With the end of lockdown 4 and the easing of restrictions, DAC is now able to resume club operations including exclusive Club training sessions at Tom Kelly Athletic Track.

Our Club sessions currently facilitated are:

Tuesday 4:30-7:30pm (finish promptly to accommodate Ruffey Runners)

Thursday 4:30-7:30pm (finish promptly to accommodate Ruffey Runners)

Ruffey Runners Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-8:30pm

Tom Kelly Athletic Track remains open to the public including DAC members at all other times. (see general Gov restrictions for exercise)

Restrictions are still in place and we ask for your cooperation with the following requirements of our COVID plan:

  • Training is exclusive to currently registered DAC members. (Training memberships available)
  • Check in via a new Services Victoria QR Code posted at the entry is mandatory.
  • Training squads are again required to spread out and are restricted to groups of 10.
  • Masks are currently required to be worn accept when actually exercising.
  • Sanitise hands on entry and exit.
  • Physical distancing when not exercising.
  • Equipment can be used but not shared. It should only be handled by the individual using it and sanitised before returning to equipment shed.
  • Access to the pavilion and equipment shed is restricted to committee members, coaches and COVID safety marshals.

Your cooperation and patience are appreciated as we seek to satisfy the COVID requirements placed on our Club by the City of Manningham and the State Government.

Volunteers are still being sought to assist us in the facilitation of Club training. Please call Club Secretary on 0433 075400

Stay Safe, Stay Fit,

DAC Committee