Doncaster’s 40+ Team Update

by Graham Ford

On a day when most competed in the program that will be used for the Shield Final, Doncaster’s 40+ team managed to knock off an under-manned Diamond Valley team. Of the metropolitan teams, only Glenhuntly scored more. With only six athletes competing on the day, four of them competed in four points with Paul Mierisch and David Firth both scoring 1613 points! The two continue their close rivalry in the 100 meters with Paul claiming bragging rights this week and also equaling David’s club record. Campbell also broke Warren’s 400 meters record.

This should give us a lot of confidence as we head towards the business end of the season. And some athletes still haven’t run in the Shield Final program, to enable them to qualify for their events.

Teams at the moment look like:

100 meters: Paul Mierisch, David Firth, Warren Hattwich, Darryl Kilmartin

400 meters: David Firth, Campbell McLennan, Paul Mierisch, Warren Hattwich

1500 meters: Campbell McLennan, Darryl Kilmartin

3000 steeple: John Curry

100 meters hurdles:


Pole Vault:

Long Jump: Paul Mierisch, Darryl Kilmartin

Discus Throw: Paul Mierisch, Peter Coumaros

Javelin Throw: David Firth, Warren Hattwich

So we have a number of spots still to fill, particularly the hurdles, walk and pole vault. We are also short of middle distance runners, so hopefully some of those who helped out in the relays last week can step up to the mark.

Darryl Kilmartin, David Lee, Peter Coumaros (hopefully back from injury next week) and Leighton Kearney need to compete once or twice more to qualify for finals, and Graham Ford has qualified, but hasn’t run any Shield Final events.

Results this week:

100 meters: Paul Mierisch 12.26 (408) (equal record), David Firth 12.35 (400), Darryl Kilmartin 14.64 (213)

200 meters: Graham Ford 32.69 (280)

400 meters: David Firth 55.84 (426), Campbell McLennan 58.66 (409) (club record), Paul Mierisch 58.08 (370), Darryl Kilmartin 68.73 (235)

1500 meters: Campbell McLennan 4.41.8 (429), Darryl Kilmartin 5.34.0 (265)

300 meters hurdles: Graham Ford 57.48 (428)

Discus Throw: Paul Mierisch 30.37 (416), David Firth 24.21 (343)

Hammer Throw: David Lee 24.12 (429)

Shot Put: David Lee 8.29 (435), Graham Ford 7.34 (419)

Javelin Throw: David Firth 39.13 (444)

Long Jump: Paul Mierisch 5.34 (419), Darryl Kilmartin 3.95 (284)

Triple Jump: Graham Ford 7.42 (324)