By Graham Ford

Doncaster athletes competed successfully at the Victorian Masters Championships at the weekend. After a see-sawing battle with David Firth over the 100 all season, Paul Mierisch capitalised on his absence by breaking the club record and picking up Silver. He also picked up Silver in the Discus and bronze in the 60 metres. Raj Chelleng had his first outing and wasn’t far behind.

Gold medallists included Nicholas Burkitt (high jump), Darryl Kilmartin (Pole vault), Campbell McLennan (800), Graham Ford (discus) and Jim Poulter (pole vault).


3000 metres walk: Laura McLennan 19:19.98 (club record)


Hammer Throw: Juan Prinsloo 25.13

Javelin Throw: Juan Prinsloo 23.47 (bronze) (club record)


60 metres: Paul Mierisch 7.81 (Bronze), Raj Chelleng 7.96

100 metres: Paul Mierisch 12.07 (Silver) (club record), Raj Chelleng 12.82


400 metres: Paul Mierisch 54.90 (Silver)

High Jump: Nicholas Burkitt 1.65 (Gold) (eq club record)

Discus Throw: Paul Mierisch 33.05 (Silver)


800 metres: Campbell McLennan 2:11.67 (Gold)

1500 metres: Campbell McLennan 4:31.62 (Silver) (club record)


5000 metres: John Curry 21:05.07

Pole Vault: Darryl Kilmartin 2.36 (Gold) (club record)


100 metres: Graham Ford 15.17 (club record)

Javelin Throw: Graham Ford 21.54 (Bronze)

Discus Throw: Graham Ford 27.09 (Gold)


Pole Vault: Jim Poulter 2.06 (Gold)