We are excited to announce our new range of Doncaster training and casual wear! We have teamed up with sub 4 to produce a selection of new items that we hope you’ll love (see photos below).

We will allow ordering for 1 week (closing time Sunday night 8/12) to begin with. Of course there will be more opportunity after the Christmas festivities. (6 week delivery time)

The items and prices are listed below.

  1. Technical Hoodie: $88
  2. Trackpant: $88
  3. Shell Jacket (showerproof & reflective): $88
  4. Puffer Jacket with removable hood & carry bag (sleeveless also available) $88
  5. Performance cap $25
  6. Visor $20
  7. Casual T-Shirt: $50 (sample & photos still to come)
  8. Warm-Up T-Shirt: $50 (sample & photos still to come)

If you are interested, please email preorders@doncasterac.org.au with your item of interest and size, along with confirmation of having transferred the required amount.

We have samples available to try on (women’s S & M, and men’s M & L) please contact Campbell on 0414 533 677 to arrange a time.

We look forward to seeing you in our new apparel! 

Have a look at what you can wear.

Performance Cap $25

Visor $20

Women’s Gear:

Men’s Gear: