9.23) and Baia Pugh (10.59) were quickest in the men’s and women’s (respectively).   Some athletes stepped up age groups and distances to make up teams.   Others usually helping on the sidelines and not among the starters, gave the run a go with visible determination. 

Round 1 Results


Women Open Div 3 (4x6km), 1st

Alissa Ramsdale: 25:59, Selma Roth: 27:29, Lydia Rinaudo: 23:36, Alannah Tuohy: 33:38






Women Open Div 5 (3x6km), 6th as invite team, Geelong Region 1st (1.16.15)
Madelyn Davies: 35:41, Christal Xie: 41:08, Kathryn Gawthorn: 34:31





Women 40+ (3x6km), 6th, Mentone team 1st in 1.24.01
Colleen Kelly: 31:42, Allison Parrott: 37:17, Laura McLennan: 33:51






Men Premier (6x6km), 8th, St Stephens team 1st in 1.51.05
Yuan Chow Lui: 19:48, Matthew Christy: 21:20, Alastair Christy: 19:06, Nathan Down: 23:05, Boris Mathys: 23:49, John Portwood: 19:19





Men Open Div 5 (4x6km), 10th as invite team to Mentone 1st in 1.27.40
Brock Goodings: 26:52, Benjamin Chiverton: 40:08, Rochelle Hamilton: 33:28, Jodie White: 41:27





Men 40+ Team ‘A’ (3x6km) 4th, to Richmond team 1st in 1.03.34
Adrian Patti: 20:49, David Firth: 25:05, Campbell Mclennan: 23:21





Men 40+ Team ‘B’(3x6km) 9th, to Richmond team 1st in 1.03.34
Adam Steele: 23:13, Geoff Cox: 24:29, Leighton Kearney: 27:11




Men 40+ Team ‘C’(3x6km) 10th, to Richmond team 1st in 1.03.34

Mark Howard: 32:43, Jason Merrett: 28:32, Mike Rennie: 26:00




Men 40+ Team ‘D’(3x6km) 11th, to Richmond team 1st in 1.03.34

Dirk Janssen: 33:20, Matthew Hughes: 31:15, David Spargo: 39:43





Men 50+ Team ‘A’ (3x6km)8th to APS United team 1st in 1.08.35

David Vaughan: 24:17, John Curry: 27:37, Roderic De Highden: 24:42




Men 50+ Team ‘B’ (3x6km) 17th to APS United team 1st in 1.08.35
Ken Montgomery: 33:10, James Finch: 33:47, Darryl Kilmartin: 30:34





Men U20 (3x6km), 6th, to Knox team 1st in 1.00.45
Oscar O’Connor: 21:59, Caleb McLennan: 22:50, Alex Jones: 25:08                                                                                                                                                              1:09:57


Men U18 (3x3km), 3rd to Bendigo team 1st in 24.51

Luke Sinn: 09:23, Remy Williams: 09:48, Benjamin Purser: 10:09





Men U18 (3x3km), DNF no 3rd leg, to Bendigo team 1st in 24.51

Liam McLennan: 09:27, Matthew Parrott: 12:02………..





Women U18 (3x3km), 9th to Yarra Ranges 1st in 24.24

Chloe Woollard: 13:16, Chiara Bakker: 13:22, Rosie Lyness: 11:27




Men U16 (3x3km) 9th to Ballarat 1st in 30.04

Joel Ng: 11:27, Joshua Ng: 14:32, Jayden Ng: 11:45





Women U16 ‘A’ (3x3km),1st

Baia Pugh: 10:59, Jemma Young: 12:35, Rachel White: 11:28





Women U16 ‘B’ (3x3km), DNF no 3rd leg, DAC ‘A’ Team 1st 35.02

Grace Wilson: 13:37, Chloe Baldock: 13:03, …………no 3rd leg





Men U14 ‘A’ (3x3km) 6th to Mornington 1st in 33.24

Hamish McLennan: 13:57, Joshua Kilmartin: 15:19, Lewis McLennan: 13:27




Men U14 ‘B’ (3x3km) 7th to Mornington 1st in 33.24

Joel Denny: 12:31, Lucas Hawkins: 15:54, Elijah Bakker: 15:34




Thank you to all athletes, parents and family members, club helpers and committee members who made the journey through Round 1.  It’s been a great start to the XCR season for both individuals and DAC.  Congratulations to all!